Monday, February 23, 2009

And when d gazelle grazed

And when d gazelle grazed
in the end of the moonlit course
where the fauna flew high
under the orchid moon
beneath the tinkle of the rainbow
at d tip of a serpentine road
with twinkling stars
and tranquil flowing water
and dere wid d hush of d stars
i can see you
wid dose gleaming eyes
glistening in d dark
waiting 4 me wid arms ajar
wz thnkng sumthng where i saw u,
tht 2 tell u d same,
tht 2 make u feel the same,

Was it a second’s feeling
Or was it an eternity’s wait
All I know was that it was none but you
Have met u before and know I would meet you again
But have always felt, that this is not today we met
Its not before 6 months we met
But it has been ages since I know you
It was not in this world
But a thousand incarnations back
Coz all I remember is but you
Coz all I remember is just plain you

Now you are not here
Here with me
But all I know is one thing
All I know is you
Fresh in my memory like the morning dew
I still can feel you, hold you

Cause your place is but with me
Come in to my arms cause I can still see you
Come just as you were
And let us be one

The way we always were

Together in this moonlit night

when the gazelle grazed

cause I can see none but you

only you....


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ye neend hai jo saali ati nahi(Life at college)

This is a dedication to my college life,my golden period,my friends,my foes.....

A friend of mine sent me some lines regarding

"Raat ko sona chahta hu par saali ye neend hai jo aati nahi"

And once again the bustling poet inside me,so just thought to bore you all with my college antics.

Nostalagia u see:


Raat ko sona chahta hun, par saali ye neend hai jo aati nahin

Hota hu khush ya udas shayad samajhta nahi

Dodti bhagti naukri me chah kar bhi rukta nahi

Reh reh kar machal jata hu mei

Jab achanak yad ati hai apni canteen

Yad ate hai khane k samay tagatsingh aur bhimsingh

Chai k cup jo kbhi khali nae ho pae

Jebe meri jo kabhi puri nae bhar pae

Saste mazako ki phd jisne puri dunia badal dali

Mar k jeena aur fir zinda ho k wapas mar jana

Mathur ka zindagi bhar khisiyana

PTI ka kabhi tond kam na kar pana

Anchoring ki auditions,ya seminars ki kashmakash

MB college ki sidio p paper k pehle sab pad lene ki koshish

Rat bhar hostel me padne ki koshish karna

Subah Sabse milke aur energetic hojana

Par rat ko fir ek nae planning karna

Socha tha taiyar karenge ek din gaduro ki fauz

Badi mushkil se khoji hamne hamari tamannao ki soch

Sabse age the “nae hoenga” aur line k end me bhatt sir ka bhoj

Chalte hue age nikal gae,kae naukri me aur kae padai me fisal gae

Hamesha sochte the ki milenge 1 din,din wo ata nahi

Aur rat hai ki kambakht jo jati nahi

Rat hai jo Sali kat ti nahi

Raat ko sona chahta hun, par saali ye neend hai jo aati nahin

ye neend hai jo aati nahin.................

An ode to all of my fellow GITSIANS


I am not alone

Well am back with 1 more of my outbursts,my splurges.

Everything I ever wrote has one or d other story associated with it.

Although I never explained it,but this time I am actually feeling like telling you how the below content emerged in my head.

Well this gets dated back to 14th jan.Here in India,we celebrate the famous Makar Sankranthi on this very day.(It also coincisdes with my mother's birthday:Luv u,if u are reading this)

This is a wonderful festival,in which we play The game of seven marbles "SITOLIYA" to be precise.

And the prime attraction of this day is kite flying....

In the vast expanse of the sky thousands of kites fight a gruesome battle to stay at the top.

Its in with a lot of bustle where people of all ages strive to keep their kites afloat.

So, a lot of preparation goes in making the manja(thread).Its fabricated with shrads of glass,made tough so as to stand all hardships,conditioned to face the tough fight.

