Sunday, December 2, 2012

that world


Aye the naysayers have suddenly started speaking,
And as we held the days they squirmed and squished
But were we going to leave them, no not really.
Leave we did, the happiness the willow
The chatter and some fights with the pillows
The harvest lay dead between puddles of blood
 Betrothed crown, lost jewels torn gown
Are not signs of despair but of power
Of the idea that the real power exists but not here
That the real minds dwell but not here
As the gong strikes ten and
when even hickory dickory dock would be striving for a pen
It would be then just then
When we would be weaving poetry out of thin air
Falling like a deck of carcasses peeled lair by lair
And then those tongues will wag and the tails would sway
Cause oozing stories would belittle sexual fantasies
Happiness would be the malaise and forlorn songs the maladies
Entwined together as bodies with uncles and aunties squirming in their undies
Would we be liberated, maybe, but would they be liberated, definitely
The more the vulgar the shows become the greater a belly now can the audiences fathom
Tarts would no more be misnomers, eunuchs would be respected
Being gay would be vanity, and same sex marriages a sanity
Religion would then no longer be an obligation
Capital would have let gone the punishment
The word rape would only be left in role plays
Mediocrity would create a new merit
Cause happiness wont be subliminal
As and when this happens the world would be out of its rucus
Sadness would not be an alibi
and democracy no more a nude show on exbii
then the thwarters would thwart and critics be criticized
cause that would be then when we would be damned
A hullabaloo of suggestions would now no more be a commotion
A battle of emotions now no more a shame
Infatuation no more a joke but instigation, yes it would definitely be a joke
We would hold hands cause holding hands and kissing wont be a disease
Your caste my caste wont cut us even if we don’t taste the same
Yes our votes may exist with differential agreements like fluid and flame
Bellowing will and wallowing vessels cause my darling
Then  , then someday we would be damned, damned till oblivion
Aye the naysayers have suddenly started speaking,


  1. It looks as though such a beautifully imperfect world might be possible after all. Rules, rules, rules where is the by-road I need it too.


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