Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the mind of a dyslexic

Inspired by the movie:Taarein Zameen Par,which showed us through the mind of a dyslexia afeected child,his pain.......

And hence,
In the mind of a dyslexic

Hey why you laugh and why you jeer
coz I too try and dats i swear

Hey is it 'this' or is it 'shit'
how do I differentiate between a 9(nine) or a 6(six)

The words ummm
they seem like drops of dew
numbers hmmmmm
they make me visit the blues

Is it really so hard,is all I wonder
When Tom stands 1st
and Ramu steals the thunder

Mam dont use the cane
OUCH it hurts and pains my vein
Mam dont throw me out
PLEEEASE coz I am short of a shout

Mom I try so hard
Dad I am not a retard
I study all day but cant put it right
I have stooped to play guessing its the only way

Mom I have some problem
Please see to it
Dad I am not a problem
please try to know it

Hey why you laugh and why you jeer
coz I too try and dats i swear


Thursday, March 26, 2009

POWER-the other side

In respone to a photo on

Every Photo tells a Story

A man has the power
to sow the seeds of his destiny
A man has the power
to build the road to money
A man has the power
to find his wings of creativity
A man has the power
to prove his claims' veracity

But when I used my power
I touched women's modesty
But when I used my power
I hurt my loved ones frugality
But when I used my power
I shattered sincere religious custody
But when I used my power
I scarred divine sanctity
But when I used my power
I sniffed on cocaine and ecstasy

And then I saw
The fallacies I commited
And then I felt
the sadness I exubered
Felt guilty of my sins
saw pain that I inflicted

And then my conscience hit me
My misdeeds enamored me
And then I took a decision
Got my power's confrontation
A power that I had
But always used it in the
in the wrong direction

And then I tore my arm
that hit my soul
And then I bore my marks
by the pain so pure

I know my arm will grow back
If I mend my ways
I know my arm will grow back
If I make things right
I know my arm will grow back
yes,it will



This is in response to an interesting site
3WW(3 Word Wednesday)
,where you concoct something using 3 words
The 3 words are:

Earnest I was
Yes for you I was
Earnestly I waited
With a baited breath
I waited

A waiting so long
Of love so strong
pious to the core
red, red enough to sore

Then the day you smiled
the day you obliged
My heart was a slave
A bird out of cage

I saw it as an earnest
of a love out of the closet
I knew no bounds
My heart doing rounds

And slowly you showed your colors
Like a snake faking vermillion flowers
You said I wasn't smart
You said I called you a tart

But how could I
When every layer of mine
was bloody yours
How could I
when every breath of mine
was only yours

And then you said no
Layer by layer you broke the bow
You shattered my layer
Of love so deep
you slaughtered my layer
with your feelings so cheap

You called me reactive
and react I did
I cried my heart
and consoled my soul

And then I saw
How sorry I was
And then I knew
Yes reactive I was
like fuel and air

How couldn't I see
Your love for adam
our institute's cynosure
How couldn't I see
Your pronounced acclaim
A thing which was for sure

Girl you should have told before
before my earnest galore
Girl you should have told before
before tearing my only layer
Girl you should have told before
before I turned reactive

Girl you should have told before
Atleast long long before
Before shattering


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knock knock Mr Gabriel

Saw a wonderful photograph of Gabriel the angel(Might be) on

every photo tells a story

And then this was the effect that it had on me:D

Knock knock
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
Coz I am here
Knock Knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear

OOps I forgot my dossier
But I guess your book would show all that I bear
OOps I forgot my wallet
But I guess you are hiding enough for a show of ballet
Oops I left my friends
But I guess those drifting behind would love my friends views
Oops I forgot my enemies
But now you say that never matters

I wasnt much happy when I came here
But your spiked hair has brought some cheer
I was pained when leaving loved ones
But your presence brings a whole new assurances
I was pained when I failed in my class
But now your smile tells me that it was but a bucket of rocks

I thought her leaving me was the end
That wasn't
I thought then might be losing an arm was the end
That wasn't
I thought then may be being fired was the end
That wasn't
I thought atleast seeing loved ones die was the end
Till I saw the end
An end so beautiful
that seemed as a begining

I am happy Mr Gabriel
Coz I know now the end is here
And with the sea at your back
I know this end is the begining
A begining of one more end of mine

Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And let me in
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear


Monday, March 23, 2009


Just saw this photo of kitchen drama on every photo tells a story THE PHOTO

How a child feels when he sees his love share being divided with his sibling

There is my mother
and there is my brother
I love my mother
and I love my brother

Brother now cries
mother please make some fries
Coz I am hungry
after hitting a sundry

You loved me so much
you hugged me with a wonderful touch
With my bit of things to munch
washing me keeping away the stench

But now only I love you
Coz he is the one whom you love
and now I only want you
coz he is the one whom you want

Now I will drench the cat
To make you listen
and I will shoot little brother
To make you know
That I too am hungry
of love like my brother

But I still love you
The way I love my brother
So I will shoot little brother
with my toy water shooter
I will drench the cat
with water in the pitcher

Mom please make some fries
coz I am hungry
like sweet little brother


walking in unison

Inspired by a photo of men in uniform walking together from
the blog every photo tells a story

Walking in unison
we have always been told

Walkin in unison
is one good reason for sure

walkin in unison
keeps friends together

walkin in unison
keeps distances at bay

But even today we are toghether
Walkin tall taller than ever
Steps together having enormous power
can break bridges with the slightest resonating fervor

