Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the mind of a dyslexic

Inspired by the movie:Taarein Zameen Par,which showed us through the mind of a dyslexia afeected child,his pain.......

And hence,
In the mind of a dyslexic

Hey why you laugh and why you jeer
coz I too try and dats i swear

Hey is it 'this' or is it 'shit'
how do I differentiate between a 9(nine) or a 6(six)

The words ummm
they seem like drops of dew
numbers hmmmmm
they make me visit the blues

Is it really so hard,is all I wonder
When Tom stands 1st
and Ramu steals the thunder

Mam dont use the cane
OUCH it hurts and pains my vein
Mam dont throw me out
PLEEEASE coz I am short of a shout

Mom I try so hard
Dad I am not a retard
I study all day but cant put it right
I have stooped to play guessing its the only way

Mom I have some problem
Please see to it
Dad I am not a problem
please try to know it

Hey why you laugh and why you jeer
coz I too try and dats i swear



  1. good...mr. ram nikum @ aamir khan of TZP...

  2. tune to mujhe apne bachpan ke din yaad dila diye yaar...sob sob sob ! :(

  3. Well I can say Work Hard and Harder to Aferglow.. man u need Aamir khan contact @ Falt No 402.... if nt Aamir then Akky is always there For U...
    Harsha It's Touching and a very good articulated... yaar aise to RIchard Branson was also Dyslexic

  4. @shradha

    Aapko dimag me rakh k hi to banae hai;)

    Yup Richard branson,Abhishek Bachan,Brad Pitt
    Thanx 4 sharing Gotybaaz

  5. Buddy,

    See if Mr.Khan is thinking of a sequel to TZP, he may use your piece as a song...

    Good poem for sure..full of sentiments (Poet's lovely possession)..

    Keep going!!


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