Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beautiful world

As I sit and count the hours
I know that down there somewhere
far from these hills you too would be doing the same
Thinking of times when hours had mysteriously turned into days
Days when breaths echoed more than laughter
Where laughter was memorable than sadness
And sadness still dangling to stories of the past,of ages so sullen

I know it is not profound neither stupid 
to sit and think of you
When I put my book down and stroll through these untouched clouds
I cannot wait to catch your streak at the end of the road

I question my cup of tea about its warmth
Of dwindling nights and fighting days
Of chortling sun and chilling nights
Of moments which should never have ended
Of you, you being me

I question my smug sweater about its feel
The feel has been so strong 
that I have now even started questioning the answers

I question these mist filled mornings
this fresh air
laboring the times of love
of happiness

I know this elixir keeps me grounded
keeps me happy thinking about days
neatly tucked in my eyes
days which were years once and now just seconds

We still will stay in these tracks
We still will feel the rides on these backs

But just till I am here
just till i am here



  1. I feel the same way and ascribe feelings to inanimate objects that colour my world. It more beautiful when I do so. I loved this writing.


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