Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Anybody with 3 colors and a circle
can't be me
Anybody who just wants to hoist me 
can't be me
I am not the money in a CWG scam
neither am I the rising onion price
I am not the one who wants to be unfurled in a reactive state
nor am I the spirit of the various terrorist attacks
I am not the building scam for politicians
Neither am I the Bofor's deal still fought in courts
How dare you to call me the bone of a 2G scam
How dare you to associate me with a state division's 
I don't belong to Mumbai attacks
I never was a part of the Godhra riots

What am I 
a conniptipon or a soul gone astray
Please,Don't take my name for a blame
that I never did
My colors don't justify religion
My spokes don't symbolise corruption
I don't have the glutton for boundaries

This year I am 61 
I am born again and dead at the same time
No,I am not dead but you try to maime me
kill me
every year
Not by snubbing me
but by hoisting me
year over year
By making me symbolise a country
which shows no sign of reform,remorse
But whose integrity itself has gone janky
I know that this day has come again
A day for me
Let me live from this year
With dignity,with respect
Promise me just once
Atleast for this year
Promise me
That when you unfurl me
You would take steps 
to scooch 
over the sad past
to eradicate,to end 
what has been there always
Just for once
No matter how small it is
but you would try
And then I would say
that any 3 colors and a circle
show me
Show that 
I am the tricolor

This week's words at 3WW being:

conniption; noun: a bad tantrum. One has a conniption or conniption fit.
janky; adjective: broken or functioning poorly or improperly; messed up.
scooch; verb: to move over, or to scoo

I thought to write a story first but then today is India's Republic Day so thought to jot what India as an individual would be feeling as the voice of youth as me.
Image Courtsey:One of my friends-Prashant Mishra had painted our Indian flag's sorry state once.Hope we improve it.



  1. A stunning cry from the heart. Well done!

  2. What a complex, heart-felt piece..perhaps more than I can understand on a political level but emotionally, as Altonian says, a real speech of the heart..Jae

  3. Sheilagh Lee said :Truly moving and heartfelt. Extremely well done.

  4. Harsha.. I salute you on this day..special day for all of us.. what a lovely creation, this!!!

  5. That's a very telling and heartfelt piece. Wonderful expression of a cry fro the heart.

  6. I see a conniption fit in your young blood. But the picture is not so grim for sure. A cry from many a janky hearts maybe but there is no need to scooch from the fold :) United we stand and divided we fall!! :0)

    Must add here that I liked your friends art work and the sentiments he feels.

  7. I was captivated as I read and returned to read again. Your talent shines.

    My 3WW: The Victual Voyager

  8. Wonderful. We are none of us what we may seem to be, are we?

  9. I read your poem and saw the good heart in you.Hats off to you.

  10. First of all Thanks dear for giving my painting a meaningful meaning...!!!
    And thanks to all those who liked it.
    the expression in this episode of yours shows the maturity in thoughts you keep and i pray whether bullish or bearish, you shine throughout.

    With love

  11. I really like getting a glimpse into other cultures. Thanks for this.

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  13. feelings of million of Indians have been every well captured and written ... awesome! :)

    1. Dear DD,
      Aapke shabd kafi karnapriya hai.kehte rahe bolte rahe



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