Sunday, December 2, 2012

that world


Aye the naysayers have suddenly started speaking,
And as we held the days they squirmed and squished
But were we going to leave them, no not really.
Leave we did, the happiness the willow
The chatter and some fights with the pillows
The harvest lay dead between puddles of blood
 Betrothed crown, lost jewels torn gown
Are not signs of despair but of power
Of the idea that the real power exists but not here
That the real minds dwell but not here
As the gong strikes ten and
when even hickory dickory dock would be striving for a pen
It would be then just then
When we would be weaving poetry out of thin air
Falling like a deck of carcasses peeled lair by lair
And then those tongues will wag and the tails would sway
Cause oozing stories would belittle sexual fantasies
Happiness would be the malaise and forlorn songs the maladies
Entwined together as bodies with uncles and aunties squirming in their undies
Would we be liberated, maybe, but would they be liberated, definitely
The more the vulgar the shows become the greater a belly now can the audiences fathom
Tarts would no more be misnomers, eunuchs would be respected
Being gay would be vanity, and same sex marriages a sanity
Religion would then no longer be an obligation
Capital would have let gone the punishment
The word rape would only be left in role plays
Mediocrity would create a new merit
Cause happiness wont be subliminal
As and when this happens the world would be out of its rucus
Sadness would not be an alibi
and democracy no more a nude show on exbii
then the thwarters would thwart and critics be criticized
cause that would be then when we would be damned
A hullabaloo of suggestions would now no more be a commotion
A battle of emotions now no more a shame
Infatuation no more a joke but instigation, yes it would definitely be a joke
We would hold hands cause holding hands and kissing wont be a disease
Your caste my caste wont cut us even if we don’t taste the same
Yes our votes may exist with differential agreements like fluid and flame
Bellowing will and wallowing vessels cause my darling
Then  , then someday we would be damned, damned till oblivion
Aye the naysayers have suddenly started speaking,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful world

As I sit and count the hours
I know that down there somewhere
far from these hills you too would be doing the same
Thinking of times when hours had mysteriously turned into days
Days when breaths echoed more than laughter
Where laughter was memorable than sadness
And sadness still dangling to stories of the past,of ages so sullen

I know it is not profound neither stupid 
to sit and think of you
When I put my book down and stroll through these untouched clouds
I cannot wait to catch your streak at the end of the road

I question my cup of tea about its warmth
Of dwindling nights and fighting days
Of chortling sun and chilling nights
Of moments which should never have ended
Of you, you being me

I question my smug sweater about its feel
The feel has been so strong 
that I have now even started questioning the answers

I question these mist filled mornings
this fresh air
laboring the times of love
of happiness

I know this elixir keeps me grounded
keeps me happy thinking about days
neatly tucked in my eyes
days which were years once and now just seconds

We still will stay in these tracks
We still will feel the rides on these backs

But just till I am here
just till i am here


One more bloggy day

iMAGE CREDIT:- We love cheap by ~Kvikken

How many times has it happened that I sit to key in words and then mysteriously I waver away.
There are some dark forces working hard at my blog.
You guessed it right, its me.
Dwelling on the point of number of posts a man/woman or any other being should right to keep the blog alive has bought some serious enlightenment to me.
But not writing anything for days together was definitely not one of them.
There has been a serious trend that my analytics tells me of my blog.
Earlier there were fewer visitors but more comments but know I am deprived of comments since time immemorial.
It is as if all those happy people who were sent by God to be good and be Samaritans for people like me have suddenly been victimized by some miracle.
I have seen people slyly tell me about issues and sometimes after much prodding would dully accept them stumbling at this place.
But comments, what sis that.
It is not that I am complaining.
This blog of late has seen a drastic increase in footfalls.I was happy at the start but now everything is sad. Of the last 50 comments I have received at least 30 are from porn escort sites and the remaining 30 were from companies who wanted to sell their stuff.
Guys let me clear this first. I don't know what makes you think that this blog is " the place" then I will make very clear that it is only you traders who are increasing the traffic.
Ok narrowing down, atleast give a comment which makes sense.

Sample this:- Your blog good for food eating nice.Information very good.
Now tell what the fuck does it mean on a blog which never has any hint of food.
And on the same you say get hot happening girls, teakwood furniture, escorts and what not.

Whatever be the reasons for this decline let me start the incline atleast by putting things that would make sense to me.
Till then goodbye(To myself as I alone am my reader)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sadness again


How should I behave now. 
Has it to be intermittent sadness with splurges of happiness knowing that atleast for a few more days we would be together. Or would it be the delusionary phase when I know that things wont last long. The caricature is about to give way soon, I don’t know if I will embrace the falling structure as one more of my, to be possible success stories or if I would collapse under something which has seen me put every morsel of food that I could ever muster by giving it to the monument by not eating. You know that I had been true cause I too know that. Oh how much I had yearned just to sit with you after coming from office listening to your anecdotes. How much would the priceless cup of tea would be missed which would have found way to me through your love.
There would still be a car waiting but in vain which would have been ours, bought not with money but with our choice. How much would I contemplate what to gift you secretly or miss the mail which would suddenly secretly could have found its way to your inbox.
How can I tell you what my parents would feel when they know that such an angel does exist and that too in their very house. How much I would miss those arms which have always rightfully found the clasp just strong enough to make me feel that I am not alone.
I know what I am feeling would not be even thought of after a few days cause maybe after a few days I too would be nothing more but a grim memory, a memory which one never loses but neither much thinks about it.

The biggest question that I should ask myself is that would my body be capable to take one more blow. I may look strong, fatter and healthier than many but then I too am the master of a feeble heart. I know this too shall pass like the innumerable stories, like the cherished dreams, like the aspirations which just missed by a margin and fell by the window sill.
Know what, I too feel sad but sadly don’t bring it out for others fearing that it would rub off to others.
Oh how much I want to cry and be all alone.

Sometimes I think of being the new man who maybe has a future but this concussion has gnawed deep inside. Memories away I too would be a normal man.
Since time immemorial I have loved you and at the back of my mind would continue to do so.
Maybe I might attend your marriage as well and maybe just maybe wait for a few more years thinking that maybe you still might come back. And maybe you will.
Realistically people things and happiness moves on and moves on sadness as well.
My words are finding ways to tell me of what lies beneath me, just hope that some day your parents too would know what had been laying ahead. I cannot even say anything to you cause I know that you have loved me more than I had ever loved you.
Sometimes I think that there is still time and sometimes I feel all time has come to an end. Maybe then somewhere you would understand that there are other things, other things above family.

Sometimes we call that as love.


