Thursday, August 25, 2011

The lull

It is as simple as blood flowing through my veins.
As simple as sex with a loved one.
As simple as water running downhill or as clear as envy killing the brain.
But even then why is there that last lap which I have been avoiding.
Why me of all the people creating a cyst of mine.
People have adapted their minds to this me.

This is NOT me.
This can never be me.

I have been a man who has been raw,
like a lion roaring,like the wind blowing,like the dew tickling.
I of all the people can never stay and wait.
I have been a man of action of decisiveness.I have glided through difficulties with ease.

And still today when I was thinking about me I realised there are things where am dwelling without a direction,places I am still worshiping without a deity.The lie needs to be quashed.

How can I forget that there is only one god here and that's me.

Finally the time has come.For others start listening to lullabies cause I will lull you to silence.
I believe my time has come.No it hasn't come I just brought it back.

This week's 3WW being adapt,glide and lie


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Chaal hai tedi
Dagmagai hui si
Hosh hai besudh
Ladkhadae hue se
Sans hai adhuri
Bheegi hui si
Simat ti karahti
Tilmila ke fir bhi

Jagti hai
Hasti hai aur manti hai
Ki jana hai ab mujhe
Us par nadia ke
Jab mujhe jhukna na padega
Apne hi haq k lie
Jab kalkothri na mujhe bandh paegi
aur na rok sakegi mujhe hazaro ki fauz
kyunki ab ladai mei nahi lad raha hu
mei to sirf ek zaria hu tum sabka

zindagi tumhari ab mei nahi jee raha
kyunki haq hai ye tumhara aur koshish bhi
 taqat hai ye tumhari aur paisa bhi

par fir bhi kyu
hum mare til til ke 
aur wo hanse khil khil ke
bharath ne hai ek hunkar kia
safed vastro ne chadai hai prachanda

Lekin tarkash bhi apna 
aur ban bhi 
sadhna hai to lakshya
jisko mitana aur jiska ankho se mitna
hai sirf ek hi hath me
hath hai wo hamara
desh hai yeh hamara 



The world is a stage

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