Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My land so fallow
my heart so hollow

every year I look up
to find clouds,
come which never would

and then I turn around

to see

seeds I sowed
weeds I mowed

mouths I created
hopes I shattered

I have reached my limit
with the end of my wit
I have killed my desire
pushing my life to prespire

But not a tinge of green
not a drop of growth
not a drop of water
not a hope of life

Cant see the pain
my only bequeath
Cant feed my family
my only owning fully

I plan to die
to kill the rent
Before that,
I plan to cry
my one last try

So,I stretch my vocals
to curse the gods

But words too now
have just gone fallow

My land so fallow
my heart so hollow
A sad state of a farmer,who even after putting all his efforts can only plan the way of his death.
He is still thinking,better to die before the natural death,considering a suicide,being free from the landlord's rents,misery.Plotting to die so that he would not have to see himself and his family dying every single day because of the lack of food and life.Or rather waiting a little more to reach his natural death slowly
 while death eats him.
Sadly,still a large part of Indian farming is at the mercy of the eccentric erratic rains.


  1. The slight variations in your repitition brought the points home, and stated well the hammering blows and hopelessness.

  2. This poem rings with palpable despair.

  3. a very sad take, but guess it rings true. nicely done.

  4. I grew up on a farm and when the drought hit it's hard. On the other hand, every seven years we would let the land rest, fallow it so to speak, and one would be surprise at the wild things grew.

    A state of hopelessness can be turned around with a state of wanting something so badly, you make it happen.

    Nice read Harsha!

  5. This is so sad, but excellently done.

  6. This was heartbreaking in its despair...yet so beautifully expressed.

  7. Cold and empty. I love the use of "prespire."

  8. This POEM is a CRY on behalf of all Farmers.

    "So,I stretch my vocals
    to curse the gods"

    I partially agree with it, coz GOD made us and now we are cursing him for the mistakes that we have done. To get a tinge of green we need to get rid of this GREEN HOUSE EFFECT.

    I might be off the topic but I think we need to take care of ourselves before its too late...

  9. Congratulations, you've been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award. Visit my latest post to pick up your award.

  10. That was well said, a sad truth that needs to be said!

    Your words are simply superb! Great subject and great work...

  11. gud one
    me being from rajasthan can understand the outcomes of drought too closely
    seriously u have choosen ur words very correctly for the feeling of "our farmers"

  12. @Mark
    Thanks Mark.
    I was actually feeling whether the repetitions would stand awkward rather than bringing the point home:)
    Am happy you liked it.

    Thanks dear

    Sad,and yet true and more sad cause this sees hopes shattered.Thanks Leo.

    "A state of hopelessness can be turned around with a state of wanting something so badly, you make it happen."
    Something so very truly said.
    A man bounces back his best after having the worst fall.
    The fallow that you said was very positive as it was for self finding,re enriching,re energizing.
    Thanks Amias.

    Thanks Anthony for feeling so.

    @Sweetest in the gale
    Heartbreaking yet beautiful.
    An oxymoron:)
    But yes,these are some words that I would love to hear.
    Thanks dear.

    Thanks pjd.
    I actually spent tym to sort out the use of prespire in the way I wanted it.
    My idea here wAS THAT rather than sweat its life that is coming out as sweat.
    Am happy you liked it:)

    My dear Akky there is nothing such as being on or off the topic.Its all what is the bigger picture.
    And yes partial agreement if you ask me personally I wont even agree 1 percent of what I have written,coz I never believe in cursing anyone and to curse god whom I dont even think does exist.
    It is just how a farmer feels.
    Lets take care of things before its too late.

    @Ofira Sephiroth
    Thanks dear for this wonderful gift.
    To be very true this is my first award:P
    I have been yearning for one since long:)
    I will come soon to collect it.

    @Just someone
    Yes dear,a sad truth but still needs to be said.
    I have been reading a lot lately in the newspapers regarding the state of farmers.They committing suicides almost every other day at Vidarbha and other places.Although government is putting plans to help them,but sadly not all plans act the same in action.
    Thanks dear.

    @Collection of Happiness
    Yes our farmers indeed.
    Coz we being from a place in which the newspapers and people constantly keep us reminding how a farmer is very much dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon,an erratic state that we ourselves made.
    Thans Aarti.

    @gautami tripathy
    Thanks dear.

    Am sorry to all for not being able to respond much but this week I had been in a real tight schedule so you c:)

  13. Sriharsha B this is how I see the inside of you, the beauty beyond the skin .. etc.

    Sensitive soul
    Raveling rights
    Isolating issues
    Harnessing hope
    Articulates action
    Rockets rising
    Spirit speaks
    Heart humbled
    Arousing all

    Be blessed

  14. @Amias
    I just can't tell you how wonderful how ecstatic it feels when sumone so prolific,such a good soul as you takes the time and talks so nice of you.There are times when I do talk of elysium and this must be the one.
    Thanks Amias,for making this wonderful wonderful wonderful for me.
    I am really honored to have you as my friend and even more for what you did.
    Thanks again Amias:)


  15. Its a very realistic and sad poem Harsha. Simly great.

  16. @रविंद्र रवि
    Thanks Ravindar that you liked my poem.
    It felt really good that you liked my poem and appreciated the pragmatism on which it stands.
    Your visiting and commenting here is very much appreciated.
    Waiting to see more of you:)


  17. In the name of God
    please visit my website and link it:

    (Thank you)

  18. @Amias
    And you my dear can never be missed cause I can never forget you:)
    I have been the peeking Tom over your blog all the time.Just wanted to make comments exactly the way I feel like and hence just read and left.
    Ohh 19th is coming,action is visible:)


  19. Chaos (Acrostic)

    Clutter creates
    Heighten energy
    Anarchy inspires
    Order; balance
    Serenity of mind

    Hope this inspire you ... it was fun to write.

  20. @Amias
    You should know it.
    you are the one who very much inspires me to write:)
    And this was awesome.
    Your two acrostics would be the most close to my heart till my end.


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