Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One more bloggy day

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How many times has it happened that I sit to key in words and then mysteriously I waver away.
There are some dark forces working hard at my blog.
You guessed it right, its me.
Dwelling on the point of number of posts a man/woman or any other being should right to keep the blog alive has bought some serious enlightenment to me.
But not writing anything for days together was definitely not one of them.
There has been a serious trend that my analytics tells me of my blog.
Earlier there were fewer visitors but more comments but know I am deprived of comments since time immemorial.
It is as if all those happy people who were sent by God to be good and be Samaritans for people like me have suddenly been victimized by some miracle.
I have seen people slyly tell me about issues and sometimes after much prodding would dully accept them stumbling at this place.
But comments, what sis that.
It is not that I am complaining.
This blog of late has seen a drastic increase in footfalls.I was happy at the start but now everything is sad. Of the last 50 comments I have received at least 30 are from porn escort sites and the remaining 30 were from companies who wanted to sell their stuff.
Guys let me clear this first. I don't know what makes you think that this blog is " the place" then I will make very clear that it is only you traders who are increasing the traffic.
Ok narrowing down, atleast give a comment which makes sense.

Sample this:- Your blog good for food eating nice.Information very good.
Now tell what the fuck does it mean on a blog which never has any hint of food.
And on the same you say get hot happening girls, teakwood furniture, escorts and what not.

Whatever be the reasons for this decline let me start the incline atleast by putting things that would make sense to me.
Till then goodbye(To myself as I alone am my reader)


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