Monday, February 23, 2009

And when d gazelle grazed

And when d gazelle grazed
in the end of the moonlit course
where the fauna flew high
under the orchid moon
beneath the tinkle of the rainbow
at d tip of a serpentine road
with twinkling stars
and tranquil flowing water
and dere wid d hush of d stars
i can see you
wid dose gleaming eyes
glistening in d dark
waiting 4 me wid arms ajar
wz thnkng sumthng where i saw u,
tht 2 tell u d same,
tht 2 make u feel the same,

Was it a second’s feeling
Or was it an eternity’s wait
All I know was that it was none but you
Have met u before and know I would meet you again
But have always felt, that this is not today we met
Its not before 6 months we met
But it has been ages since I know you
It was not in this world
But a thousand incarnations back
Coz all I remember is but you
Coz all I remember is just plain you

Now you are not here
Here with me
But all I know is one thing
All I know is you
Fresh in my memory like the morning dew
I still can feel you, hold you

Cause your place is but with me
Come in to my arms cause I can still see you
Come just as you were
And let us be one

The way we always were

Together in this moonlit night

when the gazelle grazed

cause I can see none but you

only you....



  1. My my!!

    That was good man..
    Coming from heart or brain?

    If brain is involved
    all is fine

    But if the heart has
    a slightest saying in it
    you surely gonna shine...

  2. Cool Man....

    Only You.... And when the gazzele grazed

    Nice Poem... Really cool

    When did you start writing poems....

  3. Hi Harsa

    Quite an interesting poem here, your poetic license has said it all, making rainbow appear at night coexisting with moon and stars. There's something ineluctable about it.



  4. Thanks Sudharm.You have charged me a 1000 times more coz brain has been dead a long tym ago and now its d hrt whch leads.

    And Mr Nanada the day I wrote dis I knew that someone or the other would catch this.I wonder why it took so long.
    I figured that it was wrong long before but when you write things lost in love then you actually dunno wat you are writing.And I jst dint dare to alter wat my heart spoke.

    Thanks for dropping by buddies.


  5. Coz all I remember is but You,
    Coz all I remember is just plain you..

    Harsha - you're a wizard with words, you know that, don't you?


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