Thursday, July 19, 2012


Image credit-woman in black by Nalanece

There is no halo over her head nor is she the one who desperately tries to be someone who she is not.
This is not for you, not for you if you think that tending to your kids is not fashionable, not fashionable when you are at the same time planning for your company’s next strategic move. She is the kind of lady who mesmerizes you when she speaks at the podium with a hall full of the most intelligent men on the planet.
The one who would unknowingly turn you just for having a second glance at her, not because of the way others use skin as an alibi for eyeballs but because of the way she holds herself. No, there is no upper class forced elegance in her walk but because there is no force at all, when she walks with her head held high, it is not the funambulism, the tight rope walking like others but the streamlined flow with which her body serenades as if everything is just a part of her.You don't see her but feel her in your head all the time. She is the one who knows that right would always be right irrespective of the situations that ensnare it. It is not for you if you think that whatsoever your husband , family or society says is the final thing even if it is wrong. She believes that it is not only sun and shade but a lot of intermittent hues which need to be deciphered.

She has the courage to stand and that too to stand hard against decisions which do not make the right sense. She has the courage to defy convictions, topple governments and show the tangled society its rightful place. She has risen and would rise again whenever she knows that nobody else has the impugn to rise. But this does not make her humbleness vanish. She still holds the highest amount of respect for her elders, she still is the perfect bride who would grace any home, the perfect mother, the doting wife. She is the one who would give seat to her elders, be dressed in a gracious sari which would be any mother in laws dream. At the same time she would be talented enough to be elegantly gyrating at the best party numbers in a discotheque. A writer, a philosopher, a thinker.
She does not try and run around finding beauty enhancers instead beauty comes and finds her the way in which she actually is beautiful. It is not about perfection but it is about the confidence of acceptance.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The place of equals

Image Credit-worker_by_migocosta

The bylanes were too small to be even considered as bylanes.The skittering roads suddenly came to a halt with a zest which was easy to the point of not notifying.Here stayed Rehman next to the abandoned rail road with more of abandoned coaches kept at the place.
A few years back Rehman had moved to the city of Sohan Halwa and he considered himself lucky to be staying at a place where God's one of the most famous places was situated.The place was Ajmer and it hadn't dwindled an inch from what it had been a few 100 years back.You could still smell the age old dhoop once you moved through those galis.
The beetle leaves still gave the same hue as the majestic pan days which were so famous then.Yes some complained of adulteration in the leaves but Rehman was so much a part of adulteration of life that leaves was something that even his kids if any would never notice.
The day was ending as always for him,for there was nothing big which he woke up to nor any dreams which he slept himself to.

He of one was the kind of people who completely followed the zen or the tao or whatever was the philosophy.This he did not because he was too big a visionary but because he was too small a man.He was more of the animal in the jungle,no, one on the road.
He dint have any long term desires nor commitments.The morning started for him with the search for his breakfast,breakfast which varied from a full blown meal to a cup of water,depending on how much his mind allowed him to flex the body.
With greed not a part of his system,glutton normally stayed miles away from his body.Sometimes he left at the bare minimum intake as his belly entered the satisfied mode.The maximum that he had ever thought of was for the next 2 hours.
For a man of few needs his body was much well endowed with just the right amount of built over his tautly flexed muscles.
This could not be escaped from the eyes of the rich classy ladies who had seen him bathing in his full glory near the village water tank.For many of them Rehman was the idol with whose thoughts they achieved the real orgasm irrespective of who they slept with.But not everyone was not as lucky cause those who had tasted him went to any level to win him back.
This had even meant divorces and mud slinging but then when had Rehman cared.

Of late he had been engrossed in one job,of the many he occasionally got accustomed to.
There was a point at the top of the hill next to Ajmer Sharif.This place was not as wide as our regular roads and hence leave vehicles,even 2 men going at a time was difficult.There was an old tower at the top which needed to be re-fabricated.
Stuck between the legs of the lady he was wondering at the greatness of her libido.It seemed she had stored everything for him from the moment she was born.Rehman was no exception and he too enjoyed her to the core.
But he stood more excited with the prospect of going up and filling the tower with cusps of mud gently carried till the top and then walking all thew way back.
The whole vision of seeing the monument fill layer by layer was ecstatic to him.
He had infact grown up looking at the magnificent tower all his life.
Seeing the tower being created by the then famous masons at work,this tower seemed as if it was the test of his life.
No orgasm seemed more complete to him than this climax.

But then the struggle to achieve this dream was not a small one.
Rehman was not only an orphan who was a vagabond of sorts but more than that he was an untouchable.
He was not a part of the general glitterati privileged people who other than the offering of namaz had their head held higher in each and every nook of the city.
Rehman thought to himself that this was maybe because of the absence of proper education that he lacked compared to his holy counterparts.
But then he remembered that the story had more to it.
He vividly remembered the day when in his 3rd class he was called to the headmaster's office.And since then he had to clean the toilets of each and every hostel as well as the school.
His malice-he was an untouchable.

Rehman when properly understood the pain cried a lot and went back to his parents and complained.
The parents who were so horrified that their kid dared to question something so holy so prevalent and slapped him.How could he even differ once from what god had pronounced.
This was the last slap that Rehman ever tasted.
Cause the next day he was gone and has been going on ever since.

The slap had been very important in his life.Cause that was his point of moment.
As such he dint have much belief in god but then he had much belief in the slap.
He consistently kept getting better and better with his questions and when his questions stopped he went and slapped himself,only to rekindle the fire that once brewed inside.

He had asked the rarest of the rare questions at localities where the untouchables weren't even allowed to enter.People thought of killing him.
But the demeanor that Rehman carried,the piercing eyes,the locked frosty nosed gaze,the wooden looks,hands with biceps bulging not with muscles but just with the right amount of blood throbbing at every impulse made one to think twice even before passing cuss words at him.
But then it were not the looks that made him the man he was.It was his selflessness that made him the deity he was looked at as.

How could the village forget the scars on his back.

Scars from a full grown wolf.His crushed hand bones which took a whole one year to recover.
The day was a silly one.A pack's head had fallen in the old wells which lay empty in the drought stricken day.
The wolf in lack of water and food had strayed towards the village but ended up in the well instead.The whole village was at this place now.
It was a rare sight when one could see a fully grown beast caught as purring cat.Not because it was hurt but because the well was just deep enough so that the wolf could not come out.
The sight was one to behold.People throwing rocks aiming at the wolf's eyes.Sticks being propped on it every second.The irritated beast just growling in anger.
Nobody knows how it happened but then the next moment Raghu, the chieftain's son was inside the well.Before the ladies could even start shrieking the boy was at an inch's distance from the animal's fangs.
Everything seemed frozen for a second.
No one made any movement.The wolf would take a lot of time to be tamed but Raghu had hardly a few seconds of life hanging.
This was the instant when the wolf noticed this young boy not bigger than a small goat waiting to be maimed.And then the wolf stretched to its full glory bent back and jumped with the biggest arc it could ever make.

