Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My land so fallow
my heart so hollow

every year I look up
to find clouds,
come which never would

and then I turn around

to see

seeds I sowed
weeds I mowed

mouths I created
hopes I shattered

I have reached my limit
with the end of my wit
I have killed my desire
pushing my life to prespire

But not a tinge of green
not a drop of growth
not a drop of water
not a hope of life

Cant see the pain
my only bequeath
Cant feed my family
my only owning fully

I plan to die
to kill the rent
Before that,
I plan to cry
my one last try

So,I stretch my vocals
to curse the gods

But words too now
have just gone fallow

My land so fallow
my heart so hollow
A sad state of a farmer,who even after putting all his efforts can only plan the way of his death.
He is still thinking,better to die before the natural death,considering a suicide,being free from the landlord's rents,misery.Plotting to die so that he would not have to see himself and his family dying every single day because of the lack of food and life.Or rather waiting a little more to reach his natural death slowly
 while death eats him.
Sadly,still a large part of Indian farming is at the mercy of the eccentric erratic rains.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yes,there shall be:)

"and then at the end give us what we desire or deserved for

does he really give us that or do we belive that he has given us".

This thing has always eaten an important part of my mind.I don't believe in God.But all these years along I have been made to believe that whatever happens,happens for a reason,all happens for good.
What I have figured out is that finally we as human beings are quite jovial hopeful creatures.We tend to find happiness everywhere.So,after a long ardous struggle whatever we get we see it as too much and worthful.In short we adapt to it.Thats the naked truth.But the point is we are happy with this arrangement and it actually helps us out in these trying times.
And yes in happiness we seem as far more better beings,seemingly less irritated,less frustrated less complex.
2 things for this.
Firstly,this phase is our frustrated sad phase,we are less busy and see more of these things,these bad events,the sadness.

Might be you are true over here.

But,secondly this is the challenge.At times not so good.
Are we good!!!
I hope we all would be.
And I believe:
"There shall be showers of blessings..
this is the promise of love...."
Let's wait till then:)

In reply to a wonderful friend's thoughts in her blog collection of happiness.
We had quite a few series of bad events and some part of bad had rubbed my beautiful wonderful friend.
And then she asked,asked why all this and till when.
And this was what I said to her and have always felt.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Mahatma and me

My son while I look at you from up down here

I see you running for what you dont know
I see you fighting for what you dont want
I see you crying for what you have not lost

I too was ambitious but not like you
I too was greedy but not like you

Ambition for me was to see my people free
Greed for me was to see the poor man's glee

You too are incredible,like everyone down there
But dont be incredulous for everyone down there

Have a wish,wish a hope 
to believe the unbelievable
Have a want,want a desire 
to touch the unattainable

I remember last time we had a fight
So ugly that I still want to rant
You laughed at my says
and I objected to your ways

But now I see the point
as its clear to you
We all want a world 
with peace as in the woods

So you and me
lets sing a song
Yes you and me
lets plant a plant

A plant of humanity
A World of sanity

Lets all be together
Wish us luck
So that we,
can clean the muck

Let us all together be human
So that the next time
When I look at you from up down here
I would wish from the core of my heart
Not to call you here but to come down there...

Today being the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi,I tried to see the World from his eyes,while he addressing me for most of my questions as well as for my answers.
There is a clash of ideas that I have witnessed and tried to show but from a different viewpoint.

I always had ideological differences with his(Gandhiji's) views,views of non violence,his stand at the time of Bhagat Singh's case,when he could have fought a battle for their release,the way he treated his family,the lack of fatherly love that never ever he bestowed to his family.

Because of these the other great things that he did,the non violence,the Dandi March,Satyagraha also came in my mind's conflicting contemplation.
But deep down in my heart I know that in he lies a great human being and he would aways be respected by me for the humanity he always endrosed,cause he is the one who has shown hope not only to India but to the whole world,hope that Non Violence is more powerful than Violence.

P.S.-I donot believe in afterlife or presence of a higher being(GOD),and the fist sentence is written to show the contrasting time period and ideological change. 

Written for 3WW-Ambitious,Incredible,Ugly

This wonderful image is taken from:Mahatma Gandhi in Type by Dencii @ Deviant Art.Visit his link to see more creative stuff she does.




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