Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love you Sweetheart

This weeks 3ww being


Although our service is at the same place,but I know that transfer of anyone of us is imminent.
I know we love each other but our quarrels are eating a substantial part of our loving.
Today I just missed the opportunity of sitting in the same bus as yours coz I was late...
And while sitting alone two drops of tears have rolled by,and I have known darling that what you are to me.What would happen,one day,if you really have to live in a different city...

Love you Sweetheart

Opportunity -my last
Love - the only service
Quarrel - love 's realization


  1. The last line does not quite read well.

    I do like the letter writing.

    raise the bar

  2. Agree to gautami :)

    The last line needs to be worked on. And I love the concept of writing letters :)

  3. The letter concept is very good. And yes, a good explanation of how quarrels should be seen.

  4. Yup Dude dis one's ooosome... dis kinda stuff oolways expected 4m ya... keep up d gud work...

  5. The writing of letters is a lost art, but done well are just as powerful as poetry. I would agree with the rest, the last line needs some work, but just a small fix.

  6. Ah, love and quarrels. Nice use of letter writing...

  7. Phew, any excuse to say I Love You, love letters are cool!

  8. God have Given You Opportunity to be Loved by others and to Love other.But Quarrel comes with the Package of Love so now its your service to maintain a balance between them...and don't get tensed by it.

  9. Have to agree with what others have said about the last line. It just doesn't work but letters are close to my heart and I love that idea so please keep at it.

    I write lots of letters and I wish more people did as it is a wonderful thing to give and to receive.

  10. I miss love letters. Enjoyed this. Thanks.

  11. Great idea. It makes me think of the play where two characters just read letters to one another. Wish I remembered the name :)

  12. @Gautami
    Thanx dear.
    Well,I even dint know wyl writin dat dis wud lead to letter writing.I have tried after your advice.Now it stands as a solitairy letter and d 2nd 1 as an independent part.

    @Winnie the pooh
    Yup,dear.thanks.I tried again.Letter writing.Me 2 tried for the 1st tym.A novel cncpt,I mst say.

    Thanx anthony that you liked it.
    Well,there was nuthn dat was actually coming to my mind.But after wednesday evenings incidents the value of love and quarrels flowed seamlessly;)

    @Shadow of darkness
    Samir,I know I owe u a lot of apologies:(
    Thanx 4 saying so mch buddy.

    a small fix:)
    Well dats wat I have tried

    @Life without Clots
    Thanx dear for liking my letters:)

    Thanx buddy.Love and quarrels,2 sides of d same coin.
    More d love more d quarrels.

    @Sweet Talkin guy
    I agree dear.Any excuse to say so makes life wonderful:)

    Wonderful use of words brother.
    Why dont you join the fun...

    Thanx Jeeves.

    Thanx Witchmojo for the earnest advice.
    I wud surely keep at it.
    Have tried to improve it.

    Dear Angel,Actually service just stopped me from doing anything else.
    I just dint want to do a poem as it was what I did last tym.
    Thanx you liked it:)

    Thanx Susan for finding my letter worthy enuf to bring you a remembrance of your love letters:)

    @Lisa Drafall
    There z one famous hindi play of seasoned actors-Shabana Azmi and Farooque Sheikh where they read 20 year old love letters to each oder.
    Thanx 4 droppin by


  13. I like the way this has been transformed.

  14. Although this version reads easier, it was only the final line that spoiled the original. Now, it is still a beautiful sentiment but is missing some of the passionate heart of the original. Perhaps we were wrong to tell you to change it...

  15. That play is "tumhari amrita" in hindi...inspired by english classic play "Love letters", I saw it once with rajat kapoor performing...It was beautiful!!


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