Monday, February 9, 2009


I felt eternal pride in saying this word time and again.
Bcoz I am 4m dis magnificient country INDIA.
A vast cultural heritage bustling wid all kinds of cultures and heritages.
Thought of it as a truly democratic country where each and every1 had a free voice,a free choice.
But deep down I am frustrated deeply frustrated like the thousands like me who cant even voice their thinking,who cant even go to a disco or a pub freely,who cant even hold hands on a valentines day.Leave alone going on a date.
We in INDIA cant even express our views in movies and other art forms which is considered
as creative outflow.
Here in India you have to even give an explanation when you call a slumdog a slumdog.
Indian censor board is standing ready to give a ban on smoking in ads,in movies.

I still am proud to be in Incredible India but actually want it to regain its splendor and glory.

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  1. dats true yaar...we call it a democratic country,where ppl hv right to the picture is something still apart from these small issues(created due to some nonsense ppl),I am proud to be an Indian...INDIA ROCKS..


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