Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life-The BIGGEST Flirt

This week's 3WW

The words being

Life is the biggest Flirt
Flirt she is and flirt she does

She ditches you first and then stitches your pain
She loves you first and then kicks your ass
She makes you stand and then chops your legs
She walks with you and stabs your back

Oh what a ploy it plays
Oh what a mind it has

She brings you,in your prime
And makes you,to commit a crime
A crime so grave you thought was your end
And then a day comes,when you feel you ain’t dead

You brave the dead,your so called end
You are the one now whom others dread

Stunning is the win and stunning is the glory
Stunning is her look and stunning is the story

You are happy now and jump with joy
while she Executes her plan with a stunning aplomb
And then you realise there is no land ahoy
You writhe in pain and wriggle so hard
But all she says is to try,and try real hard

you keep on cursing
and keep on pursing

But have you ever seen

How far you have come
from being called a fool

How far you have come
from stopping others rule

How much you have learnt
the life's lessons by heart

Stunning was the ploy
that made you learn
Stunning was the ploy
that made you yearn

And all has happened coz life is a flirt
And all has happened coz life is a flirt



  1. You've certainly expressed the joy and the despair of life.

  2. Yup. Sounds a lot like life, to me!

  3. I like the idea of life being a flirt!

  4. Life is truly like that man..and so are the girls :)

    That was bang-on again Harsha, reminded me of the song 'Livin la vida loca' by Ricky Martin.

    Enjoyed it immensely, almost a song, just the guitar missing :)

  5. @Crack
    Same herre:)

    Dats wat lyf z made of

    Me 2 felt d same

    I tried to have a no of places of using flirt but mostly I ended up on girls and love.I was about to give up when finally life came thru and hence life d flirt;)

    Yes buddy.Both sides of the coin

    Thanx a ton man.To say it truly I wanted to try versatility.Wrote dis.But wasnt feelin much gud.felt dat it was a bad 1.
    But 1ce after reading ur comment I must say I m rejenvuated beyond scope.Thanx a ton buddy:D

    @Shadow OF Darknee
    Wait and let me put my hands over you;)


  6. That was certainly different.


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