Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arjuna's penance

Was standing there,in the midst of Mahabalipuram.
Had went in search for a happy lunch,a sudden hitch to settle my poor enunciated emancipated body.

And there in all its glory,two words were all I could see.

"Arjuna's penance."
or was it - Random shit.

Suddenly, images came to me when after one of his battles Arjuna would have come and think.
After even talking to Krishna,even after agreement that Kauravas were sinners and he had to behead them,even after that he would come back and talk to himself.Say sorry to himself for killing his brothers.
After mustering the courage,entering Yudhisthara's bedroom to choose his karma over the respect of his brother and brother's wife(at that time),even after choosing what is right,he would come back and think in his penance.

A figure so big as Arjuna himself too had his penance,his moments of glory,his tears of remorse.

And I me myself,all 3 of us still unaware of weaknesses.
Still, very much involved in life's glory but never ever retrospecting what went wrong always.
Why the same mistake's have been killing me since ages.
The recipe of success which I drank once has become elusive.

Need to slow down a bit.I know I can't slowdown this world.
It would be a rat race.
Maybe I better slow down to understand myself.
Anyways this race is not about others,the world but for me.

As a friend of mine,Samir and maybe his friend has rightly said-
"the trouble in the rat race is dat.. even if u win.. ur still a rat..."

This week's 3ww being hitch,drank,muster

Between I just crossed my 100 posts(This is 101th post : )



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