The blow was perfect the death was imminent.
And then one could see the wolfs body come down with a thud.
Rehman had just intercepted the blow of a completely irritated wolf with nothing but his bare body.
The whole difference was because of the way Rehman had jumped on the wolf.His one hand which contacted directly with the neck of the beast breaking it into two but not before  scarring Rehman for life when his body had been the wall.His hand too was crushed under the jaws of such strong a beast which could carry a whole bore all by itself.

The word was spread and Raghu's mom regained consciousness.
No deity would have been more admired than Rehman on that day.

But this did not mean his eccentricities vanished.He still was the bare chested untouchable who roamed freely as before.But now the ladies had started taking a liking of the man who only looked like a man.

Nobody could hurt his free will.
But nothing could even deter his dedication to his work.
In the intermittent helps that he offered people, he still found his solace in masoning and building.

Soon the tower grew to a height that its previous version now envied.
It was not only soil which was the reason of this tower.It were 393 steps up and 393 down by legs that dint know how to carry a man.
It was the sweat of Rehman which could be tasted just by standing under the shadow of the tower.Everyone talked of it.
People had long forgotten that it was made by an untouchable.
People had but he hadn't.

The girls gasped and imagined those nights when he spent with them after toiling hard for the tower.
The neat expression  could clearly be felt on the tip of bed,hill,terrace or whatever place they had copulated.

Every day it was a routine for him,for the atheist to come and worship himself in the tower.
The tower which was him, the tower which would have been him for the years to come.
But then people don't really let it happen, in a few days the fact that an untouchable had made it would be suppressed and the contractors of the upper echelons name would be etched.

Tonight was one such night.It had just rained the whole night.
The clouds had cleared.Rehman sat at the tip of the top most window of the tower.The most beautiful lady in the village was with him at the window a few minutes back.
One of HIS most fulfilling nights at the window sill,to the voice of raindrops mesmerizing their play.
As far as the lady was concerned she had seen heaven.
It had been HIS fulfilling night cause he wanted to,wanted it to the core.

Finally he stood up next to the window,window as big as the whole door.
It was specially modeled in this way by Rehman so as to catch the grandiose of nature from inside the place.
The place was a place of equals.
It was specially designed so.There were no elevated slabs inside the tower.All was but plain floor.
Even the windows were but balconies.The towers floors were such placed that every floor opened with a balcony which coincided with the elevated hills layer lying next to the city.

At every level neither you felt up above the city nor below it.
This was the masterpiece that Rehman had envisioned all his life.Different from the temples,the mosques,different from the houses the hills.
A place which only talked of unison.
Tomorrow was the unveiling ceremony.

A place which talked of equality.
Tomorrow the whole village would come together and be horrified and might plan to change it.
Cause maybe the pundits would object or the maulvis.
This place had everything but lacked a god.
A god immortal,the god,Rehman himself.

Rehman knew this but knew he could not keep it from getting altered by these dead people.
Dead people.
A death could only wake up dead people.
One last time he smiled at the tower.Walked till the tip of the balcony.
One last time he smelt the fresh air,the wind which never talked of difference.
The wind which the king and the beggar breathe together.The wind of equals.

The place of equals.

No orgasm seemed more complete to him than this climax.

The next morning the whole village gathered for the opening ceremony.
But all they saw was the blood of a dead naked untouchable who had fallen from the top floor of a building.
A tower whose opening had streaks of an untouchables blood was more impure than the devil himself.

Strict instructions were given that no one would enter this building forget breaking it as it was impure.


Lovelorn couples still go inside to have peace,solace and life inside the tower.
Whatever their aesthetics be whatever their religious alignment they cannot stop marveling the equality of the place.
Intercast marriages have seen a new rise in the place.

The place of equals.


This week's 3ww being differ,halt and imagine.Kindly follow the link to see more beautiful compositions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the open door

As I walked into my house I realized that the latch had been open all the time.Normally I am a bit lenient,ok its more than lenient, more of careless on these things.
But then this was strange as I felt that I had locked the room before leaving.I entered the room to see it all flooded.
Luckily for me my laptop was placed high on the slab and hence it was saved from the water's wrath.
I tried hard to remember but I clearly remembered closing the taps before leaving.Sometimes it has happened that I had absent mindedly left the taps opened up as there was no water at that time.
But as far as I remember today this was not the case.
After breaking my back quite hard over cleaning all the water and the sloshed bed I thought I would break for a cup of coffee.
I woke up with a daze as I realised that it was 10 in the morning.
That too on a day when I had to reach for a meeting at 9:00 in the morning.
I dont remember how and when I drifted to sleep.I have a pained body, might be because of the  cleaning last night.
Finally,with mixed feelings I walked into the office when my boss greeted me.
Rajesh: Adi the review report that you sent me yesterday night was amazing.
Me: Um,sir I think you are talking about the Chicago clients which I sent you three days back.
Rajesh: Oh that report.No Adi ,that was one glitch ridden report.I am talking about the American client Xilsar.You know how happy our clients were when they saw this report.Our contract has not only been renewed but we also have got two additional assignments.Go have the day off.Have fun for the good work.

And then I checked my sent mails and yes that was one of the best reports I had ever seen in my life.

It was 8:00 in the evening when I met Anya at the restaurant.For the first time in my life I felt that she was so excited to meet me.She couldn't keep her hands of me during the whole time.Finally before leaving she bent and kissed me on my lips.
Oh if there was heaven it would be at no place but here.
I was awestruck and floating as this was the first time we had shared a kiss.
And then she mumbled something.
"Adi,last night was the most wonderful night you could ever give me.I still bear your marks.I would be waiting for you tonight as well"
Wait,was she teasing me as till date she hasn't once let me touch her.
But then the kiss was amazing,in any case tonight I would have something.
The door stands open today as well.Something doesn't seem right.The dogs are wailing like mad next to my house.
I don't know why but this house needs to be changed.
I am afraid of something in the room.It is not the creaky fan or the cat purring from the window.
I silently pack my belongings.Things have been too bizarre nowadays.
I remember once the watchman telling me of some strange incident with the previous tenant.
The first thing that I would do tomorrow morning would be to leave this house.
It is Elysium all over the place.I can feel the fresh smell of grass soaked in dew.It is partly misty and partly foggy.Can feel the cold wind wafting right through my hair.This is one experience that I would seriously remember all my life.From what my eye can see now,this is a big green field that stretches quite long with intermittent ridges of water puddles.The path is uneven more so like a golf course.And ah there stands Anya waiting.
I have to just cross this water puddle to go near her.
With an athletic gait notorious for long runs,I have jumped over bigger ones so this shouldn't be a difficult task.With all my might I jump over the puddle.
News report the next day: 
27 year old found dead after jumping from 7th floor building.
"We are still investigating the cause of death.
 But this is a confirmed case of suicide as the door was latched from inside." said Mr Arvind Mishra the senior officer pursuing the case.

