Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Anybody with 3 colors and a circle
can't be me
Anybody who just wants to hoist me 
can't be me
I am not the money in a CWG scam
neither am I the rising onion price
I am not the one who wants to be unfurled in a reactive state
nor am I the spirit of the various terrorist attacks
I am not the building scam for politicians
Neither am I the Bofor's deal still fought in courts
How dare you to call me the bone of a 2G scam
How dare you to associate me with a state division's 
I don't belong to Mumbai attacks
I never was a part of the Godhra riots

What am I 
a conniptipon or a soul gone astray
Please,Don't take my name for a blame
that I never did
My colors don't justify religion
My spokes don't symbolise corruption
I don't have the glutton for boundaries

This year I am 61 
I am born again and dead at the same time
No,I am not dead but you try to maime me
kill me
every year
Not by snubbing me
but by hoisting me
year over year
By making me symbolise a country
which shows no sign of reform,remorse
But whose integrity itself has gone janky
I know that this day has come again
A day for me
Let me live from this year
With dignity,with respect
Promise me just once
Atleast for this year
Promise me
That when you unfurl me
You would take steps 
to scooch 
over the sad past
to eradicate,to end 
what has been there always
Just for once
No matter how small it is
but you would try
And then I would say
that any 3 colors and a circle
show me
Show that 
I am the tricolor

This week's words at 3WW being:

conniption; noun: a bad tantrum. One has a conniption or conniption fit.
janky; adjective: broken or functioning poorly or improperly; messed up.
scooch; verb: to move over, or to scoo

I thought to write a story first but then today is India's Republic Day so thought to jot what India as an individual would be feeling as the voice of youth as me.
Image Courtsey:One of my friends-Prashant Mishra had painted our Indian flag's sorry state once.Hope we improve it.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

the kill

the surreality
the banter
the hogged lights 
the omnipresence

the twitched elbows
the gnawed nails
the blood puddles

beneath them all
was the success 
that could have come 
happily holistically
but now neither did any one notice
nor did any one care to acknowledge
the fact

that his move was not deliberate
neither amateur
the kill amassed once was still known
but his descent had started
not now
but back's back
like a track's crack
small at the start 
but deep as it greys

he still kills his kill
just in the hope 
that people would appreciate
just in the hope 
that applause will be his

what he has failed to appreciate
till now
is that he just needs to satiate himself
and not even one morose critic
not another country man
neither any of his family

then only his kill would be his.

The words at 3WW being descent, kill, surreal


Thursday, January 13, 2011

whew,it was close

The words at 3WW are: harmless, moist, yelp

Neither do I understand nor can I make people understand.

But I feel the urge to write when I am in the midst of my most important things as now.
But I am forced to remember that particular shot that had happened so clearly which could have very well changed my life forever.

Happily it din't.

It was the night of 24th of dec.There were just 15 minutes remaining for the gongs to sound and people to call hallelujah.
I had a hell of office work that day.I was choked to my head from the religious crap that I had been following since long.I could hear the sudden yelps my heart was muffling.
And after that long day I knew there were very few people meeting whom would give me the much needed respite.
And there I was all set to meet her.She had been to a party and had asked me not to come to pick her up as the night was more cold than the regular ones.

But,I insisted.

With gloves and 2 jackets on I was all set to capture the night.
With bike's engine revving up under me I set out.Me and this grim 2 wheeler always have been conqueror of sorts.
And this bike would turn even if I just said her to turn.
That was the camraderie that we shared.
That night too I came out with all hopes set high to break my mental barriers but something else awaited to be broken.

I was just 5 minutes out of the parking,on the main road when I came face to face with a big circular turn.
As always I coolly glided on that turn with the ace of the professional that I have always showed.
There was a bus going in front of me.i was planning to overtake it since long.Suddenly,the bus took a left.
The road being an extra large one and seeing the bus move towards its stop I pulled up the accelerator to a few more millimeters.

The bus moving to the left and I overtaking it from the right.Everything was perfect,perfectly harmless.In a matter of a few macro seconds I would have crossed the bus when suddenly the driver changed his mind.
In an instant the bus driver flicked his bus towards the right bringing it squarely in front of me.
I believe he did it cause there were no passengers to get down.

But that was when precisely everything pulled into slow motion for me.
first I saw the bus in front of me.
Then I looked at the other lane but there was a truck coming from the other side.Then with all my might I pressed the rear break and I knew that the collision was inevitable.
I was not able to believe that I of all the people would meet with an accident,me who never flouted rules.
With little options left I finally pressed my front was a disk brake.Within fraction of seconds the engine came to a halt but being on a turn the whole vehicle skidded and with it moved my body.
I could clearly feel my right leg touching the tarmac and then the bike.Within a moment I fell off from the vehicle.
I was seeing sparks flying from the bike and the bike kept moving from the bus.
If there was anything that was going through my head at that moment was the thought that this was not my bike and it was of foremost importance to me.

I don't know why but I looked at my left and I could smell the big bus tyres moving just on my side.
Slowly I stood up.I could feel all my limbs intact.With my pant half torn and superficial wounds which were blood smeared I slowly started hearing peoples voices.

They came to me running and said that it seemed that I would be dead by now.
Finally i was diagnosed with right leg limb rupture and some blood clots.
Things could have been worse,events could have been distorted.
Life doesn't come with alarm bells always.
But the few chances that we get can always be worked for a constructive future.
Sounds stupidly philosophical,boringly idiotic but still we should enjoy the moments that we have.
Or someday with moist eyes we would be looking at limbs which were once hands,a body which was once life..
I have met people who weren't as lucky as me.
But then life moves on.
Now while resting in this plaster cast I actually think that although my life doest seem to be changed but yes still it has.




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