Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am sorry my baby

A baby shrouded in a cloth
was a body cold in growth
life unhinged happiness dark
A void so big 

could I fill it with
anything that wasnt filth

Stuck in a jaunt
A macabre of emotions
Played havoc
while I buried you
your body inches deep

How would I sleep not to find you in the morn
I wake with a daze with the LUSTER in your voice
You fade in a haze like amber in the blaze

I never knew 
death could be so strong 
I never thought 
a THREAT could go so wrong

There is only one truth and that's you are not near 
There is only one truth and that's you will never be here

The toys that I bought I have thrown them all
The cloths that I bought I have burnt them all

Time will move and grow you will
grow you will but not in your grave
but deep,deep down in my mind 

I would see you play
see you sing and see you fight

I am searching for your GLARE
from deep down there
At least just stare
for my miniscule lack of care

But all I see 
is a beautiful smile
all I see 
is something that can now never be here
Sometimes we see things so sad so melancholy we wish that this would never have happened.
A few days back I came across the unfortunate demise of a baby hardly 4 months old.



  1. This is a moving piece that's full of emotion.

  2. This was so poignant and I feel for what you experienced. I remember when I was staying in hospital with one of my children you had to walk past the rooms with all the poorly babies. It was heartbreaking.

  3. This was, instantly, a song for me; this is the first time that I have encountered that internal response to a 3WW submission. Obviously this piece spoke to something in my head. Thank you.

  4. oh! that is really sad! you paid a great tribute here...

  5. @Crystal Phares
    The sight was so.Thanks for coming dear.

    Thanks Thommy for considering my writing for this worth it.

    It is actually heartbreaking.And it becomes more of it cause I was present even at the burial.
    I can imagine what you went through while at the hospital.

    @Gautami Tripathy
    Yes,Gautami.It is REAL hard.

    @Sepiru Chris
    Thanks Chris.
    Internal response it was.
    And it is blogging only that generally subsides my inner responses and soothes them.

    @Just Someone
    Thanks for the nice words dear.
    Am happy that I could atleast pay him some sort of respect through my writings.

    @Americanising Desi
    Thanks Dear.
    Good to see you back.


  6. oh my! this was so sad. so sorry that you came upon this discovery. was it a friends baby or a story you read?
    beautifully conveyed.

  7. So fragile; as you say, it takes but a 'miniscule lack of care'.

  8. Powerfully emotive! Strong rhymes, and written from the heart. Bless you!!

  9. @Lucy
    I would have been very happy if it had been a story but sadly Lucy it was a friends baby.I was the one present through all the happenings till the end.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes Stan,that was what I could think of on that day.Even by giving the best of our care a small lack may lead to grave consequences and the poor baby isn't even unable to explain the pain it goes through.

    It was visibily so moving and hence it drained on paper too.
    Thanks Jeeves for visiting.

    @Andy Sewina
    I was sceptical initially even to write it as I thought that this might offend the mother herself,but then I couldn't control what was going through me.And hence I put it,put it from heart.
    Thanks dear.


  10. This was heartbreaking, yet so hauntingly's hard to imagine this kind of grief, but you expressed it in a way that I could begin to comprehend it.

  11. @Sweetest in the gale
    sometimes grief finds varied ways of expression,freedom.It happened the same this time.
    Thanks dear for taking out your time.


  12. Heart-breakingly beautiful. Oddly enough, I came across something similar the other day, and I had to write about it too. You can find it here:
    And my 3ww attempt is here:

  13. @asleeponmyfeet
    Thanks dear for the kind words.
    I am surely going to check your blog.


  14. Tragic and gut-wrenching. So sad.

  15. @pjd
    sad becomes a way of life for some.
    Atleast for innumerous mothers going through the same.
    Thanks for coming by.


  16. @Tammy
    Thanks Tammy for dropping by.


  17. How sad, how utterly sad. But is it not the sadness, more so than the joy, that give rise to the poet in us -- the need of expression so deep, that nothing can stop it, not even joy itself!


  18. @Amias
    All the days and I have realized that yes most of time it is the sadness more than the joy that brings down the expressions deep.
    Thanks dear for coming by.


  19. So moving...and sad. I think of all the emotions of a young one passing, the repeated "what if" is the hardest to grasp and come to terms with.

    Further, thanks for reading my blog!

  20. @Mark
    Thanks Mark for coming by.
    What if....
    Rightly said Mark.Hardest to come to terms with.
    And would like to say it again,that single line that you wrote was awesome.


  21. Numb and sad ...... I am sorry for your friend .......

  22. @A-Key
    Yup dear.
    Thanks for visiting.


  23. completely expresses the emotion...very emotional one...

  24. @Priyanka
    Thanks dear for finding what I wanted to show.
    A little more info on you would help me in contacting you back.I checked your link but it ain't there.
    Thanks for visiting.
    Waiting to see more of you.


  25. A loss is so hard to take in esp of a lil one. Hope you see the smile in a star just born, high up the sky.

  26. @swapnap
    Yes Swapna losses are hard to take.
    Thanks Swapna for visiting.


  27. Hi Harsha, You capture hurt, frustration, loss so very well even if it wasn't happening to you.

    Very sensitively written.



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