Monday, August 31, 2009


Brood,you bitch
cry you bastard
for your sins 
sins till life lasted
cause one day cause of you 
your life would be christed

you thought you could run away
run away from what you do 
run away from what you feel
Stop casting that hideous grin
Stop casting that clever gaze

I will kick your butt
and pinch your gut
while you try 
try hard to run,to fly 
but I would never stop being your ally

I will pull you from your darkest alley
to tell you
What you did
what you hid
to tell you
                                 YOU ARE GUILTY                                       


  1. This is raw --- it seems to be written for one person, but it's a very general poem, in that it can mean, persons, places or things.

    I like the diversity of this ... Harsha -- and the voice is so universal.

  2. @Amias
    I never looked at it in this way.
    It was something that was pinching me,my conscience,and I tried to put it in words.

    And yup we both seem to be awake ryt nw.At this part of the world it is 4:30 in the early morn;)
    Nice to see you.


  3. I read this and i could not get it.
    I read it again only after reading the title.. bang on..Conscience..very crisp Harsha..

    Sorry for not being able to visit you in a while..
    Dying to get back to writing and reading..

  4. @sudharm baxi
    So,finally you are back.
    I was actually wondering what happened to you.
    And of all the fears,the worst being that-you have stopped writing.
    Your coming here and the glutton to write back has been such a relief to me,that I can't explain.
    Thanks buddy for calling this crisp:)
    So,welcome back.Waiting eagerly to have more of you;)


  5. ha ha ... harsha i think we have got same conscience.... its Xcatly wat i heard from my inner self..... and hey NiCE PIC

  6. @A-Key
    Chalo,ab apne conscience bhi same same ho gaye:)
    waise they had a chance of being same,given the mutuality.
    Pic is at taken at the top of my trek to Madhumakrangarh,5 kms from Pune.
    Alone in nature,a sure place for introspection.
    Thanks buddy for coming back.



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