Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Came through a wonderful site which had acrostic poetry.
the word is OPPORTUNITY.
Its a mnemonic poem.Here it goes:

Osculation was the start which
Prodded her vanity
Pulled her dignity
Ostracied her from society
Rumours floated afresh
Tart she was called
Until she saw him stalled
Not a sign of regret
Inches from her but still the same
Trying to find a new victim of rape
Yearning for a new OPPORTUNITY

Written by the word OPPORTUNITY from the site

Acrostic Only

Tried to convey the difference of treatment between a rapist and a victim.
At one side the women(victim) is looked down.
whereas the rapist roams freely.



  1. Thanks for joining the fun.

    This is good for a first. Keep the word together and don't break it up. Bold the first letter on each line ..

    I posted your link so that others can read this ... look forward to reading some more of your acrostics.

  2. i am looking forward to read more from you :)

  3. Hmmmm.... nice one!! I liked it... Acrostics have so much in them. I'm currently taking up a workshop which is teaching me how to write a perfect one. If you want, you may join too. Contact Amias for the same.

    Keep writing :)

  4. A very different take and so very true Harsha, even i don't know the intricacies of an Acrostic, but i loved the message and your effort.

  5. Very honest. Often victims are ostracized which diminishes any true effects of justice. Great poem.

  6. @Amias
    Thanks Amias.I knew about the 1st letter to be bold.But my firewall blocked that function.
    Thanx 4 d wonderful advice.
    Iw ould adhere to it in future.

    I too am coming man to write more:D

    Thanx Tan 4 d compliment.
    A workshop.Hmm sounds gud.

    Thanx man.
    Actually at a lot of places,its your findings that I am using.Thnx 4 shwing d path

    I agree.And thanx 4 spotting me by.


  7. beautiful and honest write!


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