Thursday, April 2, 2009

SAGA of an “INTENSE” lover

Again one more outing for 3ww.
The words are
Tried my hand at humour

hey here she comes
Hold your breath man
see the way she turns

hey here she smiles
Stop your work man
look at the way she blinks

hey those eyes
ask me would you kill me
or should I die

I saw you by the road
felt like a new abode

Wanted to marry you right there then
Wanted to call you love's lost incarnation

People said foolish man
You seem to have lost your marbles
She is just a crush that you fathom
Like for every other girl who seems a bit glam

but I said NO
said,Foolish you go
Or will call you a crow
Coz I love her
and thats one thing I know

Made plans to amaze her
threw surreptitious glances and waved her
She seemed to look away
might it be that yes was something she had to say

Made plans to amuse her
cracked japes to bring her laughter
She tried to act as if I was a joker and dint stay
might it be that she felt love was the only way

I knew I had the knack
I knew she won't turn her back
Although her mind seemed varied
I believed one day I would have her tarried

Wore a good dress with flowers in my hand
the suit that I wore complemented her wonderful arm band
In all my mind and a poetic stand
recited a couplet and asked her hand

Hand she gave but not in my hand
A slap so hard made my cheek dark red
Oops I said and walked past hard

Crushed was my heart and
Crushed was my love
There WAS my crush
who left me in a crush

Knack I thought
which I have had
but after this bout
only the pain varied

Sad I was
and sat by the road
Sad I was
and thought not to find abode

But,hey who is on the road
with the wonderful eyes
But,hey who is on the road
with that wonderful smile

Knack is there but needs to be polished
Crush is there who seems so varied
Love will stand where the crush is standing
Hey you beauty wait I am coming



  1. Wow, a interesting read. Full of depth.

  2. lol...badi chot khayi hai pyyar me...good one

  3. don't u think it is varied form of a song if u remember !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep writing...keep ws grt talking to u...
    may god bless ur CRUSHES(Guys n Gals)

  5. @ThomG
    Thanks Thom.Waiting 4 d next set

    Thanks a ton dear.
    Ab pyar me chot nae khaenge to kaha khaenge.
    Or mere crushes ko to no doubt blessings chahie hi

    Well when I wrote dis,den I hadnt any song in ma mind.But now whn I luk back den yes dere r n no of songs


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