Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sitting at the tip of my bed I couldn't do much rather than hearing to the perennenial onslaught of the daylong drizzle that had been reverbrating through the day.

Watching the rain drip through the windows, I turned back.

Turned back to be caught in her hypnotic gaze.A split second and I felt as if I was lost in her.

With riots playing havoc outside when she knocked at my door for safety I couldn't say no.

Now as we both were stranded in my house,I wasn't able to say much.

Wasn't able to quiet understand when the world was sulking over stupid matters of religious orthodoxy how could I be lost in a complete world of my own.

Finally tried to tell her what I had been feeling inside.

But no it wasn't the right time,as she was vulnerable today.The horrifying scenes of people trying to rape her were stilll fresh from yesterday.

I would surely say what I had kept inside me for years,but maybe someday when she would be angst free,free to laugh, free to follow her heart.

Someday when she would be in her full strength to contemplate rather than to hear with fear.

Till then I would just take care of her.

Written for 3ww -Drip,Hypnotic,Sulk



  1. A powerful subject admirably handled.

  2. Difficult to write, well told!

  3. Such a bittersweet post, to have your love so near, yet so far. You carried this off very well. I always enjoy reading you.

  4. Really nicely told. It holds the tension well, and such a powerful subject, as Tony said. You really pulled this together well.

  5. Good job!

  6. Knowing when to talk about it is the difference between comfort/understanding or just causing them to relive it.

  7. @Anthony
    Thanks Anthony.I struggled a lot to keep the flow.

    Thanks Andy.Yup,I felt so too.

    Thanks Amias.Its wonderful to see your comment always:).I just wanted to carry the oxymoronic feeling.

    Writing fiction is something that I have always looked up to you.The way you hold the tension is amazing.I still remember your post of the boy who sees the sacrifice performed behind his house.DARK but wonderful.
    Thanks again.

    Thanks Mark:)

    @Stan SKi
    Yes Stan.Infact this is one of the most intriguing things but well this is what is understanding as you rightly said.
    Thanks for visiting.


  8. A very strong story with adult issues and love at its center. Your character knew when to be a friend and that makes all the difference. Well done.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. Greatly appreciated. Hope all is well. Have a great day.

  9. Carries the tension very well - nicely done!

  10. @Michelle Johnson
    Thanks Michelle:) Its always wonderful to see how others feel abiut your work.Thanks again.

    Thanks dear.I wasn't even sure till the end whether I could get hold of the tension or not.

    Thanx Jeeves.

    @Gautami Tripathy
    Thanx Gautami.
    Your subject was a wonderful one.I too would like to explore such metaphorical ideas.


  11. So powerful and intense. I love the contrast between the violence outside and your love and compassion for her. It combined well to make a great piece.

  12. @Jane
    Thanks Jane:)
    Initially the violence wasn't something I was planning to do but just the point I wrote of turning back towards the bed,I felt the riots outside would bring the necessary punch.
    Thanks again for visiting.

  13. very powerful n yet so stable..gr8 job bro :)

  14. @Afterglow
    Long tym dear.
    Hope you are doing fyn.


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