Monday, August 31, 2009


Brood,you bitch
cry you bastard
for your sins 
sins till life lasted
cause one day cause of you 
your life would be christed

you thought you could run away
run away from what you do 
run away from what you feel
Stop casting that hideous grin
Stop casting that clever gaze

I will kick your butt
and pinch your gut
while you try 
try hard to run,to fly 
but I would never stop being your ally

I will pull you from your darkest alley
to tell you
What you did
what you hid
to tell you
                                 YOU ARE GUILTY                                       

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ram's reality:Is it this what we really need to answer

Was going through Jug's article.Is Ram really for real.
He explained the Ram Setu project.
The row over the ramifications if it is interferred with.
Now, what he did there was that he took a rational view rather than a religious one,as taken by the masses over here.
I would just like to reply dear Jug and dear India with my views:

Hi Jug,

Although I wasn't able to read all the comments,but I would say is that firstly this is an excellent article.
People should try to rationalise and understand the truth rather than raising useless issues.
Many of the people here are the ones who resort to riots and stuff rather than resorting to rational thinking.Ram can be and can't be.As far as I am concerned I feel its just an epic tale.
Other people surely believe differently but this belief shouldn't come as a hindurance for such developments.One day we call a crack in the bridge as Mother Mary's divine being.
Does it mean we would stop repairing the crack?
Moreover,others must take note that Jug is not trying to poke fun at Ram and moreover he is not an anti Hindu Demon that you have made.When you people say poke fun at Allah and Jesus it shows your even heightened narrow mindedness.

After going through the comments I feel that :

"Whether Ram setu was actually built by Ram" as a question has been dwarfed by my fear that
"are we really secular"?
Keep the good work going Jug.

*P.S.-Ram is one of the most sacred deities in Hindu religion.For enlightment on the same kindly check the below links.
Ramayana-Refrence from Wikepedia
Lord Rama-Refrence from Wikepedia


Friday, August 28, 2009

Be my enemy

A rupture in trust can be mended
but a FRACTURE in deceit can never be

Saying a sorry wins back your friends
But even dying can't bring your enemies back

Dont think much before hurting a friend
But think a lot before befriending an enemy

Friends who VANISH once would knock again at their need
But an enemy lost would just be a NOISE

NOISE to deaf ears......



Monday, August 24, 2009

What is growth?

How do we rate things
is it by the achievements we have had
is it by the qualifications we have obtained
or is it by the medals we have won.......
Sadly,it is just what the other has done.
One day we might seem utterly satisfied by the results we have
but just the other day we find ourselves in a tizzy,in a whirlpool of emotional disturbances
only because your colleague or your next door neighbour has an ounce more than you.
When is this going to stop.
When realisation would stop from being comparative and be more (concentrative)/ of a private thing.
Sometimes it seems to me as if this would happen-never.
Or rather not atleast till we are alive.
But that's the whole eccentric point.
dude respect the privacy.
respect growth,your inner growth.

The limit to no limits.........

When comes the limit to no limits...............................

Have I been in a quagmire or is it that the daze has woke me up with a start.
My heart still cries while my eyes fade into tears.tears so true as if unreal.
why did it happen.where did I fail.My words depth never lied to you nor to me.Not an iota of doubt ever creeped in me.Where darling then did I go wrong,WHERE.
Wasnt I there when you needed me the most,then why you left me when I yearned,when I was weak,shattered,WHY.
My soul is sucked but thanks to you Thanks to you darling that you gave me the best time of my life.
Now you will walk away like many did,happy to have your prince charming and adding to your long list of underachievable foolish lovers.You might smile someday when you think of me,you would still talk to me like that enigma of yours still drowns me.
That doesnt happen anymore dear,goodbye,GOODBYE my lover.
Yes I waited till I could,but now its not my fault.
I waited till came the limit,the limit to no limits.....

And am so happy for the same.CAuse earlier the pedestal ended with you at the podium but now you just creep at the bottom of the altar,frail and yes am happy for it.Cause there are people worthier than you,dearer than you,who kissed me,cared for me,repected me,STOOD by me.

Thanks darling for teaching my worth,teaching your price,Move on darling like the way you helped me.
Know the limit to no limits..................................................



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