But are we really together
slaughtering children who cant even shiver
are we really together
raping women at their slightest flutter
are we really together
breaking houses without the slightest tremor

Finding osamas in innocennt smiles
Being bushe's with arms held high
just need a reason to break our patience
just need a reason to try our cartridges
my gun is happy
happy as I am
coz i am the way as i am
happy as always
walking in unison

ARE WE REALLY together
is one thing thats queer
Are we really together
with no peace near
ARE WE REALLY together???
walking in unison


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Was inspired by the photo of a young girl looking out of window at the blogevery photo tells a story

And I also believe it to be a part of a celebration(FOR ME) ,coz I found some part of truth,the reality.
Hence would like to add it to
sunday scribblings


There is a window in my head
Yes,there is one deep down within
Coz i have made walls that are strong indeed
Coz i have my views powerful within
that voice my thoughts and say yes every time

Saw A man yesterday
wen gave a visitin to a temple as any other day

Have never believed god,never loved religion
Only thought that humanity is wat is needed
friendship is sumthin that keeps me serenaded

had a bunch of thoughts like the arrows in my queer
aimed relentlessly ,commented sarcastically
with anyone who even slightly tried to steer'

Fool I thought those who dint agree
with the views I had and the ideas that waded
Thought I was always right with my thinkin bright
Was encumbered by my view of world

Talked of helping talked of lending

Criticised politicians but never practised voting
Talked of helping old but never did any serving
Talked of uplifting children but never did any teaching
Talked a lot and talked a lot
and the only thing that i ever did was TALKING

And as i said before saw a man the other day
looked rich not even slightest sign of the scintillia poor
had got off from a car that boasted of a wide camradiere

Came to the steps and did something damn peculiar
Sat there with arms folded and opened shoes of people who serenaded
Found this strange found this stupid coz i was but stuck in my walls
looked at people through the only window that I had constructed
Coz was drowned in the views that I had myself enunciated

Came up laughed at his foolishness
Thought about the World's inadequacy
Felt that he was wasting his services
HE was wasting his time
for something that wud never do good to himself
nor to the worldpeace and nor any community

Coz I was but conditioned by my superrich ideology
Coz I was blinded by my perfect ideality
And then she told me
asked me the reason of my laugh
asked me the point of sarcasm
And then she told me to look

And peek I did
Peeked out of my walls
peeked through the window
which was dust ridden and dormant

And then I learnt to respect
Respect other people
the practises they did
the god they followed
although it seemed baseless
although it seemed useless but yes for someone it was the only thing

I was questioned by her
and for every question
the only answere that i uterred was but a silent drop of tear

Did I ever help anyone???
I said yes whenever i got a chance

Did I ever went out of the way to do so???
I said yes I have paid cash

Did I ever stand up for blind men???
I said yes I made them cross roads

Did I ever help old men???
I said yes I gave them place to sit in the bus

Were these the only things that I ever did
And then she said me
That my dear
The things you do any normal being would do
But when you talk so high
do you really rally the thoughts so high
and then i got the point

The point taht was blocked by my 4 walls
Looked through the window and looked back at the man
And then I thought yes
he too would be doing all that I was doing
he too wud be practising all
But he was oing one thing more
and that he was cleanin his self
and that he was cleaning his self

I still dont know whwther its right or wrong
I still dont know whether its useful enough
But there is 1 thing that I now know for sure
And that its his thing and I am no1 to jeer
Coz he aint harmin any one just doin plain things dear

Now i know thar all have a window and all have 4 walls
I have found my window and replastered my walls
Coz there is a big truth that still needs to be learnt
Coz there is a big truth that still needs to be learnt
Come peek thru the windows and respect other's walls

Widen your window and narrow your walls


Monday, March 9, 2009


Do I want to shout
or do I want to cry
I want to fly or
Is that I want to die

Things got through,people were few
Life was lived and days got passed
Anger came where happiness prevailed
Love was shot straight in the head

Friends mistook me
Family misunderstood me
Strangers despised me
Relatives hated me

Surrenderd joviality
Rendered anonymity
Harboured negativity
Understood mortality

Was lone distraught
Eyes closed and ears deaf
Dumb I was or silent was my speech
Kissed placidity and cried so hard
We all fought gushing blood

And then I felt washed
Washed by my tears
Washed by my sins
Wsahed by my fears
Conscience called me and shook my head
Kicked my butt and gave a wide stare

And then I thought,man it was just me
Hey it was just me
Yes lost I was
"No doubt"
Yes wrong I was
"No doubt"
Yes A fool I was
"No doubt"
But hey,It was me,after all me

So,I came to terms
with world at the ends
And my wit as my only pretext
Saw the truth
which was always there
Love was there which I never cared
Yes I was shunned
Yes I was hated
But all for my own good
All for my own good

Now I know who I am
Yes I will rise
Like the phoenix from the ashes
Like the butterfly from the mothball
Like the man from the asylum
Like the criminal from the lockup

Yes,I will break my beak
and pluck my feathers
like the eagle to gain victory
I will clean my sins
and repent for my crimes
like the man who won't be History

Cause there is only one
who can make things right
There is only one who can
put efforts bright
And hey I have to rise
Cause this my world
and this my life

Hey I have to rise
and rise I will............




The world is a stage

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