Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SLUMDOG ideology

Sometimes it pains that peoples who are considered laureates in economy such as Arindam Chaudri say that slumdog millionaire is a slap on India. Ask any Indian and he will tell you that let it be Dharavi,Hugli,Pune,Delhi everywhere the eye meets there is but a vast stretch of slums. If you have the vision then go help in the upliftment of slum dwellers. Rather than poking your nose in places where the Indian underbelly is truly shown. Stop being an ostrich with your head in the sand saying its bad to portray dis. Man this is the truth.Be a man face it. Man do not say anything just to be in the news or just to feed fodder to IIPM. And please dont print your articles with your college;s add.It seems highly inarticulate. I have great respect 4 u and please dont dissolve it.


  1. Completely agree with your thoughts man..

    Slum dog India is present India, we may aspire to make Bombay - Shanghai, but there are fools around first willing to make it Mumbai and then remove all the north Indians out of it and then fight over all the mundane topics; and if time permits make it Shanghai...which can't happen if we follow the same odd paths.

    Also, i didn't like Big B's take on 'slum dog', why he felt such a thing is tough to comprehend. He is not the kind of guy who foulmouths to cater publicity...

  2. Hi Sudharm,

    I 2 agree wid u.
    Well,Amitabh's statement actually came as a shocker to us all.
    But well he later reprimanded his own remark.

    And all this gungho over north Indians and lingustic sectism actually pains deep inside.
    The recent sparks that MNS created were and will be much hindurance for any developing country....

    And yup thanks man for taking pains to share your ideas over this.


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