To claim name,to have fame,to fight a battle,to win and to keep on winning.

Death can be the only loss allowed else you would be last,last enough that no one actually cares about your existence.(Man,I am only talking bout the death of a kite,not of us humans:D)

Man its tough,actually tough.

Hmmm, so there it was this wonderful festival and here I was like my numerous friends stuck at a place far away from their home on this very festive day,at a place where even the name of this festival was ALIEN.

And,in heart of hearts we all had a longing to be back,back at our place,sadness filled in at not being able to be at home,with our parents,our family where we should be..

The only towering question that knocked our heart at that very moment was:Is staying away so far really worth it?Or should we leave everything and move back to our home,our place.

And in this sadness one of our friends very beautifully put a few lines drawing a stark similarity between our lives and the lifecycle of a kite.(Yup,Lokesh I am talking about you:D)

It was very nicely put.And if he allows I will put his work also.

But there was 1 thing which I couldn't digest...

And it was the feeling of loneliness.

This exaggerated feeling was eating all of us from within.

And I just din,t want any of my friends to be a victim of gloom.

Coz,he ended at a note where we kites were far away from and it somehow said that we would never return back to our roots,our family.

It somehow symbolised that we are somewhere lost in the commotion,away,alone...

So,I just felt that somebody had to cheer up everyone.And I took the onus on myself coz the impugne is always at mind's end as usual,waiting to ignite...

So,all those who are away from home not because you don't love your familybut because you love them even more.And you are here to raise their fame and name even more.

2 things before reading the following poem.

1)Its in Hindi(pure हिन्दी )(but for my love for english I have written using english words)

2)And secondly,to add a comic touch(remember cheering up was the thing),I have taken the dialoges from CIET's tarangs fav cartoon-EK TITLI,ANEK TITLIAN(एक तितली,अनेक तितलियन)

So,friend enjoy,here it goes:-



KAfi nek vichar hai bhai ke..

bole to nek nek anek naek...

ANEK:-EK titli anek titliaEK kauwa anek kawe...........
EK insan...akela

EK insan ghar se dur..akela

EK insan pariwar se dur...akela

EK insan dosto se dur....aur akela

EK insan bhai behno se dur aur zyada akela

EK insan apne shahar se makarsankranti k din ghar se khub dur,

anjan shahar, kam me uljha,zindagi se ladta,

uthta padta kudta rota jhallata khisiyata bhagta age badta

akela ekdum akela,bilkul akela

sabse akela akela akela akela.

ARRE DIDI par ye kya

EK EK EK itne sare EK

Sab dukhi sab pareshan

ARRE ye sare EK to milke ANEK ho gae


Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek itne sare ek matlab anek


YE to sab sath hai ANEK INSAN EK Pariwar

AB koi akela nahi

Ghar se dur bhi hum hai sath

han shayad wo khushi se hi dur

par ye bhi 1 khushi hai yaro

jo apni hai

Ki kam se kam apan sab to sath hai

ghar se dur par sath

ghar se dur par rishto se dur nahi

ghar se dur par apno se dur nahi

kch majburia ham sabki hai jo humko nibhani hai

nibhaenge jinko hamesha ham

har bar ki tarah

haste hue gate hue

kyunki ham hai ghar se dur par apno se dur nahi

Acha didi to hum ek hai par fir bhi hai anek

aur agar hum anek hai to ek kaise;)
Aur mere bhaio mere dosto meri patango

Hamesha dhyan rakho ki ye patang kahi bhi ho

kitni bhi unchi ho Kitni bhi tez hawao se juujh rahi ho

Andhi ho ya toofan ho

Ye patang hamesha udaane wale ki hi rahegi

Hum duniya me jita upar pahunche,

nam hum hamesha apne gharwalo ka hi ucha karenge

Bachhe hamesha apne mummy papa ke hi rahenge

Atlst katne tak to sahi...........