The door was latched.

Alternate ending:-I suddenly feel a strain in my neck and before I understand I find myself choking, hanging through a rope to my room's fan.The last jump was when I kicked the stool right beneath me.The last jump was without any struggle whatsoever.And just before everything went dim I saw this man sitting near the door.

This week's 3ww :fog,lenient,struggle

Monday, June 18, 2012

Musings of a moron

Image Courtsey - Idiot by azuzephre

It would be sad to agree that I am being eaten away by busy man syndrome.But then it really is amusing.How the zillions of thoughts don't even see the light of the day before being on the paper.
I have titled thousands of articles in my head but not one seems to persevere enough.
Where has the intermittent curiosity gone,where have the pangs of excitement,the fight to foster new stories gone.
Exactly 1 month and 1 week back I had turned a new page of my life.
Getting back in the groove of a job was difficult but the excitement of learning something drastically new overthrew the sombre mood if any.
Needless to say this new job has been teaching something that I dint even think of in my wildest dreams.
Now when had I ever thought that I would be delving in such a wide variety of industries and that too learning and facilitating in setting up from the scratch.
Yes, the job is good. I thought initially that maybe the excitement is taking the better of me and hence the rate at which I wrote had taken a downfall.
But with time and my brains I have analyzed that the job has given me enough time and space to broaden my wings.
It is as usual nothing but my self carved hibernation.
All procrastination(I like the word though) and minimal vaccination make Harsha a Stupider boy.
One good thing has been the extremely wide amount of reports I have started reading.
They are ranging from digital marketing to economy to some which would bring a bad reputation to my name,if expressed openly here.
Meanwhile I have also read some exceptionally well written blogs which have simply blown me away.

I hope I have not lost much of an excitement from my head since my dormancy.
Well as you would have figured out by now this post has only been a pensive to empty the bullshit I had been nurturing.
Better articles might some other day see the light of the day,if at all they exist.
Oh and between watched Shanghai and loved it,specially the scene between CM and Abhay deol.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

SRK the star or yet another folklore
Not even one day old but the incident stands repeated a number of times.The whole controversy surrounding SRK and his antics in the stadium have been the talk of various channels as well as papers.
There have been multiple versions of the same instance albeit from other sides of the wall.
Yes, either stories of the folklore are tough to believe.
One cannot put all his eggs in MCA's or SRK's words. The situation is as confusing as all other media stories.
But what caught my eye was a comment in one of the newspapers.

Are we getting old and forgetful of the mass hysteria called as Salman Khan which even when am writing this continues to rise in the cult superstar status that he is ascribed to.
What SRK has done stands very small as compared to what his brother from different mother had done.

Even after being at the center stage of various altercations Salman continued to rise above his human status and whatever was ever written against him died a silent death.
Even though he was wrong, he was arrogant he was proud but even then he became what people have always waited for- A rebel.

This would be premature for me to say that SRK will now grow in his glory and maybe again attain sponsorship of marquee names other than Tag Heuer or would resurrect as the youth ambassador of Pepsi and other brands.
But then it would be completely stupid to write him off as a dying star unable to handle his larger than life status.

And yes a word of advice- those who say that SRK has been giving the wrong signals to youth and he should mend his ways,should now stop for a minute and listen to me.
SRK is not a social worker and neither he is a Nazi who has forced people to follow him. It is upto us whom to carve as our idol. He too is a human being and hence would behave like one.
As of me I am contented with his damage control attitude.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


On the very night when I was back from my college I heard this ubiquitously strange deafening noise in my neighbor’s apartment. I knew what it was as it was not something new. Every day since countless ages this had been happening. The same ritual was performed ever night. You would be afraid if for some reason, for some cause this story dint happen. I could see him walking with this drunken limp every night to his house dragging himself slowly over the corridor from the lift. And sometimes I would by chance see the fear, in those small eyes every day when she opened the door for her father. Yes he loved her but then he hated his wife, not because she was not working, not helping their family to survive but because she was the one who solely handled all the earnings of the house. He hated her because every night when he was between his dollop of friends he was the only one whose wife earned more than him. He was the only one who had an intelligent daughter and whose intelligence he knew was not his but hers. This could have ended at some nights when he dropped his friends in their home but then finally there was someone who remarked that even the car was being borne by his wife’s EMIs. But rather than working on finding a way out to support his family or to help himself he everyday got drunk and went back to his home, with gloom and the maddening halo over his head, the halo borne by the other drunken bastards about his lifelessness.
We all others basking in our cysts either acted as if such an aberration never existed or we all were led to beliefs in which this was not an aberration at all but a very much intertwined way of living. It was not only the fault of my parents or the society but mine as well. That whenever such turbulences were met with I initially felt anguished, then bad then only sad and then at times ended up just like a tramp. A tramp who carelessly glances over through others windows and enjoys the show but if caught in the act would suddenly feel guilty and move back as if oblivious to the society as a seasoned criminal. The day could have been the same for me and the night too should have been the one embellished by the same moon since ages.
But then for the first time education gave me a high. This one year of college where I met with women achievers, with intellects of the highest cadre, with people who have set right societies and nations sometimes made me think about the resolves I had taken while listening to such people.

For once I dint sleep by turning my televisions voice on, for once I dint pull the headphones out. For once I dint ask my parents for their approval but walked out straight over to their house.
The battle was a long one. And to add to this yes it was a difficult one. It took me a whole lifetime to just do it. I could hear the serene thuds with which my heart was falling. The outer noises seemed to soften out as a bead of perspiration rolled out off my head. 

Finally I emerged as one benevolent king who as if dabbling on his death bed had used all his lifetime’s energy just to do that final thing. With all my might I pressed the calling bell and pressed it hard. The daughter was the one who opened it. The door was opened and I walked back, back to my room.

This was all that I did, ever. After that sometimes such issues have happened but then such these stories have been rare, these aberrations are rare. You know that just a doorbell helps. Knowing that there are people around helps. That’s what I did.

All my life I had waited when it was just a doorbell that could have helped.
One of the famous and effective campaigns in these areas.Although the ad I found out quite late but then any small thing can help,remember anything can,,,

Everyday thousands of women are facing this so called domestic abuse and the violence involved.
It is high time guys.


