Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knock knock Mr Gabriel

Saw a wonderful photograph of Gabriel the angel(Might be) on

every photo tells a story

And then this was the effect that it had on me:D

Knock knock
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
Coz I am here
Knock Knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear

OOps I forgot my dossier
But I guess your book would show all that I bear
OOps I forgot my wallet
But I guess you are hiding enough for a show of ballet
Oops I left my friends
But I guess those drifting behind would love my friends views
Oops I forgot my enemies
But now you say that never matters

I wasnt much happy when I came here
But your spiked hair has brought some cheer
I was pained when leaving loved ones
But your presence brings a whole new assurances
I was pained when I failed in my class
But now your smile tells me that it was but a bucket of rocks

I thought her leaving me was the end
That wasn't
I thought then might be losing an arm was the end
That wasn't
I thought then may be being fired was the end
That wasn't
I thought atleast seeing loved ones die was the end
Till I saw the end
An end so beautiful
that seemed as a begining

I am happy Mr Gabriel
Coz I know now the end is here
And with the sea at your back
I know this end is the begining
A begining of one more end of mine

Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And let me in
Knock knock Mr Gabriel
And steer me through the worldly drear



  1. yaar ab mat padhna ..... close your mail box......

  2. well its so inspiring ..... there is always a new begning.... and there is LIGHT at the END of every Tunnel....... until and unless You are not traveling during NIGHT..... ;)

  3. Thanks a lot GotYbaaz
    I see d light now at d end f our tunnel;)


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