Sunday, April 5, 2009


A wonderful painting by
James Parker
pulled me to write this on
Every Photo tells a story

You would want to
Feed me when I am hungry
You would want to
Feed me when i CRY
You would want to
Feed me when I am sad and wry

But feed me only when
When I do not have the power to fly
feed me only when
When I am not worthy enough to try
feed me only when
When my wings are shrivelled and pain is my only ally

Coz if you feed me taking pity
if you feed me showing sympathy
if you feed me coz you love me like a deity

Then you are NOT feeding me but POISONING me

Coz quenching my hunger now
would fuel my glutton later
Coz stopping my crying now
would trigger my nagging later
Coz abating my sadness now
would quill my irritation later

Let me try
and let me fly
Let me stand
and let me run

And If I fail
I know you are there
And if I fall
I know you are there

Feed me then
and show me care
Feed me then
Coz I know den you are there
Coz I know den you are there



  1. Harsha...beautiful and meaningful writing. Yes, I would be honored if you would use the baby bird painting. My paintings are from a talent that was given to me by The Father and are meant to be shared. I would appreciate you link to and come visit me. Have a beautiful day and remember...despite the noise and violence in the world, there is still that voice of love and hope...we just need to listen harder.

  2. Thank you for asking first, Harsha:) That says alot about the person you are!!

    I agree that while nurturing and caring for ones child is essential, it is also important to let them try their own wings so they can become their own person. I think many parents fail in this because they either control or neglect.


  3. Such a fine message, good work buddy
    keep going!!

  4. @JamesParker
    Hey James.Thanx 4 such a wonderful painting.
    I dont know why but I have a knack of seeing the other side,and your painting just fuelled my glutton to do so.
    Amazing I must say.
    Thanx again 4 letting me put use your creation.

    @Every Photo tells a story
    Thanx Nancy,4 such a wonderful site.Being busy,I am not abl to ctch up with your daily pics.
    But I must say a superb effort.

    Thanx buddy for stopping by.
    Thanx again



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