Atlst katne tak to sahi..........."

And Akky I loved the way you beautifully carried it.

When you said that I flew the kite and kept it safe cause another fall will come,another struggle is in the waiting and till then I am with my loved ones,this kite will stay at home till then....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why should I love

Yesterday nyt I was walking back home from my office in the same way as I always do.

Came out, had dinner,stretched, catched my bus and came finally at the end of the deserted road where I live.

To save a few bucks I have taken my abode in the outskirts(countryside).

When others question me why, I intellectualy answer them that I luv to be near mother nature :D ....

Well,yesterday was the same like all the days.I stepped down from the bus with the thumping music safely tucked silently with the help of my earphones.

It was a picturesque sight,wonderful wind was blowing,there was the majestic "full moon" shining with all its valor.Some water pipe got broken in the morning which was now safely repaired and in place.With the breeze blowing,earthly smell of sand as if soaked in the first drops of rain made it all look so beautiful.After so many days I felt actually connected to nature.

And then I saw,something which I had seen before in fact always but yes never noticed it.

And today it just stopped me.

There standing in front of me was :-the small but beautifully carved shallow


My only midnight companion.

Well,its not that I haven't seen him before,but there was something deep down that struck me today.

Water from the pipe had made its way in that small pit and it now had become a puddle.

And here was the place that had caught my attention.

In this small puddle I could see the magnificient "moon" in all its glory.

So beautiful,so lovable.

And then I saw the pit standing with its head held high and me being its only companion smiling a smile which in no way could stop the oozing happiness that it was witnessing.

And it knew that I would understand,and yea I understood.

I knew that he had loved the moon since his birth.

He always wanted the moon to be his.

I being an honest friend told him that this can't be ,because she was "The Moon" and he an ordinary pit.

But he never listened to me.

"I had left my battle to make him realize the truth after he made me realize that the truth was what he told."And then I believed him.

And today he was smiling back coz he had but the Moon herself.The trust was not broken.

Happy I was INDEED,to know that my friend now had the love of his life.

Happily I bid them adieu and started walking back.But heading home I realized something.

I had started to believe what I was not made to believe.And slowly the gravity of the situation settled in.

I realized that my companion had not realized in the midst of his dreams that this love was not meant to last forever.It was there to stay but for a small time.

I knew that the puddle would be vanished by the morning.

And there would be my friend alone miserable,sad,clinging to his melancholy trefrain.

I thought of running back to him and warn him of the impending sorrow.

But as I turned back I saw them both cuddled together in the most intimate position making love,deep in each other beaming with sheer radiance.

Seeing them engrossed so much,seeing such pure unbounded unbiased love all I could do was smile.

I just din't have the heart to tell my friend the truth.

I just turned back and with even more sadness and walked to my place.

Whole night sleep evaded my eyes.

Whole night I kept fighting with the turmoil inside me,whether to tell him or not.

Somehow I overcame the night.And in the bustle of the morning ran to office.

Was reprimanded by my manager because of my absentism at work.

But how could I have concentrated when the only thought that ran thru my headwas of my friend.

Somehow I finished my days work eager to meet my friend ran back.

It was nearly the same time as the previous night.

And I waded to meet my pal.The bus came to a screeching halt pulling me out of my reverie.

Today there was no music but the pitch black silence.

And then at the end of the road I could see him at a distance.

Standing......waiting for me.

I dint know how I would console I would hold his trembling hands,

or how I would wipe his weeping eyes!!!!

Accumulated all my strength and walked towards him,and yes..... there he was not a puddle but a pit.I felt that the worst of my fears had come true!!!!

But against my my utter disbelief ....I saw my companion still standing smiling.!!!

I ran to him as I felt a sense of relief !!!!

Before I could say anything he understood my concern.

He smiled again and said

"Dear Harsha.... I know you might be feeling worried ...coz today my beloved moon is not with me....But my friend I got my love for whom I waited all my life!!!! We had the best time when we were together....We loved as if there was no tommorow......lost in each other....Even death would seem smaller.......

