Friday, October 2, 2009

Mahatma and me

My son while I look at you from up down here

I see you running for what you dont know
I see you fighting for what you dont want
I see you crying for what you have not lost

I too was ambitious but not like you
I too was greedy but not like you

Ambition for me was to see my people free
Greed for me was to see the poor man's glee

You too are incredible,like everyone down there
But dont be incredulous for everyone down there

Have a wish,wish a hope 
to believe the unbelievable
Have a want,want a desire 
to touch the unattainable

I remember last time we had a fight
So ugly that I still want to rant
You laughed at my says
and I objected to your ways

But now I see the point
as its clear to you
We all want a world 
with peace as in the woods

So you and me
lets sing a song
Yes you and me
lets plant a plant

A plant of humanity
A World of sanity

Lets all be together
Wish us luck
So that we,
can clean the muck

Let us all together be human
So that the next time
When I look at you from up down here
I would wish from the core of my heart
Not to call you here but to come down there...

Today being the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi,I tried to see the World from his eyes,while he addressing me for most of my questions as well as for my answers.
There is a clash of ideas that I have witnessed and tried to show but from a different viewpoint.

I always had ideological differences with his(Gandhiji's) views,views of non violence,his stand at the time of Bhagat Singh's case,when he could have fought a battle for their release,the way he treated his family,the lack of fatherly love that never ever he bestowed to his family.

Because of these the other great things that he did,the non violence,the Dandi March,Satyagraha also came in my mind's conflicting contemplation.
But deep down in my heart I know that in he lies a great human being and he would aways be respected by me for the humanity he always endrosed,cause he is the one who has shown hope not only to India but to the whole world,hope that Non Violence is more powerful than Violence.

P.S.-I donot believe in afterlife or presence of a higher being(GOD),and the fist sentence is written to show the contrasting time period and ideological change. 

Written for 3WW-Ambitious,Incredible,Ugly

This wonderful image is taken from:Mahatma Gandhi in Type by Dencii @ Deviant Art.Visit his link to see more creative stuff she does.



  1. Lovely Harsha lovely..Kudos for the genuine piece.
    Loved the simplicity and the way you handled the meters. Superb!!

    And you know what, I too feel the same way for Gandhi as you feel. I hate people who find it fancy to demean a man like him without considering the times that created men like him.

    The piece is marvelous and I request you to write a few articles too..expecting more..

    Ciao for now..

  2. @sudharm
    Too big words man.
    But,thanks buddy for feeling so.
    I was feeling rather afraid while penning this and thought that I was becoming much more repetitive.
    And the best part is that you are now visible much more.
    Few years back I too was one of the people ready to demean Gandhi.But then I tried to see the other aspects too and I found the power of the man The Mahatma.
    I would surely write something soon.
    I very much liked you bifurcating into Management and me on your site.
    Catch you soon.
    Thanks for coming.


  3. An excellent post. To me he is one of the greatest men who ever lived. Maybe one day the world will listen.

  4. @anthonynorth
    Thanks Anthony for feeling so.
    Yes,maybe one day the world would listen.

  5. Humans have had so many chances to listen to wise men and seem to bypass the big picture for their own vignettes. Nice work!

  6. That was a really great piece! Words can't describe how well it has been said!

    Very appropriate!

  7. You've brought up a lot of the conflicting feelings I have for this incredible man, myself. Embracing the duality of life is probably my main life's purpose... and Ghandi's story in a way, is our story as well. We'll never be perfect, but can we be true to ourselves, no matter what that looks like to others?

    This was a thought-provoking post that I enjoyed.

  8. standing ovation man....simply words....just gr888....

  9. @Tumblewords
    Rightly said Tumblewords.
    Yes dear.Humans had chances and would have chances.
    And those who don't bypass are the ones who are termed as wise men.
    Thanks dear.

    @Just someone
    Thanks just someone for liking this.
    Might be the day made it look even more appropriate.
    And thanks for the generous praises:)
    But,I have to work real hard to reach that pedastal.Thanks again dear for visiting.

    These conflicts had been raging in my mind since I don't know when.
    And as you have rightly said that this duality is what needs to be embraced.
    Perfection would always remain a dream,and the point is that it should remain one cause if it is conquered then there would be no growth.
    And yes being true would surely end the dichotomy of life.
    Thanks for putting your time dear.

