Friday, July 23, 2010


bahut dino k gubaaar aj foot gya
acha hi hai,jo tha wo choot gya

leke apne asuaoo ko
kyu piya tu itne din
shayad bhul gaya tu
ki jiyega bhi to bas ek din

rat k kinare me taktaki bandhein
asuai ankho se dhundha bahut
milna tha jo mil hi gya
par milkar bhi konsa mil giya

sochta hu ki ye ek dard hai
ya dawa
ya fir ek sapna tuta hua

bhara tha bada dil me mere
zuban p machalta,dhundta
ek mauka kehne ka,ek mauka samjhane ka

ki aag hai machalti yaha bhi
dil hai pighalta yaha bhi

atishi raaz ban k sab dabb gaye
jo bache the wo bhi bikhar gaye

mann ne kaha bahut, ki kaash tum samajh pate
dard aur gam ko nigal pate

shayad, aur lekin ke beech
reh gya ye dil seena paseej

aur isiliye shayad

bahut dino k gubaaar aj foot gya
acha hi hai,jo tha wo choot gya


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the truth

His usually gentle praise was so vulgar this time that she was actually happy of the monotony being broken of the fake appreciations.
Infact now of all the times,she loved him the most.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is Maharashtra not a part of India

This was one reply that I had written to Shobhaa after her open letter to Raj thackrey.
Just found it so thought to put it up here.

Hi Shobhaa,
Now this is what we call a wonderful post.
Actually you made me wait long enough to read such an insightful post.
I totally completly wholly agree with your interpretation of Raj Thackery.
Marathi manoos,what the hell.
And not only him I am pained at the countless educated "INTELLECTUAL" people even here in the comments section who revel in this Marathi Manoos stupidity.
Fools have you people forgotten that there are already enough reasons for us to be at war with ourselves.
have you people forgotten the usless Babri masjid demolition,the Godhra carnage,subsequent Gujarat riots,attack on pub going women.
Are these not enough to increase animosity,that you want to create enemity even on the basis of place we were born.
How stupid of you to say that people are using Mumbai's water and resources,cause there would be your children too going to other places to study and for other reasons.Should they be labelled outcasts???
Or rather killed stupidly by a raging moronic mob withot a head but an even more stupid leader at their helm.
A Marathi manoos or an aam manoos all would be right if we are at peace with ourselves and believe that we are human beings first even before being Indians.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Scratches borne,
Sweat glistened,
Angst dead,
Courage pronounced,

Thirst conscious I stood,

A sound mind,
the only asset worth flaunting seemed jammed.
Death was just a timely change,
the world too small to rob me of any happiness,
parity paired beyond disgust.

Am I really what I want to do.
Do I live for what I desire.
Sadly,am churning myself in incongruous levers of an utterly delicate machinery.
It is not their fault that they expect me to perform,
but mine cause I have planted the wrong expectations.

The time has come again 
either to put things right
Or just to be RIGHT....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aao BANDH karein

Bandh,this word has elicited many a feelings deep down since childhood.
There was a time when this young mind felt extremely happy just by the name of this word.
Cause it meant a break from the everyday grime of scholastic school predators.
But as this mind grew wider so grew the bandhs.
Bandhs were not a nocturnal sighting of a rare owl anymore but the hood of that hissing cobra eating the house from inside.
And with bandhs came the bundle of venom of hate spewed across the cities,of livelihood lost,of families crushed,of extreme damage to public property,damaged rails,mutilated roads,scavenged buses and not to forget people.With changing times the types of bandhs too have changed.
Anything and everything from a hike in petrol prices to every other leader in the circle of arrest could and has instigated a bandh.Things have reached a proper planned process in such a way that the word Chakka jam,even if said in a friendly undertone by these people can be achieved in a very short span of time.
Varied parties that have been fighting cats and dogs keep coming together during these times so a to gain their part in the dead man's chest.Earlier it used to bother me that how educated people,who care for their family,their livelihoods could agree to bandhs.
But then it came to my knowledge that all you need is these executioners,with their gang of motley crowds,belt pulled for the required day.later they will fish their share in their eschewers.

Oh and the common man,yes he is there.These things,the bandhs have been so much in vogue that people actually helplessly take this as a welcome holiday and then there are people at lower tiers who can't stay at home but have to run a livelihood,.It is just that their livelihood for considerable amount of time shatters on that day.
Some leaders have said that they won't stop vehicles that have an emergency say a casualty,a childbirth.
thanks a tonne buddies.But can these poor souls cross already jammed roads till the point they can come to your patriots and explain that there is some serious concern.
All we want is souls who would agree to put our price hikes in proper ways rather than making us ourselves pay the price of rise in the prices.Well I haven't seen too much of violence in today's bandh but just cause of the bandh yesterday night's streetlamps kept working the whole day.
Anyways I can't do much.Soon there would be one more bandh,or should I call a welcome holiday.
And yes between the lines I have to go to work this saturday to settle the productive loss because of the bandh.
Alas one more holiday gone.


go go go

Its 2 in the night.One of my most powerful moments of the whole day,before dawn after night.I reign.I look.
But do i rule,or these are but my mind playing tricks with me.
Just now have made mental note to study for this year's big exams.
And then saw Russell peter's show and then I am again asking myself -Can I ever be at a place like that.
There is one profession that right now I am following and I pretty suck at it.But that's a respectable one.People are mad about it.You have tonnes of money in it,Only if one can mint it in the right way.
Probably,I can't.
And then there are things that I am good at,probably.
Things where my mind runs at lightning speed,probably,and there is value out there.But right now where I am its all considered plain crap.
Plan to write a novel,plan to host shows,plan to travel the world,plan to kick butt,plan to run on the roads now,plan to do my MBA by biting the cat real hard.PLAN.
This word itself has become a jeering question nowadays.
All my plans I have seen doing backflips in the dirtiest of the puddles.Yes,I have grown since these plans first surfaced but my position still remains as the remnant of the same stupid kid.
Aimlessly once more my eyes graze the virgin road taking seducive curves,all waiting to be trampled by me.Just feel like picking my bike and roving the road.
(Mental note to self:-Got to buy a bike)
Again have to organize myself.Have consistently been making my mind agree to the fact that this chain can't be torn,this shackle can't be defabricated.
Is that jeering road ruling me by calling me or is it I who am controlling it.
Is it me who is taking decisions and moulding life or rather it is life that is calling me names and just bending me in the situations.
What am I,a book keeper,a journal writer,an amateur,a coward,a liar,a pot bellied idiot,a dignified meek,a mundane lifestyle,an incongrous shakespere,an emanciated self...........
Drastically set goals tend to elongate like the life of a medically extended old soul.
Happy for the life but sad for the self.
Happy because I am afraid to die,sad because am not able to live.
Yes euthanasia is the only solution.Yes it is.




The world is a stage

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