And know what..... I still deeply love her as the way she does.

She told me that she had reasons and her family would never want us together.

But still she would always love me.Love me the way I loved her deep,pious.

I understood her reasons,her truth and she understood my compulsions.

And even tonight she is for me,and me for her."

And sure enough I raised my head and saw the moon hurling kisses at my companion...

And every night I pass through my friend but I dare not disturb him as he is still engrossed talking with his love silently.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DESIRE hushed(Me forlorned)


My ODE to a wonderful prose by gulzar

Wid due repect to him I have added my thoughts to his great thoughts:D

BLUE is wat I wrote.

RED is d original one.

And GREEN is its meaning(not mine)


Hazaron khwahishe aisi ki har khwahish pe dum nikle,
Bahut nikle mere armaan lekin fir bhi kum nikle

Thousands of desires, each worth dying for...many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more...

"Kami thi ye shabdo ki ya kami thi ye lafzo ki
jeena chahta tha maut ko par zindagi p bhi dum nikale

Wanted to love a life dat made sense
Wanted to live a love dat had no pretence"

Nikalna durg se aadam ka sunte aaye they, lekin
bahut be-aabru hokar tere kuche se hum nikle

We have heard about the dismissal of Adam from Heaven,With a more humiliation, I am leaving the street on which you live...

"socha tha ki kam se kam galia(streets) teri to janengi mujhe
koshish karengi samajhne ki aur pehchanengi mujhe
Dil me to ab hum tere hai nahe
Kaash in rasto me hi dam nikale

Afloat I was in a world astray
Sangunity lost and silence wid me 2 stay
Ran thru gloom wid my past upfront
I dont remember whether death kissed me or I kissed death"

Hazaron khwahishe aisi.....
Thousands of desires as such...

Mohabbat me nahi h fark jeene aur marne ka,
Usi ko dekhkar jeete h jis kaafir par dum nikle

When in love, there is little difference between life and deathwe live by looking at the infidel who we are willing to die for
"Koshish ki thi ki tham lu in palo ko,tham lu mei sirf aur sirf is sehar ko
janta tha ki maut thi subah,janta hu mei ki maut hai subah
par ye jaante hue bhi,chahta hu ki tere deedar p hi dum nikale
Maut hansegi mujhpe,par chahta hu....
Ki tere tassavur p hi dum nikale

Now u cudnt say NO nor cud u say YES
Coz now I waited no longer
No 1 hated me any stronger
If all was dere was but my weepin corpse smilin hard
I know now u want to hug me
Now u want to luv me
But den wat was left was not me
But den wat was left was not me"

Hazaron khwahishe aisi.....
Thousands of desires as such....


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elysium revisited(My loss or my win)

I always feared death,
and slowly the fear of death, overcame death itself,
Day by day i waited
with baited breath i waited
that 1 day i wud b dead
dat one day I wud leave u all n go

Bt dat day had 2 b 1 day n nt so soon
Bt alas in the cacophony f fear I forgot dat
me 2 cud b d slave
d home f dis death.

I had d foolishness 2 thnk dat i wud nvr leave u
I tht dat i wud alwz b wid u
But as lightnin struck,
my world broke,
N i saw life laughing at me 4m d corner
telling me dat it had won,

Tellin me dat hw foolish I was
2 think dat I was maglomaniac
2 think dat i cud nvr die
never leave
dat I was all but not IMMORTAL

N wen d calamity struck
I was lost
Failing wid watever words I had,
Failing wid watever thoughts I had,
All I was left was but a heavy heart
Grieving eyes,,Melancholy heart