The time has come

Sometimes it feels so close. You know you are there any minute. You see yourself flying past through colours, then you are actually flying past through colours. You see Indraneel watching the books gloomily or Rahul again buying you another pack of chips. There was a time when these writers had halos bored or rather engraved on their neck. Anybody who wrote or had written was a semi demon or a full god. I have always been mesmerised by writers and the bug that they so fondly nurture- the writer’s bug. You could always appreciate what they wrote and for sometimes with the miniscule mind we have maybe criticised a bit. But then the onus never fell on me. It was always that someone that heroic gladiator who got brandished for his writings but also went close to the throne which I had created for in my mind. But all these times it always was for that someone, until now. Now I felt suddenly that there was an eerie silence in the room. I tried to foster it so that I could recreate it tomorrow morning for the bunch of my anecdotes which were my idea of heroism. The days are different. Those aliens who lived in faraway fairy lands have disappeared. Those people who conjured up those cackling cacophonies or the wonderful stories are now no more in those faraway places. They have now started becoming real. I can see them thinking, blood slowly filling their forehead, lines appearing as their head accentuates to add one more vein with a thought that would end the chapter perfectly. These people are now at one degrees distance from me. Sometimes I curse my education or my maturity for giving me this kind of exposure for really bringing me close to these centaurs, these Adonis and Samurais. Oh they exist and that too so much in flesh. I have been a coward all my life, one who has been mighty enough to push off my own as well as other’s high expectations of me. But now when I turn back the last cover of books I see people whose education as close as mine. Books which were virgins but went on to collect accolades which even seasoned wine failed to taste. People who could have been easily me and then the storm subsides.
People who could be me or me the one who these people could be.

I think it is high time that I write…

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bike riding not child play,undertaker play

chap 1
"We need to do this."
Seemed too far fetched a dream at the first instance.But then the words first said are sometimes complete without any need for closure.
Such was the discussion that happened one night between Guruprasad Ramnath a regular maverick and Shripad the new opener in one of the individual rooms at Great lakes Institute of management. The institute which normally prided itself for the handpicked assortment of students never knew what these two souls would have dreamed. This was something that would surely be one more legacy's of the present Spartans batch.
Guru and Shripad although being from diverse disciplines and companies of varying expertise had one thing common. Both hailed from the city which never slept- Bombay which at the present day is Mumbai. This strong connect made the Mumbaikars dream a dream which was fuelled because of their love for Mumbai. to do a biking trip from Chennai to Mumbai. They never knew what they were upto when they had just incubated this 1500 km giant of a ride in their wishlist.
The rest they say is history.

Chap 2
Things well begun is half done.But these were not the regular things and this place too was not one of the regular places. A one year MBA is seriously the giant whom you bravely walk to say judging by only its head stuck out from the water. The goliath hadnt even rubbed its shoulders when the initial plan was done. A dream seen in the second term is too imaginative till the seventh term ends. Every student here loses as well as finds him once he stands tall through a set of 7 semesters of 49 days each with sessions ranging from 0700 hrs to sometimes 0200 at night. Most of the first 3 terms end as a trance for many. After 3 to 11 years in the industry getting back to the study groove was not something that people come fully equipped with, in mind. A simple peaceful delicacy like sitting in front of the giant tower of reflection found its time at 3 at night. In all this rumble still people were strong and this place only fuelled their dreams. Not only the studies made them more clear and stricter to regimes but also people who came there with passion made the biking trip more concentrated.
Birds of the same bush flock together and people of the same push drive together.
Evidence of these came slowly but succinctly as time moved. A lot of bonds were created in this one year time over group assignments, lattitude events, karma yoga visits but the resolved strengthened.
And this was when the dream started taking shape

Sunday, March 11, 2012

my yearbook page

Life at Great Lakes has been one of the most memorable days ever.
And yearbook has been one fun concept that we have.Saw people putting their comments on the blog and felt this completly worth it.
I dont know how I can putyou guys love in 1200 odd words,but guys love you all for the love you gave me.
A page in yearbook cant decide who my best friends are.
For those who have taken the time and those who have been lethargically lazy as well.
Love you all from the bottom of my heart


Harsha..Achcha hai achcha hai... is ladke ke baare mein kya bolna? Master piece hai re tu.. I never thought someone could talk more than me till you proved it wrong! You are a lot of fun to be with..and i will haunt you for all the stories you have fed us with.. Don't ever change and keep that energy flowing.. I hope you find the right way to channel all that creativity dude.. rock on!!
...Sowmya K Kumar

yeh hai apna bhai..out of his sense always..sometimes he talks sense and most of the times awesome nonsense to make us laugh which is so fun..just hear him once ..and iska phone kabhi free nahi milta.. (!@%!@*!)..phir bhi hai toh apna bhai..kya kare jhelna padta hai....:( anyways u rock dude..and admire ur heart-to-heart approach !!!!!! acche se raho and will keep in touch cuz we talk the same language (@#$@#$) !!!!! Best wishes for Life !!!!!!!!!! Keep rocking !!!!!!!!!

Ladke!!! bas ek tu hi hai dost!! ekdum dashing.. multi talented... one and only piece.. itni tareef kafi hai ya aur karu.. :P its always fun to be around u.. bas aise hi rehna bindasss aur mast!! teri energy aur awesomness ka koi tod nahi hai... u rock dude!! :)
...Pranita Dhamdhere

The only person in GL who can make you laugh continuously and literally ROFL is the one and only Sri Sri Harsha...its fun having you around..all the best in life dude !!
...Suresh Ponnuru

Bandalpudi? :p You are a sweetheart! Sure.. you're super funny, talented, fun and always ready with a horror story.. but above all.. you are hands down.. one of the nicest people i have EVER met.. always helpful, smiling and sweet! Great fun to talk to.. on any subject under the sun.. hmm.. Ab bas baut tareef kar li... its not like we are going to lose touch.. i hope :) always stay the same Harsha.. :) no actually.. change one thing.. reply to msgs..
...Shraddha Pandya

harsshhaaa.... chalti firti circus hai tu....a great human who can always support you..b in touch always..atb for future
...Preshit Balkrishna Mendhekar

SriHarsha, U are one of the most weird guys I have ever met. Our wing rocks because of you. We can proudly say that Harsha stays in our hostel wing...:)..Bhai u have an amazing brain, thinking of which doesnt match any others. U are unique human being altogether. Teri bhoot ki kahaniyan hamesha yaad rahengi mujhe...Truly enjoyed your company always..ATB and Keep bringing smile at others face always!!!
...Sandeep Singh

Sri harsha...B harsha...saale...jab sau kamine mare, tab tu paida hua :P:P....non stop bakwas me no.1 hai tu!....there's never a dull moment when u r around....if i die on the campus, it would be coz of laughing over ur silly haazir jawaabi, one liners and jokes......i know we r gona be in touch always... hope u n i get back to pune soon n rock FC campus :P...good luck in gurgawa! :)
...Siddharth M Vyawahare

Confused Madrasi !! South Indian with an North Indian attitude.. still remember your elevator pitch and dialogues :-P ..saale kitni free loading ki hai tune group mein..koi assignment nahi kiya.. but just to let you know we all loved you the most in team..can never forget that dinner at radisson beside you and harshavardhan.."the Tripod " :-).. it feels awesome being best friends with you and I love you so much for making me laugh at almost everything..loved your company and the care you showed for me ... Love you loads bro and don't forget the pact that "You, me and Harsh are going to meet every year for that dinner " :-)
...Siddhant Gupta

