Monday, March 9, 2009


Do I want to shout
or do I want to cry
I want to fly or
Is that I want to die

Things got through,people were few
Life was lived and days got passed
Anger came where happiness prevailed
Love was shot straight in the head

Friends mistook me
Family misunderstood me
Strangers despised me
Relatives hated me

Surrenderd joviality
Rendered anonymity
Harboured negativity
Understood mortality

Was lone distraught
Eyes closed and ears deaf
Dumb I was or silent was my speech
Kissed placidity and cried so hard
We all fought gushing blood

And then I felt washed
Washed by my tears
Washed by my sins
Wsahed by my fears
Conscience called me and shook my head
Kicked my butt and gave a wide stare

And then I thought,man it was just me
Hey it was just me
Yes lost I was
"No doubt"
Yes wrong I was
"No doubt"
Yes A fool I was
"No doubt"
But hey,It was me,after all me

So,I came to terms
with world at the ends
And my wit as my only pretext
Saw the truth
which was always there
Love was there which I never cared
Yes I was shunned
Yes I was hated
But all for my own good
All for my own good

Now I know who I am
Yes I will rise
Like the phoenix from the ashes
Like the butterfly from the mothball
Like the man from the asylum
Like the criminal from the lockup

Yes,I will break my beak
and pluck my feathers
like the eagle to gain victory
I will clean my sins
and repent for my crimes
like the man who won't be History

Cause there is only one
who can make things right
There is only one who can
put efforts bright
And hey I have to rise
Cause this my world
and this my life

Hey I have to rise
and rise I will............



  1. Surrenderd joviality
    Rendered anonymity
    Harboured negativity
    Understood mortality

    graciously beautiful and thoughtful..
    Fantastic artwork buddy!!

  2. much deeper as never before...
    gr8 one ...felt lyk it jus pinched me...

    manoj vyas

  3. i will break my beak and pluck my feather to gain victory ... im taking these words from u harsha.....they will help me rise ...... thank you.

    well yaar ab lag raha hai its like acupuncture therapy ...... chal koi na but i will RISE... :)

  4. simply words to describe...

  5. @GotyBaaz
    And rise you would buddy:)

    Thanks dear.Ab ham kya kahe.Udd rahe hai bas;)



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