Thursday, February 28, 2013

sidekick's lifetime

Image courtsey:'The rocket bile' by Zafs91
Life has been a sickening sidekick all along.

I cant fathom whether it is the joy of working, or waiting for constant reshuffles.

Whether it was the incorrigible studying where layer by layer I was peeled.
Starting from the start where every class was worshiped and every exam dreaded. I hated going to school at 8:00 in the morning, entering late just to be kept waiting in the ground for the prayer to be over and then the public shame of running in the field.
Slowly the dread turned into distrust and then into arrogance.
I never knew when I left studies.The thirst got doused albeit instantly.
It was just a simple rising when I wanted to study no more.The classes progressed as usual, my age multiplied with the same clanks but the only difference was that I dint study any more.
Looking back I think that I was intelligent atleast to sail through cause I actually sailed through.
I saw friends being completely written off while some of them standing at pedestals which were considered so big that we saw them as cheap.
But somehow I survived.
Life moved on but the ailing sidekick still grew stronger.

Love, it was even a bigger vice. 
It shone its head whenever it got chance and I with open arms kept on getting bitten by it only for the sheer pleasure of the process.The process which itself was so finicky and so unplanned that the subtle chaos kept me on toes.I even loved the prospect of crying as it kept me grounded in a dream world.
My heart changed hands many summers.
For most of the parts I kept on pushing it from table to toes.
People rarely seemed interested in what they were holding, sometimes they even forgot that this small thing was supposed to be pumping blood in someone's veins although naughty in its forbearance but still the progenitor of life.
But then I was happy just with the fact that it was moving and hence could pump more of the elixir.

Maybe this wasn't the end.Job changed hands. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.I kept on converting the sad times to happiness.The conversion was so varied that one presence almost paled the other. Scams and sagas were written all over.Job security became a misnomer and uncanny abilities a reality.But with this came new people new friends and new love.
Adored stranded and uncalled I took everything.
This again delved deeper into phase 2 of my studies.
But then this was something that I loved and for this I had my sword all cleaned and brandished.
I had sharpened and filled my quiver long enough to last till the end of Duryodhana's deatha and Arjuna's penance.
This was the time when melancholy too started feeling happy.

Time seems to have moved a 360 degree turn again.
All has always been so fast that rarely I ever thought about them.
Maybe because of this I never cared and before the impact could happen I moved on to a newer realm.
But now when I sit stay and think I realize that this unceremonious exit, this winding end that distant dream were everything which cut the pain, tranquilize the soul.

Makes me realize now that this sickening sidekick has been a companion however much I hate it.
Only this effervescence would be permanent.

So once again I don my cape and tie my robe to go disorient some one with my fidgeting sickening sidekick.

Written for 3WW : This week's 3WW are Douse, Naughty, Pale



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