Harshaaaa...... there'a a saying...great minds think alike.... harsha and I are in same category... college life...girls... party fun.... and the past...(satyam..jisne doono ki band bajayii hai).... there are people whom so call rockstar.. he is one... always rocking and bombastic.....nautanki aur tera fav song "chudail ka saaya..."... it's always nice talking to you... there are very few ppl who'll always make you laugh.. he is one such soul.... keep rocking the world buddy... god bless you nd take care
...Manish Kumar Garg

All famous & most mischievous!
...Vivek Vasant Rathod

ladke faadu hai tu... mimicry to tu amazing karta hi hai... rowdy wala dance bhi acha kar leta hai.. aur bakar me tujhse koi nahi jeet sakta :)))) Don ever change... TC mere fav student council member :)))
...Alfiya Aziz Kagalwala

I was always confused ki iska naam south indian hai and hindi mast bolta hai ... rajasthani mind and vizag roots. Interaction started as a council member ... and initial 3-4 months jyada interaction nahin hua ... but after that things were different. The detailed talks we use to have and in ur LIP time u told me a lot many things i didn't knew about me . Dekh teri ek quality hai jo tereko life mein khush rakhne waali hai ... u r lively werever u are ... with workload ya kuch bhi ho never let this quality go away..... best buddies forever..
...Rohit Agrawal

SriHarsha..The bhoot .. Cool and fun filled global guy..comedian who carries his peculiar set of opinions on all the things under the sky..I love the way u can gel with any people around in any situation .. and the way u can generate finest of insights on the weirdest topics ..twas great knowing u .. Just stay as u r .. WIsh u all luck and happiness in life.. ATB!!
...Mrinmayi Sanjay Sapre

Cool and funny guy but somewhere with a very philosophical deep thinking. enjoyed interacting with you. i always used to look forward to ur presentations in S2.very nice orator. wish u all the best in life
...Deepika Prakash

Cool cooler and coolest that's how I describe you ... I still remember the scooty ride way back to college from A2B and the conversation we had. Each time I have talked to you have found that cool spirit constant. Keep it up buddy GOD bless you
...Amit Kumar Gupta

He is a unique person..... if he is around u b least assured that u will not get bored.. n also b sure that some dialogue will fall on u soon :-) .... amazing sense of humour.... He has his own way of thinking...An e cellent mimicry artist...n has very strong observations... give him some time n he will mimic u.... It was wonderful being wid u Harsha...All d best n b in touch dude.....
...Sachin Sudhir Kulkarni

If there is one person who can come up with the most rib-tickling, out-of-the-bo , whacky, over-the-top, hillarious jokes, it is our very own Sriharsha!!! A great guy at heart!! Stay the same! Wish u the best in life! :)
...Ankita Basant Jain

Mr. Cool-My best buddy in the team :) All d strains n pressure used to vanish in ur presence.. U made us lough our heart out. U were d soul of our team. And man u r an awesome writer, i love ur blogs. None can gauge the oceanic depth of ur mind from ur appearance. Stay as u r. All the very best for your future life... Lots of LOVE :)
...Ruma Patra

Mera man nahin hai kuch likhne ka lekin majboori hai, to kuch jhooth likh deta hun. A true friend and a patient listener. I think i have told you more about myself and my thinking than anybody else. Every time you come up with an unbiased analysis and it has helped me a lot. Fun ka to kya bolun, apni Chennai dude trip, multiple trips to mahabs sab yaad rahegi. Bhai tera dancing style is my favourite. Your contribution to UTL classes will be remembered for time immemorial. A very important quality that you have is articulation; it will surely take you to heights. Do keep in touch, you will be required throughout my life...
...Sumit Gupta

sriharshaaa....saaley..mera punching bag..hd a gr8 time with u man..main nhi hota toh tere midnight snack ka kya hota :P. you are a great writer and a fantastic person..always "high" on ur spirit ..stay the same..take care and all the best..
...Anirudh Verma

Phoolo ka taro ka sabka kehna hain ek hazaaro main mera harsha bhai hain! He behaves as if he is a dumb ass but rarely, you will come across such a talented guy. Absolutely â??saaf dil insaanâ??, people fall in love with him instantly, a show stealer, a patient listener. Wish u all the best. Keep rocking :)
...Debdyuti Datta Gupta

My love ,my life at great lakes. :P haha. bande ka dil iski size se bhi bada hai. true social worker. great poem writer ,orator and actor. Loved to have you as a friend. All the best :)

Fun guy...compered togethr the first time:Sangamitra.... ALL THY BE$T..GOD BLE$$..:)
...Saloni Goel

Harsha!! U win hearts & minds whereever u go. U're the guy with a continuously active funny bone. You amaze me with your gift of saying anything to anyone and getting away with it...because it is all in gud humor. But even more than that, is your never-say-die sporting attitude towards whatever comes your way. You're more than just GL's own charlie chaplin and have many useful, to-the-point and thought provoking insights in life. Love ya buddy! Gurgaon ja raha hai, kaam achha hai, so wish u all the success u hope for and more. Have a long, happy & healthy life!
...Indraneel Kulkarni

My friend.... this page will not be enough to talk about you.. You are one of very few perons who understood me (tats y I vent out all my anger on u..).. we have different philosphies of life but a common taste for food... we made most hotels empty around the college:P (good that it was an one year program and the college is in deep pocket)... never stops talking once started (i really don't know where you get the energy).. i will always remember the horror story you told us in the middle of night along the edges of ECR... keep going... You will get the best in your in touch...
...Mohanraj Karuppusamy

9. â??Here comes the pain!â??, yeah pain becoz he is always pulling my leg! Always 24 7. But then this Harsha. Harsha is a total entertainment! Nut this is just not all about him. The most dynamic, active & visible student council member. He will always take a dig at you and I tell you, I enjoy it. He will never change and I this world where change is permanent and peopleâ??s attitude is transient, I found him cynosure of mystery. Who is Harsha! Is he the guy who dances in his bathroom towel and kicks everybodyâ??s ass or is he the guy who writes blog on abstract things which shows his emotional side and understanding of human psyche right from an innocent child who does not want to study to those gloomy eyes who looks at stars wondering at the tip of a serpentine road waiting for the one who never arrived! Seriously who he is! But no matter what he is, who he is, he is my sweetest pal with whom I shared secrets of life. His understanding of LIP and yeah the way he influenced me about LIP is e emplary. He tries to make me feel that I missed an e perience by not taking LIP but dearest Harsha, you made up more of my e perience for my loss by sharing it with me so much about LIP. Without you, my e perience at Great Lakes would rather be incomplete. Without his care & immense support, I would have never recovered so soon. I remember it Harsha how you use to pull my wheelchair right in the campus to the hospital from blocks to blocks, from floors to floors! A man without any inhibitions of ego and false attitude. And those who think he got through the TNova by bakar and it was a fluke, those assholes should come and see what an interview & presentation he gave. Go and read his blogs! He is truly blessed and gifted by God. Harsha Bhai, life without you is like wine without soda, cigarette without smoke and a girl with a boyfriend! Yours trulyâ?¦
...Bhavneesh Shukla

