Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am not alone

Well am back with 1 more of my outbursts,my splurges.

Everything I ever wrote has one or d other story associated with it.

Although I never explained it,but this time I am actually feeling like telling you how the below content emerged in my head.

Well this gets dated back to 14th jan.Here in India,we celebrate the famous Makar Sankranthi on this very day.(It also coincisdes with my mother's birthday:Luv u,if u are reading this)

This is a wonderful festival,in which we play The game of seven marbles "SITOLIYA" to be precise.

And the prime attraction of this day is kite flying....

In the vast expanse of the sky thousands of kites fight a gruesome battle to stay at the top.

Its in with a lot of bustle where people of all ages strive to keep their kites afloat.

So, a lot of preparation goes in making the manja(thread).Its fabricated with shrads of glass,made tough so as to stand all hardships,conditioned to face the tough fight.

To claim name,to have fame,to fight a battle,to win and to keep on winning.

Death can be the only loss allowed else you would be last,last enough that no one actually cares about your existence.(Man,I am only talking bout the death of a kite,not of us humans:D)

Man its tough,actually tough.

Hmmm, so there it was this wonderful festival and here I was like my numerous friends stuck at a place far away from their home on this very festive day,at a place where even the name of this festival was ALIEN.

And,in heart of hearts we all had a longing to be back,back at our place,sadness filled in at not being able to be at home,with our parents,our family where we should be..

The only towering question that knocked our heart at that very moment was:Is staying away so far really worth it?Or should we leave everything and move back to our home,our place.

And in this sadness one of our friends very beautifully put a few lines drawing a stark similarity between our lives and the lifecycle of a kite.(Yup,Lokesh I am talking about you:D)

It was very nicely put.And if he allows I will put his work also.

But there was 1 thing which I couldn't digest...

And it was the feeling of loneliness.

This exaggerated feeling was eating all of us from within.

And I just din,t want any of my friends to be a victim of gloom.

Coz,he ended at a note where we kites were far away from and it somehow said that we would never return back to our roots,our family.

It somehow symbolised that we are somewhere lost in the commotion,away,alone...

So,I just felt that somebody had to cheer up everyone.And I took the onus on myself coz the impugne is always at mind's end as usual,waiting to ignite...

So,all those who are away from home not because you don't love your familybut because you love them even more.And you are here to raise their fame and name even more.

2 things before reading the following poem.

1)Its in Hindi(pure हिन्दी )(but for my love for english I have written using english words)

2)And secondly,to add a comic touch(remember cheering up was the thing),I have taken the dialoges from CIET's tarangs fav cartoon-EK TITLI,ANEK TITLIAN(एक तितली,अनेक तितलियन)

So,friend enjoy,here it goes:-



KAfi nek vichar hai bhai ke..

bole to nek nek anek naek...

ANEK:-EK titli anek titliaEK kauwa anek kawe...........
EK insan...akela

EK insan ghar se dur..akela

EK insan pariwar se dur...akela

EK insan dosto se dur....aur akela

EK insan bhai behno se dur aur zyada akela

EK insan apne shahar se makarsankranti k din ghar se khub dur,

anjan shahar, kam me uljha,zindagi se ladta,

uthta padta kudta rota jhallata khisiyata bhagta age badta

akela ekdum akela,bilkul akela

sabse akela akela akela akela.

ARRE DIDI par ye kya

EK EK EK itne sare EK

Sab dukhi sab pareshan

ARRE ye sare EK to milke ANEK ho gae


Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek Ek itne sare ek matlab anek


YE to sab sath hai ANEK INSAN EK Pariwar

AB koi akela nahi

Ghar se dur bhi hum hai sath

han shayad wo khushi se hi dur

par ye bhi 1 khushi hai yaro

jo apni hai

Ki kam se kam apan sab to sath hai

ghar se dur par sath

ghar se dur par rishto se dur nahi

ghar se dur par apno se dur nahi

kch majburia ham sabki hai jo humko nibhani hai

nibhaenge jinko hamesha ham

har bar ki tarah

haste hue gate hue

kyunki ham hai ghar se dur par apno se dur nahi

Acha didi to hum ek hai par fir bhi hai anek

aur agar hum anek hai to ek kaise;)
Aur mere bhaio mere dosto meri patango

Hamesha dhyan rakho ki ye patang kahi bhi ho

kitni bhi unchi ho Kitni bhi tez hawao se juujh rahi ho

Andhi ho ya toofan ho

Ye patang hamesha udaane wale ki hi rahegi

Hum duniya me jita upar pahunche,

nam hum hamesha apne gharwalo ka hi ucha karenge

Bachhe hamesha apne mummy papa ke hi rahenge

Atlst katne tak to sahi...........


Atlst katne tak to sahi..........."

And Akky I loved the way you beautifully carried it.

When you said that I flew the kite and kept it safe cause another fall will come,another struggle is in the waiting and till then I am with my loved ones,this kite will stay at home till then....


  1. Its such a nice discription of Makarsankranti along with creatve mixture of ek titali anek titali it is awesome and very beautifull.
    You have given such a nice message for all of us to be united in all those diversities.
    Thank you very much for including me and my mesage to all those reading your blog and my comments on it.I would like to say that you should have a winnig attitude what it matters and hence I kept it (Kite) safe for the Next Fight and to win again.

  2. Harsha tu BHATA hai (Harsha U Rock !!)


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