Thursday, July 23, 2009

One last time

Caught in a snare
Besides the cradle

Even being a rat
I writhed like a snake

Damn these humans
I knew so well
Damn their ways
which I had seen so well

my last escape had been so perfect
missing the snare by inches of neglect
I knew that I wont come back
I knew I wont let my greed attack

Oh these people
who are smart like hell
Oh my glutton
it overcame even death lull

Stupid stomach
see what you have done
Stupid brain
why din't you intervene

Bloody cheese
what makes you so wanted
Bloody cheese
what makes you enchanted

I forgot that I have a head to save
I forgot that there are things so strange
for which even the stomach should wait

But what can I do to cry for the past
I can just wait till my last breath lasts

Oh here he comes with a brick so big
In a few minutes I would be reduced to wick
I am closing my eyes with all my strength
Cause I just can't see him squashing my health

Hey whats happening
I still am safe
Hey the child is laughing
from the confines of the cradle

The man is watching at the child so pure
A smile is pouting at the man who had an evil galore

He is opening the snare for me
He is helping so that I be free

What a perfect escape
for my chance to run
I would never come back
for the greed so big

so off I go
with my saved head
so off I go
for a life so good

But hey let me just take the cheese
one last time
let me just take the cheese
one last time
Life is so analogus to this rat's tale.
We mostly mess up things by going the wrong ways,following vices,evils and end up at the wrong place.
But life gives us chances to come out of everything,to start afresh.
But as Captain Patch says:
"Habit is the second nature of man.
A dew rain drops,a few intimidations are enough for us to fall back and give in to those vices."
But thats where the test comes,to stay away from that enchanted block of cheese,to stay away from listening to the stomach.
Although sounds right and logical but as Max payne says:
"Logic IS the biggest liar".
I couldn't agree to him more.
So might be one last time....

Written for 3ww.The words being:Cradle,Perfect,Snare



  1. You've captured the cut and thrust of life nicely here. We make mistakes, but there's always a way out, if we choose.

  2. Thanks Anthony.
    I couldn't agree with you more.


  3. Hi Sriharsha,
    Very well said....u explain human nature so well....couldn't agree more.
    On the funny side,u reminded me of those scary days when a rat had invaded our room!!

  4. @songofsea
    Thanks dear.
    Rat man.It's actually scary when you have one rambling through your space.


  5. The human trap/trek captured so well here - finely done!

  6. Welcome back, Harsha! Enjoyed this tale. There is more told in the second chance than without.

  7. @Tumblewords
    Thanks dear.Trap/trek,sounds nice.

    Thanks Michael.
    And thanx again for remembring me even after such a long absence of mine.


  8. Very expressive and full of wisdom. Those bad habits are so hard to break!

  9. @Jane Doe
    Thanks Jane.
    Habitsss hard to keep harder to throw:)


  10. love the meaning behind your poem.

  11. @floreta
    Thanks dear for visiting.


  12. I liken the child's influence over the rat's demise to the Lord's grace. Very nicely done.

  13. @cricket51
    Thanks buddy.
    Welcome to your first visit.
    Hope to see you again.


  14. Clever piece of writing about one of life's strange tales.


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