Monday, March 23, 2009

walking in unison

Inspired by a photo of men in uniform walking together from
the blog every photo tells a story

Walking in unison
we have always been told

Walkin in unison
is one good reason for sure

walkin in unison
keeps friends together

walkin in unison
keeps distances at bay

But even today we are toghether
Walkin tall taller than ever
Steps together having enormous power
can break bridges with the slightest resonating fervor

But are we really together
slaughtering children who cant even shiver
are we really together
raping women at their slightest flutter
are we really together
breaking houses without the slightest tremor

Finding osamas in innocennt smiles
Being bushe's with arms held high
just need a reason to break our patience
just need a reason to try our cartridges
my gun is happy
happy as I am
coz i am the way as i am
happy as always
walking in unison

ARE WE REALLY together
is one thing thats queer
Are we really together
with no peace near
ARE WE REALLY together???
walking in unison



  1. Your works are always such a refreshingly good read..

    Keep the good work going Harsha..

  2. Thanks Sudharm.
    And thanks a ton more coz I got the idea of writing poems with photos as inspiration after seeing ur blog.

  3. Hail SAPAT .. i should say .......
    This makes us United.......

  4. hey cn u please provide me sum synonyms of excellent...superb...awesome.....bcoz i m felling short of words....i m very bad at u r tooooo gud...


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