Monday, March 23, 2009


Just saw this photo of kitchen drama on every photo tells a story THE PHOTO

How a child feels when he sees his love share being divided with his sibling

There is my mother
and there is my brother
I love my mother
and I love my brother

Brother now cries
mother please make some fries
Coz I am hungry
after hitting a sundry

You loved me so much
you hugged me with a wonderful touch
With my bit of things to munch
washing me keeping away the stench

But now only I love you
Coz he is the one whom you love
and now I only want you
coz he is the one whom you want

Now I will drench the cat
To make you listen
and I will shoot little brother
To make you know
That I too am hungry
of love like my brother

But I still love you
The way I love my brother
So I will shoot little brother
with my toy water shooter
I will drench the cat
with water in the pitcher

Mom please make some fries
coz I am hungry
like sweet little brother



  1. Thanx Shradha:D
    Aapka cmnt pad ke dil Garden garden ho jata hai

  2. well...atleast put that picture on ur it would be more meaningful.m sure u've done poetic justice to that pic. grt...bloody talented u r!!! i always appreciate(rather envy) peole who can write well(coz i can't), n buddy u are one f those[;)]

  3. Ha ha ha ........ harsha i know , u will kick ur bro's A** . and then sit quietly saying nothing at all....... ha ha ha ha

    last lines are just Politically correct ...
    u Naughty Boy..


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