Monday, March 15, 2010

Where m I heading

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so m up here.
now wat does dat mean.
Single pointed answers are not my forte,nor my weakness.
I too like the umpteen thousands planned rather pitifully and strongly to act and act soon.
3 years since I have been giving CAT.
3 solid ones.
Never ever lost on the hopes,imaginations and stuff.
First year I very much remember walking across the corridors,touching the walls,sleeping in dorms of none other than IIM A.
All had been so crystal clear.
I felt that I was practising real hard.
Before I say anything more I would say IMS sucks,they literally cheated me with nothing.
Kkkkk.So,what I was left at CAT was 29 percentile.
After that year finished enginnering, reattempted CAT-58 percentile.
Joined Satyam reattempted CAT-85 percentile.
Huh,the dynamics remain same but the maniacism just got bigger.
Satyam fiasco was fun.
Anyways left Satyam,have an offer from IBM.
Dint join.
wAnt to go 4 cat.
But but m what I was always.
Poor in quant.Felt that I was quite gud in DI n eng.
LAst year I knew that any set of DI I wud put my hands on I wud crack it.
But lack of activity has made me dreaD the same DIs back.
Eng acts as a slithering muse,at times so intimate while at others so cold.
And quant umaaaah wat to say,have dreaded it since my childhood days.
Dunno wat n when why n how but still m writing dis.
Infact I am writing this not to cry over my sorry state f affairs but rather to revisit it once m thru IIM A and smile back:)
Had this post lined up long back.
Endings have been varied,or rather to say that end hasn't been achieved it
CAT is over now.
Have had a 97.8 prcntl.
Today nearly all college lists are over.
Only IMT is wat is in hands(and that too if I am in the list).
Wait has increased.
With the 70 percent rule for 10 th and 12th,the IIM window too has closed.
So no meaning in dropping further.
So m up again...
All over and over and over again.




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