    Arre yar itta chada dega to wud surely go mad.
    Bhai na iski aur na meri iti aukad hai.
    Apko acha laga isse zyada aur kya chahie.
    Waise bhi you are a critic hard to satisfy:)


  10. I think it may not be possible to be committed heart and soul to the good of one's family and the good of the millions. To commit to one in a way that moves mountains is to neglect the other.

  11. @Ann(bunnygirl)
    Yes Ann.I see the point.
    But might be a person who would do his work with all dedication and come back home and love his family with all dedication,would be a perfect man.
    Sadly this is something that eludes us.
    Thanks for visiting dear.


  12. P.S. saved you harsha else i would have nailed down you .... ha ha ha.
    well its a master piece, and Gandhiji's non voilence has some power yaar... Sanjay dutt got peoples affection not because of VASTAV but because of Munna Bhai...... even when he was charged under serious ACT. so we can see the Power of non voilence..

  13. @A-Key
    Thanks buddy for leaving me.
    Ab mei chain ki saans le sakta hu,huh:)
    And thanks for your lively views.
    Waise Sanjay Dutt is a great actor and he proved it as much in Vastav as much in Munnabhai.
    But yes I do agree that as far as people's affection is concerned he got it in such large amounts only after Munnabhai even after the horrendous crimes he was guilty of.
    Sure non violence has power.


  14. Harsha I have read this several times, and I am not ready to comment yet, as I am thinking. I just wanted you to know, I am still reading.

  15. Oh Harsha, this is wonderful; a skillfully crafted poem.

    'Have a wish,wish a hope
    to believe the unbelievable
    Have a want,want a desire
    to touch the unattainable'

    Simply beautiful.

  16. profound and unexpected, I like the point of view, like an ordinary person with the usual desires and despair, I think it's a dreamer's point of view because as much as I like to hope, human beings are much too destructive but there is always hope

  17. @Amias
    Amias,you just reading this again is such an honor in itself for me.

    @Jane Doe
    Thanks Jane for feeling so.
    Thanks for visiting:)

    Yes most of it does seem as a dreamers point of view.
    But thats what hopes are-dreams.
    How much get converted is the perseverance.
    Thanks for liking the point of view.
    Thanks for visiting dear.


  18. Like the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi taught non-violence. I respect that. But history is a better teacher, and no matter what, for as long as the world existed, violence plays a big part in what is and what will be.

    History taught me that while Dr. King was preaching non-violence, he worked with a group that not only preached violence, but did it when called upon to make a point. Was this so with Gandhi, I don't know?

    The greatness of these two men seems to be written in stone, and I won’t take away from the good they supposedly did, nor will I debate the issues involved; which is non-violence.

    However, I have discovered that men take more than they gives. Women give more than they receive. As such, no matter what men teach in the open, it is behind closed doors where the truth is revealed.

    Violence beget violence, but non-violence against violence, ask any woman or child what that means ...

    I enjoyed reading this Harsha, thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

  19. very gud composition dear
    u have actually folowed"simple living and high thinking" since in so simple words(really not ur typ) u have written such gt thoughts
    sometimes i do wonder hw would it be if u were born few yrs before 15 aug 1947...u ud have been the gratest freedom fighter
    gud job dear
    carry on
    keep it up

  20. @Amias
    I always know from deep within Amias.
    Although you would wait but when you would say you would speak a great truth.
    Violence and non violence,truth and lies,courage and fear,love and deceit...
    All walk hand in hand.
    We could never know the power of one until their alter ego their counter part shows his head.
    A non violent protest won't have had its standing unless we had the grave brutal violence showing its negativity and its rock solid determination to wipe out non violence and vice versa.
    I don't know about this part of Dr. King but yea as far as I know of Gandhi I haven't heard anything of this sort.
    But still at the same time there are a thousand things in my mind that still are unsatisfied about Mr Gandhi.
    Although this is the sad truth about men and women as you have very rightly said but I always wanted men and women to be equals,equals in good and bad.
    Thanks Amias for being there and contemplating over what goes in my head.
    Thanks again.

    @Collection of Happiness
    I knew it from the start that if ever you read this you would say so cause of the lack of the words that we generally fight on.
    "simple living and high thinking".hahahaha
    gr8 words for a post related to a great man.
    Greatest freedom fighter.
    If I even had the smallest tinge and guts to be a freedom fighter dear then I wouldn't be here posting poems rather i would have been advocating or rather championing a cause.
    Thanks for feeling so noble for me.
    Thanks for liking my work dear.Keep visiting:)



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