Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why should I love

Yesterday nyt I was walking back home from my office in the same way as I always do.

Came out, had dinner,stretched, catched my bus and came finally at the end of the deserted road where I live.

To save a few bucks I have taken my abode in the outskirts(countryside).

When others question me why, I intellectualy answer them that I luv to be near mother nature :D ....

Well,yesterday was the same like all the days.I stepped down from the bus with the thumping music safely tucked silently with the help of my earphones.

It was a picturesque sight,wonderful wind was blowing,there was the majestic "full moon" shining with all its valor.Some water pipe got broken in the morning which was now safely repaired and in place.With the breeze blowing,earthly smell of sand as if soaked in the first drops of rain made it all look so beautiful.After so many days I felt actually connected to nature.

And then I saw,something which I had seen before in fact always but yes never noticed it.

And today it just stopped me.

There standing in front of me was :-the small but beautifully carved shallow


My only midnight companion.

Well,its not that I haven't seen him before,but there was something deep down that struck me today.

Water from the pipe had made its way in that small pit and it now had become a puddle.

And here was the place that had caught my attention.

In this small puddle I could see the magnificient "moon" in all its glory.

So beautiful,so lovable.

And then I saw the pit standing with its head held high and me being its only companion smiling a smile which in no way could stop the oozing happiness that it was witnessing.

And it knew that I would understand,and yea I understood.

I knew that he had loved the moon since his birth.

He always wanted the moon to be his.

I being an honest friend told him that this can't be ,because she was "The Moon" and he an ordinary pit.

But he never listened to me.

"I had left my battle to make him realize the truth after he made me realize that the truth was what he told."And then I believed him.

And today he was smiling back coz he had but the Moon herself.The trust was not broken.

Happy I was INDEED,to know that my friend now had the love of his life.

Happily I bid them adieu and started walking back.But heading home I realized something.

I had started to believe what I was not made to believe.And slowly the gravity of the situation settled in.

I realized that my companion had not realized in the midst of his dreams that this love was not meant to last forever.It was there to stay but for a small time.

I knew that the puddle would be vanished by the morning.

And there would be my friend alone miserable,sad,clinging to his melancholy trefrain.

I thought of running back to him and warn him of the impending sorrow.

But as I turned back I saw them both cuddled together in the most intimate position making love,deep in each other beaming with sheer radiance.

Seeing them engrossed so much,seeing such pure unbounded unbiased love all I could do was smile.

I just din't have the heart to tell my friend the truth.

I just turned back and with even more sadness and walked to my place.

Whole night sleep evaded my eyes.

Whole night I kept fighting with the turmoil inside me,whether to tell him or not.

Somehow I overcame the night.And in the bustle of the morning ran to office.

Was reprimanded by my manager because of my absentism at work.

But how could I have concentrated when the only thought that ran thru my headwas of my friend.

Somehow I finished my days work eager to meet my friend ran back.

It was nearly the same time as the previous night.

And I waded to meet my pal.The bus came to a screeching halt pulling me out of my reverie.

Today there was no music but the pitch black silence.

And then at the end of the road I could see him at a distance.

Standing......waiting for me.

I dint know how I would console I would hold his trembling hands,

or how I would wipe his weeping eyes!!!!

Accumulated all my strength and walked towards him,and yes..... there he was not a puddle but a pit.I felt that the worst of my fears had come true!!!!

But against my my utter disbelief ....I saw my companion still standing smiling.!!!

I ran to him as I felt a sense of relief !!!!

Before I could say anything he understood my concern.

He smiled again and said

"Dear Harsha.... I know you might be feeling worried ...coz today my beloved moon is not with me....But my friend I got my love for whom I waited all my life!!!! We had the best time when we were together....We loved as if there was no tommorow......lost in each other....Even death would seem smaller.......

And know what..... I still deeply love her as the way she does.

She told me that she had reasons and her family would never want us together.

But still she would always love me.Love me the way I loved her deep,pious.

I understood her reasons,her truth and she understood my compulsions.

And even tonight she is for me,and me for her."

And sure enough I raised my head and saw the moon hurling kisses at my companion...

And every night I pass through my friend but I dare not disturb him as he is still engrossed talking with his love silently.....


  1. Rarely i read nythin in one shot...but the way u wrote this love story, it's very beautiful n sensible :)..a very simple but pure lesson from this post...5/5 from ma side :)

  2. Wow !!
    I am left with this 3 letter word.It was more like watching a movie every frame was so clear and visible along with such a nice feeling that I too got anxious to tell my friend (pit)
    about limited Love ;).

  3. GREAT..
    no other word comes in my mind..
    truly man.. I was thinking like dis story taking place in front of my eyes...
    so much involved in story dat was thinking dat i my self is the pit...
    nyways,i think beautiful relation between pit and his moon will remain forevr n forevr..

  4. was a great blog harry dear... somewher touched my heart... wanted to just stop readin it.. don know y .. was able to feel ur words.. amazinly written yaar... speechless... cant comment more.. just appreciate u.. bekiev that the moon an pit wil always be together.. i believ... :)

    god bles yaar...


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