This lad is a 'Special' person. It's not politically correct calling a retard a retard nowadays :P A complete nutcase and a fullto 3 hour masala Bollywood flick this dude is! Its just unbelievable how he manages to balance out all the super funny crap with incisive insights and arguments as the need of the hour maybe. Too precious a pal to let go and too annoying a kid to take along! Huge contribution in pumping life in GLn all our lives and a creative goose. Superhero with substance and dung bombs! Respect dude!
...Sudhanva Vijay

Sriharsha- They say energy comes in small, round packets and I believed it after meeting him. One of the first persons I met in college and I happy to have had the opportunity to share some great moments with this guy. Our journey began with all the last minute gyan sessions at Shripadâ??s room before the term e ams, shouting at each other at the top of the voice just so to create a ruckus in our hostel wing to sharing our dreams and fears, and being each otherâ??s support system during placement season. This guy is immensely talented, very creative and someone I look forward to talking when I want to delve into the quandaries of life. I have enjoyed every bit of my time spent with you and I am sure we would still take a dig at each other even when we meet after 10 years! Roll on, dude! Affly,
...Vikram Naval

The world's biggest nautankibaaz, Mr. Sriharsha, will tickle your bones till you've it enough and I think this is what had kept our group alive. Presentation dene ke mamale meh phod but when it comes to assignment and deadlines he is complete chor. I can fall short of words describing him but can never get enough of this fella. It was just amazingggggggg to have been with you and laughed throughout my journey at GL. U Rock!!
...Varsha Agarwal

Dynamite hai tu jokes ka..unlimited outstanding one liners..IT was great knowing u..U rock man..Nobody can ever get bored in ur company..Stay in touch..Haste hasate rehna hamesha :)
...Sonam Duhan

harsha mere neighbour...witty, humorous, e tremely funny, energetic, hilarious, funny, uproarious these are some the words that come to mind when i think of harsha...guy with ultimate sense of humour can make u laugh in any situation.....a great guy to hang around....very passionate about losing some weight....always tells kalse pakka gym jayenge, badminton kelenge, yaar weight reduce karna hai....but they say everyday has tomorrow....n that tomorrow has never come until now...he he....real true friend who is dil se accha hai.... very passionate about doing something good in life....dost ur a true gentlemen upon whom anyone can rely upon n trust really fortunate that im ur my neighbour n had some wonderful late night chit chats.... its great knowing u....a friend for life time...keep in touch...all the very best for future.. :-)
...Raghavendra B

Abe item bomb..tujhe kya bolu janeeman...tu toh saale bhai hai apna...i love u yar...funny cool dude at great lakes..full of PJ's......awesome dude.....lakiyon ka kanahiya..::P..keep in touch bro
...Sachin Kumar

Nanaâ?¦dis guy has an inane ability to call u all sorts of names and still not offend u. Hands down one of the wittiest and most creative people here, and a gem of a person. Thanks for some wonderful memories I created here. Wish u the very best in lifeâ?¦Keep spreading smilesâ?¦
...Prachi Sawant

Harsshhhha!! dost!!! yaar pyaara hai tu.. in fact baht baht pyaara hai tu... full masala movie hai tu.. someone who writes quite well (can make the most mundane things as very colourful!!!). Sumit ka bday (in indraneel's room!!) baht yaad aayega ("veer tum badey chalo"... "woh toh jhansi wali rani thi"...) I remember when we were asked to volunteer for the elevation pitch (Lalitha Mam's class), you went there and confronted 300 people and said "I am here because I am scared to be here"... Love your attitude towards things.. Beta you will make it really big in life toh isliyey tecnova ki itni chintaa mat kar.. you BETTER stay in touch... spread your wings (and happiness around...)!!!
...Henanksha Behrani

Chahe IshQ Bector's Dakku Daddy Rap ho ya Ramma Ramma pe Super tumkhe, ya last minute Presentations and presentations mein Ramayan k e amples, Harsha Rocks them all (ab thodi tareef to karni padegi :)). Ye Duracell ka Humping Bunny hai, Raagini MMS inki favourite movie hai. Haan, inki rapper looks pe mat jaaiye, inki 2 min ki speech sun lee jiye aur aap ko inka Kavi roop bhi dikhai dega. Radisson mein baatein sun ne ki acting karte hue so gaye the ye. He has lifted my mood countless times. Bhai, you should give yourself more credit than you give. Tripod ke third leg (Harsh - 1st, Siddhant - 2nd) :) Hope you achieve all your aspirations and always pull ppl up d way you do now. Looking forward to a long association!
...Harshvardhan Minhas

Sriharsha.... he is â??Ranbirâ?? of rockstar...a born actor....a single word from his mouth brings smiles on thousand faces....highly unpredictable...always helpful...proud atheist...awesome blogger...and I think moral support of many spartans...I remember his first speech during the 1st business communication lecture..where he said something like â??mujhse bhi dosti karo...mai bhi tumhare jaisa hoonâ??...and one year later I think all 299 are proud to have harsha as friend...his poems are also good...Harsha I remember your poem â??I want to kill my daughterâ?? which you shared during 2 min speech...entire S1-S2 was impressed...I am very fortunate to have him as my neighbour...waking up vikram and harsha in the morning is a habit and regular karma yoga group partner...who supported me all the time...and who truly works unselfishly...a live karma-yogi....Harsha I completely enjoyed your company all the time...and especially during LIP & UTL..remember we used to be always late for LIP...running everyday from hostel till Lake Michigan.. late night discussions on god knows what all topics...will miss your company...
...Shripad Shridhar Kulkarni

The coolest, craziest & the funniest guy I have ever met.. No one can beat u for the phenomenal energy u have.. True to ur name, u bring bagful of happiness to everyone around.. super creative, super talented, true to heart, nothing fake, can never say quiet, genuinely cares, never tired, â??bhoootâ?? freak, crazy & a todu rockstar in true sense!! Will miss the crazy times spent with u.. Wish u a great life ahead.. PS: Mere aage mat chaliyo kabhi, beware of the â??teekhi naakâ??!! :P
...Ritika Diwan

Ahhh the standup comedian who can never stand up . My fellow stu con member. Funny bone of the Spartans batch . Dude , I can never forget your â??Same to you dudeâ??s . You are really awesome . keep up the jovial nature . Make more people laugh â?¦ who knows some day you might actually become a STANDUP comedian.
...Ajay Bharathi Gurumoorthi

