Thursday, March 10, 2011


Put the glasses aside.
When I would die I want to die plain,properly aware of the weaknesses I have,physical and mental.
My soul is shameless and I want my body to be the same.

Still I dont feel something right.
Are you sure we should carry this on.It doesn't look dainty enough.

Were you sure to carry your stupidest feelings with you.Were you sure to care for your dream when everything was against you.
And year on year you were ready to face that haunting shame again knowing that you might lose again.

Might is a big word.

But the end never set you free.You had failed and would fail again.I would halp you be free again.I would make sure that nobody can jeer you,make fun of you.
Cause you won't br there then.

Umm.Sounds somewhat OK.But tell me do you really think that once I am dead people would really be concerned to be happy or sad or laugh at me,for me,on me.

Thats what O fallen insane,Nobody would laugh at you.They would just be left with a tantalizing sense of you but NO YOU.

And yes nobody would even think of me.And leave others what would I accomplish if I myself am not present.What would I do with a soul with respect.I prefer a body even if there is all disguist.
Meandering hopes,absymal falls but still there would be moment.


Yes.Even though you try to coax me,persuade me,count the innumerable years for me every year,I know one thing,atleast there is a direction every year,to do things,to understand fears,to put at rest many tears,atleast I know I have a life.So you,yes you,you better get lost.

Hey,Wait for me.Am also coming....

This week's 3WW words are dainty, haunting and tantalize


Thursday, March 3, 2011

riveting hopes

How much more affinity can I have
with  a truth that even I find hard to stare
I keep on fidgeting as my hopes fly riveting
with every news I find  a mention
Once a rumor now a lost hope
But now some more pain can only subside this tension...
As affinity bowls me happiness makes me lie
after all this is the reason that I would try
Fidgeting body jittery mind
deep down I know I can still be kind
Father to a radical mind son to a scrambled heart
Onlooker to a fallacy
or the supreme holder of a rotten legacy
All I can mention is that
she should have been a not been
Cause that only would have been
My meanest of means...
And as I yearn for an affinity that has created  pain
a stench,a killer feels years after his moments of mention
Rebellious disgust,drastic measures messed up
For happiness which went only dressed up

I was the only one at the funeral
A funeral  happy for this death
Cause it was just me and the funeral
Me dead and the funeral happy
 for me being dead

just wanted to see how these 3 words address my thoughts in different directions.
Want to know how others go after their thoughts while writing poems.
The words at 3WW this week are affinity,fidget and mention




The world is a stage

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