Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aao BANDH karein

Bandh,this word has elicited many a feelings deep down since childhood.
There was a time when this young mind felt extremely happy just by the name of this word.
Cause it meant a break from the everyday grime of scholastic school predators.
But as this mind grew wider so grew the bandhs.
Bandhs were not a nocturnal sighting of a rare owl anymore but the hood of that hissing cobra eating the house from inside.
And with bandhs came the bundle of venom of hate spewed across the cities,of livelihood lost,of families crushed,of extreme damage to public property,damaged rails,mutilated roads,scavenged buses and not to forget people.With changing times the types of bandhs too have changed.
Anything and everything from a hike in petrol prices to every other leader in the circle of arrest could and has instigated a bandh.Things have reached a proper planned process in such a way that the word Chakka jam,even if said in a friendly undertone by these people can be achieved in a very short span of time.
Varied parties that have been fighting cats and dogs keep coming together during these times so a to gain their part in the dead man's chest.Earlier it used to bother me that how educated people,who care for their family,their livelihoods could agree to bandhs.
But then it came to my knowledge that all you need is these executioners,with their gang of motley crowds,belt pulled for the required day.later they will fish their share in their eschewers.

Oh and the common man,yes he is there.These things,the bandhs have been so much in vogue that people actually helplessly take this as a welcome holiday and then there are people at lower tiers who can't stay at home but have to run a livelihood,.It is just that their livelihood for considerable amount of time shatters on that day.
Some leaders have said that they won't stop vehicles that have an emergency say a casualty,a childbirth.
thanks a tonne buddies.But can these poor souls cross already jammed roads till the point they can come to your patriots and explain that there is some serious concern.
All we want is souls who would agree to put our price hikes in proper ways rather than making us ourselves pay the price of rise in the prices.Well I haven't seen too much of violence in today's bandh but just cause of the bandh yesterday night's streetlamps kept working the whole day.
Anyways I can't do much.Soon there would be one more bandh,or should I call a welcome holiday.
And yes between the lines I have to go to work this saturday to settle the productive loss because of the bandh.
Alas one more holiday gone.


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