Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the weight of my tears


The man behind the 3ww,(the prompt for which I wait with baited breath for all seven days,where I have met the most interesting writers)Thom G lost his father the past week.
My respect and sympathies for him.
Tc Thom.

I turned back unable to control my tears.
I turned back not to let her know ever,
that even in this man there were traces,
traces scarred deep by the pangs of emotions,
portrayed by my sullen tears...

Grappled but not long enough to take my hanky out
Grappled but not long enough,not to let my tears pout

But the hanky was all thick
carrying signs of the passing time's wick
My past gloom,my past cries
My heart breaks and losses deep
All neatly cornered and beautifully creased
The hanky aged heavy unable to be creased

I searched it more
tried to hide like I always tried
in the days of yore

And then felt the drift
felt her hands in the mist
She looked straight through
And i knew it down true

Now a hanky won't be needed
and that was all that her eyes pleaded 
Yes,now a hanky won't be needed

Written for 3ww-Hanky,Thick,Drift



  1. There's a great emotional content here.

  2. @AnthonyNorth
    Thanks Anthony.


  3. I was here...well done.


  4. A lot of very emotional posts this week. I don't think this is a bad thing, though. Grief and loss inform much of my poetry, too. Good post!
    Three Poems

  5. @b
    Thanks dear for coming by.

    @Americanising Desi
    IThanks for feeling so.
    I am just rushing to check yours:)

    Grief and loss.
    a few days back I was having this converstion and the point that we were discussing was that the way grief pulls the poet in you,hardly any other emotion can.
    But at the same time it also meant that grief is the easiest to express.Thats the reason that humor and other genres are so tough to handle.
    Well,this was just a random thought that drifted by.
    Thanks dear.


  6. so much emotion. Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Daily Panic
    Thanks dear.
    And I must thank you for coming.


  8. hey buddy im back .... sry for the delay .....

    nice made me remember the day u were leaving for PUNE..... :'(

  9. @A-Key
    Man,leaving hyd was painful.And whatb more could I have asked for,on that day I even saw something in the great Akky's eyes:)


  10. It's wonderful to lean on the shoulders of a love one when our heart is hurting, and even the stongerest of men fall prey to tears .. I believe it's very healthy.

    I love the concept of the "hanky", it was refreshing --- the images were very vivid.

    My prayers goes out for Thom G and his family .. peace and blessing to all.

  11. I hate funerals, too many emotions like your peice.

  12. @gautami tripathy
    Thanks Gautami for considering it what it was intended.

    healthy tears.
    Hmmm an oxymoronic feeling in itself.
    But,I very much agree to the same.
    Tears ARE very healthy.At times of grief they relieve you off the pain.And at others they do make you strong.
    Thanks for your prayers dear.

    Emotions and that to too many are sometimes the most important part of rebirth,rejuvenation.
    Ya most of the times we do hate them.

    Thanks for coming by.


  13. This is lovely. A delightfully evocative and poignant piece. Very well done.

  14. @Jane Doe
    Thanks dear for visiting and feeling so.


  15. oh my god
    how can u put in such beautiful words the greatest emotion
    i guess this is the toughest thing
    i can see the scene in front of my eyes
    this post of urs reminds me of the day wen i was coming back from offc alone in a bus and had a solid reason to cry
    but could not
    else it would have been so difficult to stop my heavy tears
    although it was equally difficult not to shed them
    anyways that phase has gone it was a past
    hope eveyone gets enough love so that sorrows can be whiped off

  16. @Collection of Happiness
    Glad,you liked it.
    Coz you being my greatest critic have hardly liked or approved of stuff I write.
    So,it feels quite good to have you here and say actually good things:)
    And hey when was the event that you have been telling.No more tears,no more nytmares,keep that in mind.
    And yes may love and peace for be all.
    tc dear.


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