Monday, April 20, 2009


My try with some eerines.A confusing question.

Allure,perch and vivid being
this week's 3WW

There has been this question that has banged my head a thousand times.

A condition so vivid and yet its allure so lively.
One that would even pull the most logical thinkers out of their perch.

Just imagine this,its 11:30 in the night.You are staying,far away from your home in a different city for the course of a job.
You are out on the roadside talking to a friend of yours on your cellphone.
And since its late,there is no one on the road.Finally after a long talk you bid adieu to your friend.
Even after putting the phone down you are still in his thoughts,contemplating about what you talked.

You know you have strolled far enough as there aint much buildings here.
You start walking back home,quickly with short spanned steps still enjoying the wonderful climate.
There is the vast highwayside road dimly lit by the moonlight and the orange tinted lampposts.And in between you can clearly listen to the spooky wind blowing by eerily as any set of buildings is a bit far away.

And suddenly by the road side you see your mom standing and calling you,hysterically,waving and calling back…


Coz of all the people this is your mom,atleast the only figure you can never ever relate to ghosts or any such things.

And you also know that in no way your mom can come here as you talked to her in the evening.She is safe and sound at your home some thousands of kms away.

Just tellme what would you do…



  1. Think I'm hallucinating? Night time heebie jeebies?

  2. Strange and yet captivating.

  3. @Jeeves
    Hahah rightly said

    :) yup.when I was thinkin bout dis,me 2 felt the same

    Thanks Thom

    Although I tried my hand at horror but I feel I turned like a dead stick.
    Wud try better next time


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