Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the truth

His usually gentle praise was so vulgar this time that she was actually happy of the monotony being broken of the fake appreciations.
Infact now of all the times,she loved him the most.



  1. Is this something like, "talk dirty to me?" An interesting concept among consenting adults.

  2. Sounds like she was ready for him to be more rugged. :)

  3. Sounds like she got through his politeness at last. Though the response was vulgar, at least she knows he is being real with her. This piece says a lot with a little.

  4. Now she hears the real man and she likes the change. Wow... good job.


  5. i think we ve worked on similar lines this wednesday :)

    check mine

  6. @Thom G
    Well Thommy.When I started,all that was in my mind for vulgar was something outrightly offensive yet despicably true.
    but yes after your statement it seems more interesting:)

    @Thomma Lyn
    Rugged.Now thats one word that acts as music to ears:)

    @Jay Thurston
    Thanks Jay for visiting here.Well most of the times being real is what really is needed.

    @Timothy P. Remp
    Thanks Tim.The real man is actually the real turn on.I too am thinking why he was hiding him so long.Sometimes being what we are does the trick.

    @Divaa Divine
    Hi Divaa am surely on my way.

  7. Interesting :)
    Sometimes that's all we want to hear maybe...


  8. @songofsea
    Yeah,quite important:)\So,how u doin lately.Havent heard much from u.
    Do add me on facebook



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