Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Languidly she
Indulged in
Battle of hope
Ensued to
Restrain his
Atrocious ways
Turned into
Independence from

Marriage,one of the most respected institutions of our society.But what happens when this itself becomes a trauma,a pain,captivity.When the so called happiness itself becomes the cause of all worries.And then she tried,tried to fly,to live,to have a life and......

and she succeded.

I have tried to capture a wife's battle from the clutches of a devastated marriage,a torturing husband ,for her happiness,for her children,for her LIBERATION.

Acrostic Only Contest Entry

© 19/05/09 B.Sriharsha, Pune

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love I will,yes I will

This weeks 3ww being

Of all the languages love is the most cryptic of all,coz I too am never able to understand my own heart.
I say so because I have fallen in love a number of times.
I too have felt betrayed a thousand times.
When,I fell,I felt lost,stabbed,kicked.
Felt broken..
And thought would never love again,even when SHE left me.
Felt that although she doesn't love me but I still do.
And even thinking about anyone else wud be an offense.
Felt that wud never love any1 else,wud never malign my heart...

Thought and thought...And then there was one flash...
And she was there.
She showed me care,like no one ever did.
She admired me,she caressed me,she stood by me,she believed in me.
She made me believe in myself.
She made me feel loved.
And then I loved,loved like I never had before.
Was pure,pious.

Now,I know a fall in the way doesn't mean the end of the road.
A fail in a day doesnt mean the end of the life.
What all I know is that I will be true,true to my soul,till I can be.
Rest is in her hands.Rest as they say is in her hands.
So,just keep loving and keep living.
The one who would love you would always be good than the one who left you.
Thats life and that's love.




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