Tuesday, July 16, 2013

kash bat alag hoti


Kitni bar tumne isko toda
Kitni bar waqt ne muh moda
Par chahta nahi tha tu samajhna
Na manna na pehchanna
Ki soch rahegi ye abhi ya shayad kabhi nahi

Ek jawab tumhare pas bhi hai
Aur hai ek sawal mere pas bhi
Tum chaho to yahi hogi zindagi apni
Aur chaho tum to hogi ek beete kahani meri

Yad aunga mei tumhe ek galti ki tarah
Aur yad rahogi tum mujhe ek ehsaas ki tarah

Na rukunga mei aur na rukogi tum
Tum rahogi aisi hi aur mei rahunga waise hi

Bas sath alag hoga
Bat alag hogi

Fir mei todunga apne apko
Aur tab bhi nae samjhunga
Kyunki samajhna mei kabhi chahta nae tha

Kash tum hoti kash hota mei


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


commotionby *soft-h

RUN with might
FIND evidences for what you believe
DRIVE with passion
EARN to settle plight

CREATE yourself
And feel that no motherfucker can taint you, maim you
My head wobbled back with the swerving ideas.
It hadn't been such impatient before, with those succulent thoughts.
But nowadays I am losing it more often than not.
I hide between myself.

Damning philosophies and berserk debates rattle in my ears,
Things half said, thoughts half rotten malign me.
Is it the work that has taken its toll on me,
or have I obviated life of life itself

Things are now tasks, difficulties are now processes
Randomness is maiming itself, creating airs for those jiffy clean processes

And no I don't like this
A clear sky laughs behind a clear mind
A road of clarity triggers me of my haplessness
The clutter was me, the stench the turmoil was me
The land at the road's end with all that commotion was me
Somebody has tried to kill me, by saving me from this death

This I never wanted
With a life better placed
But with a place better wasted
Sadness now doesn't pain me
Its the emptiness which kills me

I am afraid to head home early after a tiring day
Not because of drudgeries of officiating administration
But because of the fear of nothing to do
I am tired not from work but from the dearth of it

I am a hollow mind now, my body had long lost its charm
But this mind was not supposed to act in this penance
I tried counting the new people whom I met earlier
I tried searching for friends for fresh air
But the numbers on fingers made my fingers look too big

Every night I return back as the lone rider
And just as and when I am about to stop fear cringes
And throttle twinges to let the ride go some more
To a road not taken, to a streetlight yet virgin
Delinquency to move one more block

Fear is sidelining everything,
And that too so much that the courage to drive on is,
basically, fear pushing me to drive on


Monday, July 1, 2013

Choose your God

Image Courtsey : perfectionist_ all together
GOD: All powerful, miraculous maryada purshottam.
All 3 above fit the bill.

Let us agree over the truthfulness of what I think.
I think that there is no god. And this truth literally sucks big time for the folowers and the non followers.

But my issue is not with me not following or with people following but with people who are more than the fence sitters.
See fence sitters too are real.
This is about people who actually are disjointed between what they are and what they show to be.

Picture this by a close friend.

"I really hate all this worshipping. It is so superstitious.
But yes I believe that Ram exists.

I don't know if my anger is really justified but then the debate still remains. Atleast with me it remains.
Now be bloody clear in your mind. If you believe in Ram then how can you call worshipping him and other things superstitious. At the first stage your Ram is a story.
He never existed nor would he ever will.
But chalo lets get over it and for your better good lets believe he exists.
In that case his worshipping too is respectful.

Dont try to act the cool dude in public who is so super cool who believes that rituals are blind faith, superstition.
Or sometimes with the super god theory.
That I dont believe in these gods but yes I believe in super powers.

So it means your intelligence has made you believe that all this Ram, Shiv, Allah, Jesus is a myth after all.
But still your hogwash makes you bang your head over that supergod.

So please read more, explore more question more. Even I am doing the same.
Why bound yourself to what your Hindu/ Muslim/ blah blah parents made you think.

See at the first place you never were a Hindu.
You were comfortably tagged this. Go choose your religion, choose your fucking god.

OK its not your fault. It is mine I think.
I hate your double standards.
How much I hate this bullcrap called as God I would still stay atleast stay true to yourself.
Moron be clear of what you think.
No double standards please.

With your Ram causing havoc in people's love, with you being offended for words against Allah, with you believing that your efforts are not yours but because Jesus has steered you.Enough.
I hate you guys enough, don't give me more reasons.




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