Thursday, March 26, 2009

POWER-the other side

In respone to a photo on

Every Photo tells a Story

A man has the power
to sow the seeds of his destiny
A man has the power
to build the road to money
A man has the power
to find his wings of creativity
A man has the power
to prove his claims' veracity

But when I used my power
I touched women's modesty
But when I used my power
I hurt my loved ones frugality
But when I used my power
I shattered sincere religious custody
But when I used my power
I scarred divine sanctity
But when I used my power
I sniffed on cocaine and ecstasy

And then I saw
The fallacies I commited
And then I felt
the sadness I exubered
Felt guilty of my sins
saw pain that I inflicted

And then my conscience hit me
My misdeeds enamored me
And then I took a decision
Got my power's confrontation
A power that I had
But always used it in the
in the wrong direction

And then I tore my arm
that hit my soul
And then I bore my marks
by the pain so pure

I know my arm will grow back
If I mend my ways
I know my arm will grow back
If I make things right
I know my arm will grow back
yes,it will



  1. Good and Powerful writing :)
    Keep writing!!

  2. My goodness..

    That was bang on..superb effort, infact much more than an effort.
    One of the finest pieces from your side..

    Good going and keep going,


  3. Quite powerful!!! I appreciate the way you have repeated a few lines. Keep at it!!!

  4. power in ur words...power in ur soul...power that touched do ya write things which i can not only understand but also relate to...i mean poetry n all not my types...but still i loved this one...LOVELY:)

  5. Well an inner thurst just came into my body after reading it ..... its Powerful piece of impactful work done by Deadiest and Maglomaniac HARSHA .. KEEP FIRING.... :)

  6. Power----Power-----Power......

    The most sort thing beautifully expressed in mere simple words....... the lines speak volumes all in itself.... looking forward to see more of such stuff from you... Harsha Rocks!!

  7. Good one..Love how you maintained the rhyme till the end...Meaningfull stuff

  8. Harsha,Good to see your Blog.Keep writing and expect more to come in future.


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