Friday, September 20, 2013

I may, maybe

And I found happiness, knew how to appreciate it but then it was when I was sad;
And I found solace,knew how respite felt like but that was when I was struck in the midst of a crowd;

Am I moving too fast or has the sloth muffled me
Am I smiling cause I know not to cry

Should I appreciate it now that I can seek what I want
Or should I stay and be sad cause it at the first place taught me, to respect

Should I run as walking leaves that sore
or should I loose cause winning makes me immune

When its so sad why do u add up
When things are bad why do we not pack up

let me pack you up
run myself over my lips
right my woes and put it in my books
and then
and then burn my half of the books

Cause you are just a phase
A guy who has just been in a rage
Rage will swell and then pride will fall
I wish the guy to stand tall

And if you stand even then
maybe then sometime we can still maybe then
we can sit and call names which
would be happy to hear and bring us some cheer
cause that is what would make us more of the man
and you less of the moron

Or should I even think about it,
should I
may I

I may, maybe
or maybe not



The world is a stage

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