Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the open door

As I walked into my house I realized that the latch had been open all the time.Normally I am a bit lenient,ok its more than lenient, more of careless on these things.
But then this was strange as I felt that I had locked the room before leaving.I entered the room to see it all flooded.
Luckily for me my laptop was placed high on the slab and hence it was saved from the water's wrath.
I tried hard to remember but I clearly remembered closing the taps before leaving.Sometimes it has happened that I had absent mindedly left the taps opened up as there was no water at that time.
But as far as I remember today this was not the case.
After breaking my back quite hard over cleaning all the water and the sloshed bed I thought I would break for a cup of coffee.
I woke up with a daze as I realised that it was 10 in the morning.
That too on a day when I had to reach for a meeting at 9:00 in the morning.
I dont remember how and when I drifted to sleep.I have a pained body, might be because of the  cleaning last night.
Finally,with mixed feelings I walked into the office when my boss greeted me.
Rajesh: Adi the review report that you sent me yesterday night was amazing.
Me: Um,sir I think you are talking about the Chicago clients which I sent you three days back.
Rajesh: Oh that report.No Adi ,that was one glitch ridden report.I am talking about the American client Xilsar.You know how happy our clients were when they saw this report.Our contract has not only been renewed but we also have got two additional assignments.Go have the day off.Have fun for the good work.

And then I checked my sent mails and yes that was one of the best reports I had ever seen in my life.

It was 8:00 in the evening when I met Anya at the restaurant.For the first time in my life I felt that she was so excited to meet me.She couldn't keep her hands of me during the whole time.Finally before leaving she bent and kissed me on my lips.
Oh if there was heaven it would be at no place but here.
I was awestruck and floating as this was the first time we had shared a kiss.
And then she mumbled something.
"Adi,last night was the most wonderful night you could ever give me.I still bear your marks.I would be waiting for you tonight as well"
Wait,was she teasing me as till date she hasn't once let me touch her.
But then the kiss was amazing,in any case tonight I would have something.
The door stands open today as well.Something doesn't seem right.The dogs are wailing like mad next to my house.
I don't know why but this house needs to be changed.
I am afraid of something in the room.It is not the creaky fan or the cat purring from the window.
I silently pack my belongings.Things have been too bizarre nowadays.
I remember once the watchman telling me of some strange incident with the previous tenant.
The first thing that I would do tomorrow morning would be to leave this house.
It is Elysium all over the place.I can feel the fresh smell of grass soaked in dew.It is partly misty and partly foggy.Can feel the cold wind wafting right through my hair.This is one experience that I would seriously remember all my life.From what my eye can see now,this is a big green field that stretches quite long with intermittent ridges of water puddles.The path is uneven more so like a golf course.And ah there stands Anya waiting.
I have to just cross this water puddle to go near her.
With an athletic gait notorious for long runs,I have jumped over bigger ones so this shouldn't be a difficult task.With all my might I jump over the puddle.
News report the next day: 
27 year old found dead after jumping from 7th floor building.
"We are still investigating the cause of death.
 But this is a confirmed case of suicide as the door was latched from inside." said Mr Arvind Mishra the senior officer pursuing the case.

The door was latched.

Alternate ending:-I suddenly feel a strain in my neck and before I understand I find myself choking, hanging through a rope to my room's fan.The last jump was when I kicked the stool right beneath me.The last jump was without any struggle whatsoever.And just before everything went dim I saw this man sitting near the door.

This week's 3ww :fog,lenient,struggle

Monday, June 18, 2012

Musings of a moron

Image Courtsey - Idiot by azuzephre

It would be sad to agree that I am being eaten away by busy man syndrome.But then it really is amusing.How the zillions of thoughts don't even see the light of the day before being on the paper.
I have titled thousands of articles in my head but not one seems to persevere enough.
Where has the intermittent curiosity gone,where have the pangs of excitement,the fight to foster new stories gone.
Exactly 1 month and 1 week back I had turned a new page of my life.
Getting back in the groove of a job was difficult but the excitement of learning something drastically new overthrew the sombre mood if any.
Needless to say this new job has been teaching something that I dint even think of in my wildest dreams.
Now when had I ever thought that I would be delving in such a wide variety of industries and that too learning and facilitating in setting up from the scratch.
Yes, the job is good. I thought initially that maybe the excitement is taking the better of me and hence the rate at which I wrote had taken a downfall.
But with time and my brains I have analyzed that the job has given me enough time and space to broaden my wings.
It is as usual nothing but my self carved hibernation.
All procrastination(I like the word though) and minimal vaccination make Harsha a Stupider boy.
One good thing has been the extremely wide amount of reports I have started reading.
They are ranging from digital marketing to economy to some which would bring a bad reputation to my name,if expressed openly here.
Meanwhile I have also read some exceptionally well written blogs which have simply blown me away.

I hope I have not lost much of an excitement from my head since my dormancy.
Well as you would have figured out by now this post has only been a pensive to empty the bullshit I had been nurturing.
Better articles might some other day see the light of the day,if at all they exist.
Oh and between watched Shanghai and loved it,specially the scene between CM and Abhay deol.




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