Thursday, January 20, 2011

the kill

the surreality
the banter
the hogged lights 
the omnipresence

the twitched elbows
the gnawed nails
the blood puddles

beneath them all
was the success 
that could have come 
happily holistically
but now neither did any one notice
nor did any one care to acknowledge
the fact

that his move was not deliberate
neither amateur
the kill amassed once was still known
but his descent had started
not now
but back's back
like a track's crack
small at the start 
but deep as it greys

he still kills his kill
just in the hope 
that people would appreciate
just in the hope 
that applause will be his

what he has failed to appreciate
till now
is that he just needs to satiate himself
and not even one morose critic
not another country man
neither any of his family

then only his kill would be his.

The words at 3WW being descent, kill, surreal



  1. oh man, is that my next door neighbor... it could be anyone.... smiling a smirk of success... painful, painful for life that is not no more, yet he breathes on... excellent response to this week's 3ww...

  2. @ThomG
    Thanks Thom.

    @ms pie
    yet he breathes on....
    the whole essence just visible here.
    thanks again:)

    thanks for dropping by.



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