I felt dat my mornin wasnt d same
I saw derez was no Rishi to pull my blanket
No Rohit to reply me smilingly
No akki whom I wud hv 2 wake at d last momnt
No lokesh wid whom I had 2 fyt
No DJ 2 open up
Offc wz dere bt wrmth wz nt dere
DEre r ppl bt aliens
dere z no kriti 2smyl wid me
2 b alwz wid me
no arpita aur noopur 2 laf wid
in shrt spans
No rjsh whose hair i cud pull

Wasnt it alrdy 2 mch dat i had wtnsd
d loss f ek ungli superboy ankur,
d chirpiness f d menacious ajay,
d dedication f temani,
d valor f nimish
d candidness f gupti
d gropu dat rocked places
d parties dat blasted stages
d lyf

Bt in d course f dese thts wid tears in ma eyes
I jst felt 1 thing,
Dat i m sailing past memories,
Memories so big dat made d whole world small
Dat made all my pains small
Memories dat i hv been part f an elisium
Memories where my mind dwells
N mst importantly memories which bring hopes
Hopes dat 1 day i wud b back
back in my wrld
A wrld f dstnguishd frenz
A wrld f mine
A wrld f us all

N its my trn nw
I luk sqarely in2 lyf's eyes
n wid a thunderous cry
say jst 1 thng
Its nt u O fool who won
Bt AS ALWAZ its me
who won coz I have bt d mst wndrfl frenz
coz I have bt d most wndrfl frenz
sum whum I wz goin 2 meet in hell
lyk all f us
nikki n radhika
n 2 angels whom i brt wid maslf
Aarti n subhash
Who wud back me up alwz whn i was dwn
Who wud support me
Mk me rmbr

N whrvr v r
v r 2gthr
A trillion kms
or a 1000 nyts away v myt b
bt v r near
at a dstnc f a call
a chat,a mail
or myt b a wndrfl HUG.

N den i lukd back in d eyes f lyf n said
ITS me who won u fool
Its me who won

SLUMDOG ideology

Sometimes it pains that peoples who are considered laureates in economy such as Arindam Chaudri say that slumdog millionaire is a slap on India. Ask any Indian and he will tell you that let it be Dharavi,Hugli,Pune,Delhi everywhere the eye meets there is but a vast stretch of slums. If you have the vision then go help in the upliftment of slum dwellers. Rather than poking your nose in places where the Indian underbelly is truly shown. Stop being an ostrich with your head in the sand saying its bad to portray dis. Man this is the truth.Be a man face it. Man do not say anything just to be in the news or just to feed fodder to IIPM. And please dont print your articles with your college;s add.It seems highly inarticulate. I have great respect 4 u and please dont dissolve it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I felt eternal pride in saying this word time and again.
Bcoz I am 4m dis magnificient country INDIA.
A vast cultural heritage bustling wid all kinds of cultures and heritages.
Thought of it as a truly democratic country where each and every1 had a free voice,a free choice.
But deep down I am frustrated deeply frustrated like the thousands like me who cant even voice their thinking,who cant even go to a disco or a pub freely,who cant even hold hands on a valentines day.Leave alone going on a date.
We in INDIA cant even express our views in movies and other art forms which is considered
as creative outflow.
Here in India you have to even give an explanation when you call a slumdog a slumdog.
Indian censor board is standing ready to give a ban on smoking in ads,in movies.

I still am proud to be in Incredible India but actually want it to regain its splendor and glory.

Monday, February 2, 2009

THe begining

Day 1:-came thru the blogworld.
Goin thru daily beats of codin,wading thru slumber,stealing yawns,yawning sleeps.
Confused,lethargically confused disoriented.
Watchin things daily upbeat,untampered.
Was silently pushing back my demons who wanted to exclaim and stand tall to tell all what wreath they were worth causing if only they were let free.
All in all got a place for making my pensieve international.
Free from the conglomeration.
So all m coming to join you wishing that even if u dont take me with folded arms then atleast you wont push me away.
So here I m.
Want to write all that goes in my head.
Let the storm serenade or maybe.....




The world is a stage

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