Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KNACK of surviving a VARIED CRUSH

This week's 3ww's words are
I tried to write an incident this time:D

Like most of the days I was late again for office seeing my regular bus zoom by.

Was already lethargically burnt out by yesterday’s depressing work.
Was more angry as I could see my crush sitting by the window,with her elegant hair flowing by,smiling at me.

Man,had a wonderful chance of sitting next to her but now she is gone.Damn,the bus.
All other buses would be now completely full as it would be office time.Damn,the distance.
Today was also the bloody deadline of my project, the knack of which was so varied, seeing which, even Einstein would scratch his head.
Awww,why did I choose this job far away from home eating daily this bullshit crap that others call a delicacy.

S**t,what an irritating day it was going to be.
And over all this,the burning heat that made me feel like standing in an inferno.

After a long hiatus a bus came,I too crushed myself in,with the standing crush and they as if ready to crush me.
With sweat taking a toll on my clothes,and varied footfalls that made a covering on my eloquently polished shoes,I must surely say that yes, I was not at all happy.

And then the bus came to a screeching halt at a stop.

And there entered a man,literally trailing in the bus,seemed as if he knew the knack of going through even the toughest corners.
He came and stood next to me,smiling.

And then I noticed that he was blind,plain blind not even able to see the man standing next to him,but still smiling.

And here I was, with all my senses cozily in place but I was whining,complaining and that too by the jittery small things of life which this gentleman cant even savour.
And when I got irritated by the varied crowd running by,bored by the monotony he would be lost in this wonderful splash of colours .
When I would abuse the rock that I unknowingly hit,he won’t be even having an inkling that what danger stood in front of him.
He would be ready to give everything in return of this set of eyes which I never respected but just continued whining,abusing,shouting.
But still he even without all this,he yes he was the one who was smiling and not me.
And I was the one complaining as always.

And then the world seemed to open up in front of me,and then I understood that amid the worldly crush even without the slightest knack I could sail through the varied phase only if I was happy,only if I wished.

Yes only if I wished.




  1. I think paragraph breaks in this post would make it more interesting.

    mainline to the heart

  2. I agree with gautami. But once I re-read it, I like what you have here.

  3. I loved your message and it's a great reminder. I'm always grateful when I'm 'shamed' out of my whining about life by someone who has many more challenges than I do, yet is handling it all with flying colors. Great read!

  4. I liked the turn it took just when I was about to give up on the whining. I also got a real sense of the crush of the morning rush hour.

  5. Hope the girl soon finds out..

    And please put in some spaces man, had to read it very slowly in order to actually follow the track. But as always writing was pretty good.

  6. Harsha konsi wali crush ke baare me hai?? You have a KNACK of having CRUSH on VARIED kind of people....haha.Anyways...kaafi poetic ho gye hai janab...baat kya hai?? vaise this poem reminded me of my one and only crush..."sitting by the window, her(oops,his) not so elegant hair flowing by, smiling(ha, not even looking) at

  7. The layout is a little diffcult to read but I liked the message.

  8. The message is loud and clear and nicely done! Good post!

  9. Like the conclusion, but would have liked to hear more about the girl the writer had a crush on!

    Nicely done!

  10. Adding some line breaks would help and the all caps is a bit jarring. Hate to be a wet rag, but the format made it a challenging read.

  11. Bhai ... reading all this One has to say

  12. Well first of all sorry to all because of the line break stuff.

    The problem being that my firewall completly ignored the line breaks and hence the problem.

    Actually I had written it with sufficient pauses.I will correct it very soon once I come out of these firewalls,may be in a day

    or two.


    Paragraph breaks,oops the firewall.Thanks


    Thanks man and thanks for the wonderful words.


    Yup thats the biggest part.Handling life even with the toughest challenges after being even more challenged.

    I am happy that you got the whining part true to the core.

    @Neverending Story

    I added the whining more on purpose just to draw the contrast.

    Well thats the daily morning crush that we have here in India.


    Thanks man.This girl or maybe some new gal:D(A crush as I said).

    Thanks for the complement and as far as the line break(Hail mighty Firewall)

    @crack crushes to dil jawan kar dette hai.

    Mei bhi inko hi yad karta rehta hu.Waise tere window man se baat age badi kya.


    Layout,(again the firewall):D.Thanx.


    Thanks Tumblewords for getting the message.Its something that I have always felt.Thanks again.


    Thanks.That girl would feature too soon or myt be a new crush:D.


    yes the line breaks.And I will take care of the CAPS from the next time.Thanks

    Thanks bhai aur 1 thing z 4 sure.Smile I will.


  13. yaar...window man se bat to aage badh jati but kya karu ab vo window vali seat pe hi nhi;)

  14. it's all about being happy and smiling... it is a good thing to remember... i enjoyed the read...

  15. @Crack
    So,i guess you now sit next to each other:)

    @logic is liar
    Thanks for the earnest criticism.I always follow

    Thanks pieceofpie


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