Friday, August 28, 2009

Be my enemy

A rupture in trust can be mended
but a FRACTURE in deceit can never be

Saying a sorry wins back your friends
But even dying can't bring your enemies back

Dont think much before hurting a friend
But think a lot before befriending an enemy

Friends who VANISH once would knock again at their need
But an enemy lost would just be a NOISE

NOISE to deaf ears......




  1. I always, and I mean always enjoy reading your post .. they are so very thought provoking and profound. I love the whole thought process here .. but the first two lines --- are right on target, and then some.

  2. @Amias
    Thanks Amias.Reading your comments makes my day:)
    And yes it was actually the first two lines only cause I somehow underrate friendship later,but that was my plan somewhere.
    Thanks Amias,do keep coming back.It is the best reward that I get from writing.
    Thanks again dear.Tc

  3. What a great take on the prompted words and such a great piece to think about.

  4. @Mark
    Thanks Mark.
    Actually the word fracture was the one which pulled me towards the enemies importance.And thats how it went along.
    Thanks Mark for visiting.


  5. Harsha,

    I really like how this is very black-and-white. You've done great things with the prompt words and I appreciate the contribution.

  6. @ThomG
    Thanks Thommy.
    I tried to put WHITE inside the BLACK and that was how it came out.
    Thanks for dropping by even nearing the end of the prompt date.



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