Monday, February 2, 2009

THe begining

Day 1:-came thru the blogworld.
Goin thru daily beats of codin,wading thru slumber,stealing yawns,yawning sleeps.
Confused,lethargically confused disoriented.
Watchin things daily upbeat,untampered.
Was silently pushing back my demons who wanted to exclaim and stand tall to tell all what wreath they were worth causing if only they were let free.
All in all got a place for making my pensieve international.
Free from the conglomeration.
So all m coming to join you wishing that even if u dont take me with folded arms then atleast you wont push me away.
So here I m.
Want to write all that goes in my head.
Let the storm serenade or maybe.....



  1. bhai saab ...waaah kya start hai...congratsss...yaar bt ek complain h...mujhe koi dikkat nahi h,par dusre logo ko teri itni hi-fi english samajh nahi aati hai...sab unke upar se nikal jaata h...i cn understand dat u want to show ur skills(which u hv learned from me)bt dis isnt d right place...hope u understand for sake of oders...

  2. Thanx 4 d advice buddy.
    Since dis was d 1st 1 so jo bhi ataa tha sab dal dia.
    Waise ab lft wid no wrds.
    Age padega to dikh jaega:D


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