Love you dude!! Whenever you meet him this is what he says.... when he starts talking coovum river (drainage) will come out from his mouth... a likable idiot in Great Lakes... He has the ability to write beautiful poem within seconds... awesome talented guy... All the best Harsha Dude!!
...Shiva Shankar Jeevanantham

What can I say about the guy cracks the funniest of jokes, yet writes the profoundest of lines? You're supremely talented SriHarsha, I've said it before and I'll say it again that I am a BIG fan (folloywer)! Cheers !
...Suvasree Basu

Flamboyance personified !! Darling, tu bond haiâ?¦.. Outspoken to such a level that 'tera haath koi pakad nahi sakta' . A jewel at heart, you are one person that I cannot forget all my life. Thankyou so much for being the person that you are. Please donâ??t change. Aur, ek principle yaad rakhna life main !! - 'Kya kutte Insaan Nahi hote?? ' ROFL !!!!
...Rohit Suresh Jadye of the most intense person, though he might behave as if he is the most funny guy in this world. Still great sense of humor. Actually you have shown me a totally new apsect of being funny, culdnt have imagined that before meeting you. dude, what runs into your mind. great writer. seriously, read his work and you will know it. multi-faceted. great performer even on stage. spend few minutes with him and you are trap in his "i dont know something" forever. he can sing and dance. dont be a victim of his chaotic aura which he creates around him while he still keeps his awsome clarity in his mind. trust me you wouldnt even know that you are trapped. you are going places dude. dont even think about changing your self, i know you cant. A family person. i wish you all the success in your life. will remember every convesation that we had late into nights. phod de duniya ko.
...Pratik Virendra Kothari

room aa rahe ho kya :))
...Shashwat Rai

Sriharsha... Ab kya bolu iske bare main.... sala college ke pahle din se hi saath hai.. aur ye insaan nahi dynamite hai... The originator of Chaos... kabhi bhi... kahi bhi suru ho jata hai... kisi bhi topic par and then iske kheechne ke target se koi bhi nahi bachta hai... not even god... ;)... but actually he is a very nice, caring and balanced person from inside.... super talented poet and blogger.... There are many good memories which we have shared... fun filled discussions in bistro and at ur room with Bhavneesh and Anuj... long hrs of planning before e am that how we gonna study in ne t term but after  am everything use to go back to square 1.... :)... Empirical discussions... outings and dance parties... Bhai... it was a real pleasure the time i have spent with you.... Lucky to have a friend like you.... wishing u a very bright future and successful life ahead...
...Uday Pratap Singh

You always have a quick joke or one liner to share:) gud luck buddy!!
...Charanya Thangaraj

Yar tuze to itna jyada i like ki see am coming with you at work also ... ab isse jyada to aur kya hi bachta ahi likhne ko .. But still to mention , is ladke ka sense of humor is outstanding and yeh normally bhi kuch bolta hai , to woh hilarious ho jata hai .. A clean hearted , always ready for help , dance and gossip ..:-) Milenge phir se gurgaon mein dost :-)
...Kanika Aggarwal

The non-stop chatter bo , bhandaar of ghost stories, Duniya se befikra & an idli lover from food committee....Loved all the outings with u & TP in our room.. Be it working on that self made video or playing the newly introduced Mafia... U r a complete entertainer... Be the way u r...Keep spreading happiness:-)
...Ekta Yadav

He is the -Superenergeticfantabuloushumorouslymagnificient...person of the college..impromptu voice overs..acting ka ustaad..poetry ka heera..super talent ka ek complete package..bhai..u r the smile spreading like that khusiyaan bant tey rehna...wishing all the best..
...Abhilash Mohapatra

Accha hai!! Accha hai!!! Nana patekar!!! An awesome person and a total entertainer. You are a person true to the heart... Always be like that!!! Wish u a Wonderful life ahead God Bless!! :)
...Sachal Gahlyan

There is so much more to you than meets the have always made sure that you carry fun along..the greatest asset in ur is difclt to imagine the batch without you..ever so funny n harmless..but beyond all..I have seen you as the younger one (though you are elder) have been blessed with a constant yearning to learn, perform & share the limelight..quite a success at that in GL..most shall miss you deeply including me..keep up with the laighter stock & make sure that u always get heard..cheers!
...Vishal Lathwal

One of the most fun loving, masti-khor guys in the batch whose smile can drive away anyone's gloom. I've appreciated the genuine concern you display for others and the way you can strike a rapport with anyone. Hope you'll always remain like this.
...Nishtha Dewani

Harsha is a livewire and has a superb sense of humour. However with all the humour and laughter deep inside he is a very responsible and mature person who can sense and respond to situation in an immaculate way. I have known him for short time but boy I would have regretted big time if I would left great lakes with being friends with him...a superb friend who is always there for everybody...wish u the best in life.
...Manish Bhadri

A simple ,nice guy with an unique capability to bring smile on anyone's face.Ladke stay the way you are. ATB. Keep in touch
...Usha Kailash Joshi

Jaise CP mein pehle bolne waale log saare points cover kar dete hai waise hi sabne saare points cover kar liye hai tere baare mien, amazingly funny, multi-talented... abhi kya bolun main, bas yehi ki teri company humesha enjoy karti hun and i will specially remember the time jab tu, sumit, sandeep aur main bistro ke paas gaana ga rahe the....Kshama Shobhti us bhujang ko jiske paas garal ho usko kya jo dant heen vish rahit vineet saral ho... wish you luck, success and happiness dost! PS: GL Sweetheart Jadye? LOL! Dhokebaaaaazzzz tu hai!
...Shruti Tamrakar

Bade log bade log...we come from the same humble origins but jab se (S)tune 'Con' game khel liya re pushpa (S)tu toh big leauge mein chala gaya leaving us lesser mortals far din se jo aankhon mein aasu bhade aaj tak woh mite nahi ***sob sob**;-p....on a serious note dunno why u keep wa ing eloquent about my writing skills being such an awesome writer yourself...a great thinker and an amazingly unassuming human of the friendliest , most modest and quietly talented persons on campus...keep rocking have amazing potential...we should have been better friends...but the story ain't over yet...or is it?hopefully not... :)
...Pratisha Baishya

year book is worth praising people like you and that too honestly :):):) without using all sorts of redundant adjectives :):)... total entertainer in small package.. and above all tu khatar likhta hai... keep writing and rocking
...Kriti Jain

hahahahahaha is how i would like to start his introduction, his sense of humour is just out of this world and i really enjoy his company, he is one person who can go on and on for hours and you won't get bored with his banter ever.I know bolega "Divya tu mujhe Subaas sir ke pass leke nai jaati" but your contribution to the student council is undeniable, always game for any work and can make you ROFL at any given time of the day... Stay in touch mate...always
...Divya Gupta



The world is a stage

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